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    Congrats on Zero Hero badge day


      Congrats 🍾



        2-Min Warm-Up

        1-Min HIIT level 1
        my arms were shaking on the 3rd set while trying to do those side-planks

        Easy Abs, day 23
        I'm starting to enjoy doing this, so I might redo this once I've finished it this time around

        Daily Push-Ups Day 3
        Did it!

        Time to go shower and have something to eat, maybe stop by the shop to get some extra things to eat, maybe some high protein snacks?
        Though I really could do with looking into some high energy snacks, that isn't just all sugar



          2-Min Warm-Up

          1-Min HIIT, day 4

          Easy Abs, day 24

          Daily Push Ups, day 4

          I'm so tired, I had cake yesterday again

          but I need the calories to keep weight from dropping too much but then I'm just eating garbage, which makes me feel like I have no energy then I eat the garbage again to get the quick energy ¬_¬ so either I'm energy rich foods but not enough or I'm eating sugary shit and having no energy the next day I keep saying I need to fix my diet but I keep not doing that, and I know what I need to do, but I just apparently don't have the real motivation to just DO it.

          I need to have bigger portions of food I think when I eat, to make up for the amount I'm burning on a day-to-day basis, I've been trying to slowly up it, but it's hard to balance stuff and I think I just don't want to put the energy into it but I'm going to have to do something because it's no good if I'm just losing weight and not gaining muscle mass when my goal is muscle gain not weight loss

          I could track my calories to see what I'm actually taking in on an average day but it's hard to track when I don't often think too much about what I eat, I just think 1 meal at a time usually, or just amounts of veg v sugar foods etc, not really x calories
          maybe it'll be good practice to learn what the nutritional information is for the foods at work and for recipes I find online that are close to the things I make

          health is hard man


            Originally posted by BongoFrog View Post
            health is hard man
            If you eat quality food, it is easier for you to get full and have the energy you need
            It is difficult at first but then it becomes a new way of eating that is very different from always being on a diet


              Congrats on Zero-Hero!


                Originally posted by Fremen View Post

                If you eat quality food, it is easier for you to get full and have the energy you need
                It is difficult at first but then it becomes a new way of eating that is very different from always being on a diet
                Being full isn't a problem, it's the lack of hunger signals I have when I get home from work, I tend to not eat when i get home and I really should be doing.
                But I also actively know I need to have more food or I'm just not going to stop losing weight, but my goal is muscle gain not just fat loss


                I woke up a bit later than usual today

                2-Min Warm-Up

                1-Min HIIT, day 5, level 2
                My arms are feeling a burn, but I don't feel as tired as I have done some of the previous days,

                Easy Abs, day 25
                my abs hurt

                Daily Pushups, day 5
                I feel like I definitely need to redo this challenge and try different Push up modifications


                  06/03/21 Saturday

                  I didn't want to get out of bed today and took me a while to get up, nearly fell back sleep instantly ^^;;

                  2-Min Warm-up

                  1-Min HIIT, day 6, level 1
                  Not a big fan of cardio tbh, but I don't like star jumps and I've not learned I don't like seal jacks either

                  Easy Abs, day 26
                  I had to split it into atleast 3 but I'm pretty happy with that

                  Daily Pushups, day 6
                  I'm very tired now and ready for a nap except I have work today :'(



                    2-Min Warm-Up

                    1-HIIT, day 7, level 1
                    these HIIT days are KO'ing me jfc

                    Easy Abs, Day 27

                    Daily Push Ups Day 7

                    ---------- forgot to hit post yesterday again, I do that way too often ^^;;


                    2-min Warm-Up

                    1-Min HIIT, day 8, level 1

                    Easy Abs, day 28

                    Daily Push Ups, day 8

                    I've been applying for extra work recently, hopefully I'll get an interview soon, I'm just after some part-time hours in the early morning, and just sleep around each work place's shift, The extra cash, even if it's only an extra 10hrs a week, will go a long way, na dI don't think I can cope with my current workplace anymore so some varied work experience would be nice


                      How are you liking the daily push-up? Being able to do real non modified pushups is one of my goals.


                        basecamp I think the Daily Pushups Challenge can be a bit hard to start with, but if you pick an appropriate modification it's a good starting point to build up from. (Darebee has a few examples of modifications Here if you're interested in trying it out, but can't do an unmodified pushup yet)
                        But I also found the Knee Pushups Challenge also a good starting point for me when I initially started using darebee regularly, and you can ease into doing more a bit more slowly, depending on how many you can do already for knee pushups (But the Knee pushup holds were difficult for me, but even if the push-up hold days aren't completed fully as long as you try to get a total of that time I think it will still help a lot)
                        It's certainly a challenge to do them on top of a daily workout through following the darebee programmes though!


                        2-Min Warm Up

                        1-Min HIIT I hate squats so much I can't deal with them I hate them so much, but I did it

                        Easy Abs

                        Daily Push Ups


                          I didn't see the Knee Pushups Challenge, thanks for that and the other advice.


                            basecamp Glad I could be of help! Good luck with your workouts!



                              2-min Warm Up

                              1-Min HIIT, day 10, level 1

                              Easy Abs day 30

                              Daily Push Ups, day 10

                              The snake fell asleep with her head up in the air again wtf



                                2-Min Warm Up

                                1-Min HIIT, day 10, level 1
                                I'm so out of breath after that omg

                                Daily Push Ups, day 11

                                Very tired today