Checking in from the Middle East

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    Checking in from the Middle East

    Hi all,

    Decided to finally check-in even though I'm on the last two days of:

    I used the back and core as my cool-down part of my sessions.

    Lunges were by far the hardest, but I've overcome them by progressing from stationary to backwards and now even managing the jumps. The back and core program has definitely helped me become more flexible, but as a hater of slow-moving exercises, I've got a long way to go.

    Short background:

    I'm 52 and a teacher, but with so much sitting down now due to the virus, I really needed something keep me active.

    Gyms, which I was just getting into going regularly for about a month, closed in early March. The social side kept me going, otherwise, I would be vegetating at home. I was doing the 5 x 5 Stronglifts and progressing find them boring. It was the only time I kept going without having a buddy drag me along.

    Any come lockdown, I joined a WhatsApp group for a 20 day push up challenge - I stayed even longer. I could just about do knee push-ups, but I progressed well and here are my stats:

    March 26 to April 29 Stats

    Starting weight: 84.6kg

    ✅ Total push-ups 2397 (3 variations)

    ✅ Most in a day 240 (3 variations)

    ✅ Most in a workout session 145 (3 variations)

    🕗 Most in 10 mins 54 (normal push up)
    Including recovery time

    ⏳ Most in a row 30 (normal push up)

    🔥 Most kcals in a workout 560 kcals (nearly a marathon)

    Finishing weight: 82kg

    I started the Darebee programs soon after that, because I'm the sort of person who needs structure. Relatively speaking it wasn't as exhausting as the push-up challenge which also included core and squats.

    'd been collecting some the workouts on Pinterest, but not done much with them. The plan is to continue with intermittent fasting, which I started early March, and go on to the following programs: This one in the morning. This one at night.

    Is this a step in the right direction for fat loss and gaining muscle and endurance?
    Which levels should I do? As much as I can each day?
    I was thinking of dumbbell work or is this enough?

    Any advice will be great.

    Stay safe and well,



    There is a test to determine what level you should be looking to complete programs and workouts at.

    I am doing 100 pushups per day, and have never had muscle definition like I do now. Then again, I don't want to be built like a lifter, just to be functional. It depends on what you are after.

    Fat loss is more of a diet based initiative whereas strength and endurance is exercise related. If you eat right, then you will lose fat, if you work out well you will build muscle.


      Thanks, CaptainCanuck,

      Totally agree with the pushups helping muscle definition. The month of push-ups I did, took me to another level of fitness. Hopefully the intermittent fasting will give me a start with fat loss. Seems to be helping.