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    Last night's shift was horrendous, I was only supposed to be working a 4pm-1am shift and didn't end up leaving until nearly 4am
    0/10 would not recommend, my feet were hurting so much when I got home, I didn't even get a real 2nd break (which we're supposed to get after 10 hours!)

    I've also picked up an extra shift for Saturday which I'm sure will go just as badly, but at least I can get a few extra hours of pay this time around and hopefully be able to kiss this job goodbye once I get my drivers license sorted out this year.
    I don't want to be here for that 5year 'achievement'

    2-Min Warm Up

    1-Min HIIT

    Daily Pushups 20/35

    I think after yesterday's shift I deserve to treat myself to a starbucks coffee on my way into work, I'm definitely going to grab a treat on my Saturday shift

    got the results back from the the check that the big cleaning was for last night and we scored 5% higher than the last check which was over a year ago now, which considering we've not have big managers come in to keep everyone on top of it, I think that's pretty good, could always be better but I'll take it.
    Especially since the last time before this was before covid and we had 7-8 people on from 10pm-7am doing cleaning jobs and this time we just had 3.5 hrs after we closed up at 12 (with 1hr dedicated to our usual jobs) with just 4 staff and 1 manager I think that's pretty good for our general cleanliness in the store.
    Now lets hope the surprise visit goes just as well


      Last night's shift was pretty bad again, I left late again but not as late as the other night

      2-Min Warm Up

      1-Min HIIT

      Daily Push Ups
      I really struggled with the last like 2-3 pushups then because my partner made me laugh on the last few of the last set, and I couldn't get my form even slightly okay for the last couple after that

      Started to properly season the wok today, it's looking good i think!, it probably needs a few more rounds but it's looking like how wok should, a nice coated bottom



        2-Min Warm-Up

        1-Min HIIT, day 14
        There's an error on day 14 of the programme where the timer didn't display, but I used the timer from my warm-up instead so no harm done with that

        But also I can't do squat hops apparently without my legs killing me instantly, I managed to do them(kind of) for the first 2 sets but the last set I really couldn't do it but at least did the squats, it's still more than I thought I could do which is good and I did really try so I still think I did it to the best of my ability today

        Daily Push Ups

        I've got to get to the shop today before they shut at 4pm
        I'm very tired but I'm glad I got to treat myself to a nice coffee yesterday before I went to work.


          Wow, squats then squat hops. That looks brutal! Great job doing your best with it!



            2-Min Warm-Up
            My ankle was feeling a bit uncomfortable doing my warm up today, I wonder if it was from (my attempt at) squat hops yesterday, but then my entire right side is feeling a little stiff today, maybe I slept funny, either way it should resolve itself in a couple of days at most.

            1-Min HIIT, day 15, level 2

            Daily Push-Ups

            forgot to hit post earlier.
            Had an anxious day yesterday, didn't feel great at all


            2-min warm up

            1--min HIIT, day 16, level 1
            jfcc I'm so out of breath from that

            Daily Push Up, day 16
            going to do some of these at work

            Our new Blender arrived todayyyy



              2-Min Warm Up - still feeling a bit of discomfort with my shoulder tbh, but it's not too bad today

              1-Min HIIT, day 17, level 1

              Daily Push Ups, day 17

              Hhahahahahahaaa I did that thing where I don't hit post again


              2-min Warm Up

              1-Min HIIT, Day 18, level 1

              Daily Pushups day 18

              I feel like I'm doing well doing this every day recently

              Yesterday my Business Manager asked me if I'd think about going for the next position up and told me where to get an application for it when he was doing my performance review, it made me feel good hearing that they appreciate my hard work and that there's always a sigh of relief that there's either me or my mate on the closes otherwise the kitchen would be screwed.
              i dunno though, I think I'll put the application in but still look around for other jobs, I've just not had anyone get back to me with my applications


                19/03/21 friday

                2-Min Warm Up

                1-Min HIIT, day 19, level 1
                I never knew how much I hated Jump Squats until today

                Daily Push Ups, day 19
                I think today is a starbucks day


                  I forgot to type anything at all for this day but I did do a warm up, to level 2 of HIIT and then my pushups

                  21/03/21 Sunday

                  2-Min Warm Up

                  1-Min HIIT, level 1
                  my first attempt at Jumping Lunges can confirm I don't like them lol but I still hate squat hops more though, my legs still hurt from doing those 2 days ago I'm so out of breath after that jfc

                  Daily Pushups



                    2-min Warm

                    1-min HIIT

                    Daily Push up

                    all done


                    Been on the phone to my friend who needs to move out of his house asap, I wasn't able to do my workouts today to the full effect but tbh helping my mate sort out a place to live is more important than a workout, he's in a panic trying to figure out what to do about everything

                    2-min warm up

                    1-min HIIT I think I did 3 sets? idk

                    Daily Push up



                      2-Min Warm Up

                      1-Min HIIT, day 24, level 1
                      Really struggling with those squat hops first thing in the morning, I hate them so much

                      Daily Push Up, day 24


                      I don't want to go into work, I'd say it's anxiety except i'm pretty sure it's just a fact that they all hate me there, they don't want me there.
                      I wrote my resignation ready for when they don't give me a chance at the promotion (which lets me honest who would) they bang on about how I need to get my shit together and delegate jobs etc but if I tell anyone else they need to stop doing stupid shit (not in those words) I get dirty looks and I know everyone fucking hates me.
                      I tell people to do some jobs? a manager swoops in and tells them to do a different job, completely overriding anything I've said
                      Like I put a bit of extra meat down to get extra jobs done? fucking disgraceful and I need to get told off, but 1 guy puts 17 fillet patties(we only needed 5 and it's rare we even need that many) so he can piss about he gets a gentle "Be careful of your levels". while the fish sits there going weird and gross until someone orders the fillet.
                      I mean 1 guy who's given in his application is already being trialed for the promotion and we handed in our applications together so that basically says a lot on it's own about him definitely getting it.

                      I've been feeling so sick with anxiety even going near work recently, it's like as soon as I get to the door I feel instantly sick
                      I feel like I just need to quit, idec if I have another job lined up I just can't do it anymore, so as soon as I get the confirmation that they aren't giving it me I'll just hand in the letter, I'll just need to update the date on it
                      Just feels a bit cruel if they've asked me to go for the promotion if they didn't even want to consider me for it. Especially with how harsh they've been with me compared to some of the current people in that position.

                      IF I'm apparently so good at my job according to my PR why do I get talked down to all the time and talked to like I'm fucking stupid, and everyone fucking hates me except they're on competitive wages while I'm on the bare minimum because I'm over 25 which is a load of BS

                      My mental health is just all over the fucking place tbh I simultaneously want to improve myself and make myself better for myself while also I just want to go die in a corner somewhere but I also don't really have anywhere to talk about this shit but I know not letting myself vent will probably make me feel worse than I already do
                      I just really struggle to talk to people about my anxiety that everyone thinks I'm a piece of shit because I don't want them then, if they didn't already, to start thinking I'm being a piece of shit because I'm saying they already hate me if they don't


                        I'm sorry you are struggling with anxiety, that sounds really hard. Venting here is safe, of course, and hopefully helpful. Talk therapy can also be helpful if you want to try that.


                          basecamp unfortunately I've already tried quite a few of the recommended treatments for anxiety to no real success. (Counselling, therapy and multiple types of medication) Even diet changes, and regular exercise. It just always finds a way to creep in, but thank you for the suggestion, I'm always willing to try things, but sometimes it feels like I've tried everything already which is frustrating.
                          I know that if I explain my anxieties to people, they're likely to tell me it's not the truth, which would probably make me feel better asking them, but my anxieties also tell me it's a terrible idea and they'll just confirm everything I make myself tired from the mental gymnastics I do to come to these conclusions

                          I think negative interactions just stick with me too much, and I forget too easily positive interactions, I know I don't have bad interactions all day every day, I don't have people shouting at me all day every day, but it stresses me out so much agh this is why I don't work directly with the customers at work.
                          I just get more anxious when my anxiety outwardly displays as anger, because I sometimes shout because I'm stressed out, and it looks like I'm just an angry person, so I look a dickhead then which makes the anxiety worse
                          I just feel like it's so hard to get out of an anxiety spiral sometimes

                          2-Min Warm Up
                          1Min HIIT day 25, level 3
                          Daily Pushups day 25


                            I think today is a treat myself kind of day to make myself feel better, and i''m running a bit late today so I'll have to buy something to eat today instead

                            2-Min Warm Up

                            1-Min HIIT, day 26, level 1
                            I'm so tired from all of that jfc

                            Daily Pushups, day 26
                            50 pushups throughout day, not completed in full as of this post but will complete throughout the day



                              2-Min Warm Up

                              1-Min HIIT, day 27

                              Daily Push Ups, day 27

                              done it,


                              2-Min Warm Up

                              1-Min HIIT, day 28

                              Daily Push Ups, Day 28



                                2-Min Warm Up

                                1-Min HIIT, day 29, level 1
                                I feel like I've gotten better at Jump Lunges compared to the first time I tried them

                                Daily Push Ups, Day 29
                                I feel so tired after all that but I did ittt

                                I think it's an eggs for breakfast kind of day

                                I'll talk about how I feel overall about the 1-Min HIIT and Daily Push Up Challenge on tomorrow's post