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    Goals and updates

    Edited: 2021

    I think I'll retry some challenges

    Rough Plans (To be thought out in more detail later I guess)
    W-Upper(copy Monday's)
    F-Upper (Light)
    S-Legs? or abs

    M -Strength - Express Back+Biceps or Back+Biceps
    T -Casual/Cardio
    W -Ox Workout (well rounded upper body I think)
    T -Lowerbody
    F -Casual/Cardio
    S -Ox Workout
    S -abs/core day(eg:Right Place, Right Time Workout or Easy Abs

    Pushups Progress
    June2020: 14

    Pullups Progress

    Completed Programmes / Challenges:
    Foundation Light completed May 30th 2020
    Baseline completed May 30th 2020
    Kicks&Punches ChallengeCompleted June 30th 2020
    Homerun Challenge​Completed June 30th 2020
    Knee Pushups​Completed July 30th 2020
    PowerGrip​Completed July 30th 2020
    1Min Plank​Completed July 30th 2020
    Calves of Steel​Completed July 30th 2020
    Foundation​Completed July 31st 2020
    Square One Completed Jan 31st 2021
    Zero Hero Completed March 3rd 2021
    1-Min HIIT Completed March 30th 2021
    Daily Push Ups Challenge March 30th 2021

    50 Pushups Challenge due to finish on April 30th 2021 (Good progress so far!)

    Future Programs/Challenges to complete:
    50 Push Ups a Day Challenge
    <Totals> Add On Programme
    Hero's Journey Programme it looks like an interesting programme but that's a long programme and I'm not 100% confident in doing this one yet
    ironborn Programme looks quite challenging
    Negative Pull Ups Challenge - for as soon as I get back into a gym reliably!
    Pull Up Challenge - For when I can eventually do at least proper form Pull Up!


    Useful things
    Warm ups

    Notable workouts
    -Tempered Steal - strength/tone
    - Back & Biceps Express- strength/tone
    - Pecs - strength/tone
    - Epic Arms - strength/tone

    - Piece of Cake - strength/tone

    Full Body/ Core
    -Tiger, Tiger - Fullbody - strength/tone
    - Easy Abs - Abdominals - abs&core
    - Low Impact - Fullbody - strength/tone

    Totals/Casual workouts
    - 24Hrs
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    Current Challenges/ Programmes + plan

    February 2021

    Warm Up

    Zero Hero

    +Optional extra workout
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      Welcome and congratulations on Foundation Light and Baseline!!


        Welcome to the Hive!


          Thank you both for the welcome!


            Completed today exercises, I wasn't really feeling it so I mainly did just the challenges set.
            Hopefully tomorrow I have a bit more energy to do something extra.
            I think I'll wait until July to start a new Program. I need to find something that will challenge me, but not cause my knee more issues


              woke up late today

              Push-ups day 2 done for today, attempted the pushup plank, dang that was hard to do, but managed to do it, so I feel a bit more confident that I'll be able to do day 3 of the 50 pushups challenge

              Homerun day 12 complete, nice and light today, but I don't really feel like the exercise did much, but my heart rate is a little faster,

              P&K day 12 is 200 punches throughout day, so will update progress post when that's done, but I don't think I'll 'feel' any difference doing them if I do it over the course of the day, but will update here if otherwise.

              EC to me!!!
              DD attempted but reaaally struggled with balance, but I gave it a go, only got 20 done but 40%completion is better than 0%
              WOTD did level 1, those leg raises near killed me in every set, and wanted to stop but I just took a couple of breaths and continued . completed 3 sets with 90second rest between sets. Hopefully in a couple of months this wont be as difficult.

              Got my creatine about and reuseable bottle, today I'll make sure to drink plenty of water!

              End of day Update: so tired from working, but I got through


                woke up, watched some anime while I had my coffee.
                started exercise at 12:20pm (Work begins 16:30)
                quick warm up
                50 Pushups challenge - who thought up push-up planks ffs hate them, but only because I feel like I'm bad at them lol possibly part to do with the ache from a previous workout, but that just means I need to plan my extra workouts around the challenges a bit better I think, carrying boxes at work has been getting easier since I started working out properly, instead of random exercises every once in a while

                Homerun - so many high-knees, quite out of breath, TMI: -something about highknees really makes me need to run to the bathroom though, =A=;; I wonder why that is...

                P&amp;K - Left leg hurts so much more than the right, I knew strength/muscle isn't even without actively using each side evenly but dang....


                DD - 2x 1min sets, completed! I'm finding it hard to picture myself doing those 2 mins in 1 attempt though! Barely made it through the 1 min intervals!
                WOTD - Didn't feel like doing the 'Indoor Cardio' on the homepage so subbed with Back &amp; Biceps express done using 2xdumbbells with 1kg weight each. Will try again another time, with a higher weight

                Other notes, pulled a lot of heavy things at work today, was hell after having done exercises so often recently, but I'll just have to get used to that and more as time goes on


                  Anime and coffee morning,

                  Classic Warm up bit of stiffness in my left leg during hip rotations, and a 'clicking' in my right shoulder when doing the side arm raises. Not sure what that's about tbh, I've heard it a few times, not painful so might just be that I'm not warming up properly? I should try a few more different warm ups/flexibility routines and see if those help, probably just stiffness and lack of flexibility

                  Homerun Done

                  50 Pushups after watching some videos on good form, I'm struggling to execute each push up, but I can feel the warmth in my muscles a lot more after doing them this way, so hopefully that means I'm getting more from it! struggled but did it, took longer than 60s rest but kept it under 2 mins

                  K&P Done,

                  WOFT​ fml hated those side leg raises that start off the workout, and here I thought my leg strength was pretty decent But completed the workout with 3 sets. I think I might have been able to do more, but I didn't push myself
                  DD I didn't think I'd get through them, but I did it! I wanted to give up completely about halfway but I took a rest and continued


                    woke up feeling like utter garbage today. Not slept well at all.
                    Coffee and a protein cookie. been doing some light bits of stretches as I've had my morning coffee

                    quick warmup


                    K&P 250 kicks throughout day

                    Pushups kept in check with my form this time, it was hard but I did it

                    No DD or WOTD today, just the bare minumum today, tomorrow will be better
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                      Forgot to update yesterday, but I did do all my exercises for the day.
                      Even did a proper workout, even though I wasn't feeling up to doing anything.

                      quick warm up, done
                      50Pushupschallenge ,done
                      K&P, done

                      did a workout, but not finished, very tired from not sleeping properly recently, hopefully when I get my overnight shifts back my routine can get better, sleeping at night is so difficult when I've always worked overnight shifts before...


                        Grabbed the wrong size belt yesterday (there's only 2 sizes M and XS the M being too big and the XS being too small, so I've been using the M and puncturing more holes in)
                        Actually managed to buckle the xS belt on the 2nd from the end. (Belts need to go around my waist because mywork trousers are waaay too long for me and they wont order me shorter length for some reason)
                        So lost some inches this year atleast around the waist/stomach area, but kept the same weight, which tbf I only wanted to gain more muscle not really lose weight, so I'm pretty happy with that
                        But maybe I need to work on my oblique area more to fill it out and gain a little weight, I've got a body shape that I'm not a fan of, so filling in the waist to be straighter would probably feel better to me, something to work on I guess.

                        Classic Warmup

                        50PushupsC - failed day 8, at 10 reps, so continued as day 6is laid out. I think I'll knock back a few days tomorrow and keep trying cycling the previous 3-4 days when I hit a block like that, Maybe try to use the Pushup plank days as a -restart from here- point that will give me a good place to restart from. Proper form pushups are hard, but it feels good to be able to do them. the start of last year, I couldn't even do 1 pushup (could only do knee push-ups up to 6), so it feels good to see the progress even if it's slower than I'd prefer. I just need to give myself a chance to realise I can fail 1 thing and nto fail overall

                        Homerun - Completed, felt my legs burning in the last 20 of the first set, thought my legs were gunna drop off!

                        K&P - Completed with light weights (0.5kg each hand)

                        today's DD - 80 march twists, did them all in one go, I think I'm dying help. got to 20 thinking "This is fine" then at 40 "Ohh that's getting me" at 43 "Oh no" why this is worse because the movement is easy enough but it just is murder
                        WOTD- tempered steel again because I quite like this one, it makes me feel like my muscles are actually working for a change

                        SoreMusclesStretch - Not really sure on what stretches are good after a workout so I just used this one, Not 100% sure where the focus is on for a couple of them, but it's better than not stretching afterwards


                          Feeling ready to get a good arm day in today!
                          2-minute warm up
                          homerun, day 19 done
                          K&P day 19 started - Done
                          50pushupsC restarted from day 4 - completed.

                          DD - 2 min side-to-side chops (2sets of 1min)
                          WOTD - Back&Biceps - 2 x1.25kg weights per dumbell (2.5kg per dumbell) (Previously it was 2x 0.5kg weights per dumbell or 1kg per dumbell), but I don't have a middle-ground weight so this will have to do.
                          b&b actually feels challenging at this weight, I think this will be my go-to weight with this workout
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                            2-min Warm up- bloop blop it's done-o
                            K&P - Beepboop YEaaaaa used 0.5kg weights each hand for first 100 punches
                            Homerun- yea
                            50push-ups - Yeeee

                            WOTD - Tigertiger - I thought it would be easy but I think I nearly died, squats and lunges are horrible, hate them, but they've proven that my knee pain isn't as bad as it used to be, only had a slight twinge but not painful, I used to get to 3 lunges or 5 squats and be out for the count, so that's great that I managed to get through 3 sets of this workout! But I'm not sure if the warmer weather is the bigger factor in that, but either way, something is getting better, and I'm sure strengthening the area around the knee while it's not painful can only be a good thing

                            Other notes~

                            Getting fit is probably the best self care I've ever done, it's helping me physically and mentally, bad days still feel awful but less frequent, and my good days feel to just be so much better. At work I used to just stare off into dream land when bored, but now I actually just find a way to entertain myself (or other staff). meaning my mind can't wonder off into things that get me down.

                            I never thought that 6 months of regular(2-4 times weekly) exercise would make such a difference to me, let alone the difference since starting to do some exercise daily for the last ~50 days!

                            People at work have even noticed a difference and have been talking to me more, idk maybe my lighter mood makes me seem more approachable now?

                            I've been drawing more often, which surprised me that I've been more motivated to do.
                            I feel good, even if the exercise leaves me aching sometimes!
                            I cant' wait for the gyms to re-open, I'll probably still keep up with the Darebee workouts, but just implement a few more muscle building exercises, these darebee exercises where originally just to keep me busy during lockdown, but now they're crucial for my day starting up.

                            The next area I should work on is diet, I already have a fairly healthy diet, (very little red meat, mainly chicken if I have meat, lots of veggies and fruits, not many snacks outside of fruits, but then again sometimes I'll eat an entire pack of biscuits in like 2-3 days to myself!) but I think I need a better balance of nutrients?I get most of the red meats part of my diet in at work (1 free meal a day and I work at McDonalds..., I have it mainly because it means I have less to spend at the shop) not 100% sure where to start, I should probably try to get some research done


                              2-min warmup donee
                              50 Push-ups hell yeaaa
                              K&P- my legs are burning
                              Homerun - donnee

                              WOTD - upperbody tendon strength - I think I just died omg, my arms are burning