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    Keeping moving

    On 16 March 2020 I went into the office for the last time. Since then I have been working from home. My SO works from home as well. In the same week my son’s school closed and we decided that we should do something to keep on moving.

    We started The Foundation on 19 March. Finished on 20 April. We missed one day due to a sick day in the family (I went for a run that day). My SO added an additional program halfway through, but I stuck to The Foundation and went for a run every other day. My son (11) just did The Foundation. We did level 3, which was perfectly doable for the 3 of us.

    On 21 April I started <Totals> and the 3 of us started on 30 Days of Gravity and 30 Days of Yoga. I finished <Totals> on 20 May and the 3 of us finished 30 Days of Gravity (mostly level 2, occasionally 1 or 3) and 30 Days of Yoga on 22 May (2 sick days in the family). I kept on running every other day, missing my run twice because of ... well just because. My runs are between 5 and 12 kilometers, usually on grass, trails and sand (we live near the dunes and beach). I’m a slow runner and I really like to allow myself to stop every now and then to watch the birds and animals or admire the landscape. When I started running again on 19 March I had to start from scratch again because I did not run for months. Well, actually I’ve kind neglected my running for the last years. But now I’m on track again and having a lot of fun going out and doing wonderful trails.

    In between I’ve been doing a few workouts like Shoulder Stretch (nice!), Shoulder Work (love that one, it’s quick and helpful) and Neck Workout (I like it, but the noise in my neck worries me a bit). I have an old shoulder injury from off-road motorcycling (small fracture of the head of the humerus messed up my shoulder a bit) and I’d like to be better at pushups and planks.

    We plan on starting 90 Days of Activity on 25 May, when we’re all at home again.

    Today I did the Cyberpunk Workout, level 3 with the extra credit. It’s a nicely balanced full body workout, I’m going to save it!

    I plan on going for a run, probably in the evening when it’s very quiet.

    Additional 5K run, asphalt and trail.


      Good start and welcome to the Hive.


        To busy to go outside today. Of maybe it was the rain and wind and cold

        ​​​​​​Today’s workout was the Graceling Workout. I like half jacks and side leg raises. Graceling is a HIIT workout and I think it’s a nice alternative for a run. I planned to do level 3, that’s 7 sets. After 3 sets (level 1) the doorbell rang ... so this is my log for today:

        Graceling Workout, level 1 with the extra credit and after a short break
        Graceling Workout, level 3 with the extra credit


          First day of a new program with the family.

          Day 1 of 90 Days of Action, level 3
          Day 1 of 30 Days of Yoga (we liked it the first time, so we’ll be doing it again)
          4 km run with my son (2 x 2 km with a good talk in between), first part on asphalt, second part trails


            Early workout at 7:40, it’s a school day.

            Day 2 of 90 Days of Action, level 3 (high knees and climbers)
            Day 2 of 30 Days of Yoga

            Later that day: Daily Dare with the extra credit (40 sitting twists)


              Day 3 of 90 Days of Action, level 3 (abs)
              Day 3 of 30 Days of Yoga (meditation)

              Daily Dare (high knees), no extra credit. I had 2 successive short nights, long working days and I’m beat. Off to bed early tonight.


                in the morning:
                Day 4 of 90 Days of Action, level 3 (upper body)
                Day 4 of 30 Days of Yoga

                a bit later:
                Daily Dare with the extra credit

                in the evening:
                13 km run, trail through the dunes, beach, brick road. Lovely weather, saw a lot of animals (sheep, rabbits, a hare, bats, all kinds of birds), “zag de zon in de zee zakken”. It’s exceptionally quiet at the turning point in my run, a seaside village and tourist hotspot. Although it’s hard on the local economy, the lockdown period also gives us all these wonderfully quiet days, hardly any people at the beach.

                Click image for larger version

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                  It looks great