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    Training Log, I Guess

    Hello, hello! This is my first time logging in over three years! Wow! In 2017, I just sort of gave up on trying to get fit or follow calorie/macro counts. I was just driving myself insane and getting depressed when I wasn't seeing any results. Now, I want to be better. I can be better. I am determined. This time, I'm not going to obsess so much about doing things "right."

    >Improve overall fitness
    >Get that flat stomach
    >Stop snacking

    About Me:
    >28F 145lbs 5'8" with a perfectly average BMI.
    >Currently, I'm not really working out. My job is fairly active and I'm normally there 8-10hrs of the day, On my days off, I walk dog then sit on my ass the rest of the day.
    >I eat primarily paleo. It's just what makes me feel best. Sadly, I don't cook every night so I am forced to eat my mother's heavy meals on the weekends.
    >I have respiratory problems, scoliosis, iron-deficient anemia, life-long anxiety
    >Current TDEE is about 2200kCal

    >Workout every day. The only time of day where this is viable, on workdays, is first thing in the morning. I don't know if I can handle it but I'm going to try. I'm going to commit.
    >Workout for at least 1hr on non-workdays, not including walking my dog.
    >Post here daily to try and keep on track.
    >I'm not going to obsess over macros but I am going to pay attention to calories. One of my strategies for improving fitness is to improve strength/muscle mass and you can't do that if you're underfed.
    >Be more active on my days off work. The plan is to get down to 4hrs or less sitting down. I really don't know how I'm going to achieve this. gimf right?

    Current Workout: Baseline

    Welcome back to the Hive !

    Your intro makes me think a lot about what happen when I first join Darebee in 2015.. I made way too much big objective that was almost impossible to commit when you start from scratch. Result: I stop way too long to take care of myself.
    I'm back seriously since the beggining of this year, but this time with small objective and little step "accomplishment" and without big big pressure. Goes way better than in 2015

    Looking foward your new start and you'll see: the support of this community is really good and focused on positive feedback, it helps a lot !


      Thursday, 21st of May

      Just been feeling kind of blah all day. Ironically, doing the first workout in that exercise program I picked has me feeling a little peppier. Now that the day is more than half-way done with. I've already spent more than 5 hours sitting today so I guess I'll clean after dinner?? I should take the dog for a walk, too, seeing as how the weather finally cleared up. Not sure if my weak limbs are going to be able to handle it after doing that workout (on a level 1). We'll see.

      Food: M1; lamb with carrot souffle, M2; chicken breast with cauliflower mash and an onion/mushroom gravy, apple for "dessert," M3; Turkey meatloaf with mashed sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts. If my food estimates are decently accurate, I will have consumed about 2000kCal today. That's a lot better than I expected! Normally when I don't monitor food, I'll find I'm under-eating. This is also a lot more carbs than I would normal eat, though.


        Originally posted by Myrvina View Post
        Welcome back to the Hive !

        Your intro makes me think a lot about what happen when I first join Darebee in 2015.. I made way too much big objective that was almost impossible to commit when you start from scratch. Result: I stop way too long to take care of myself.
        I'm back seriously since the beggining of this year, but this time with small objective and little step "accomplishment" and without big big pressure. Goes way better than in 2015

        Looking foward your new start and you'll see: the support of this community is really good and focused on positive feedback, it helps a lot !
        Thank you!

        I agree, smaller, more achievable goals are the way to go. Congratulations on your success thus far! I'm glad you're keeping on track; It encourages me to do the same.


          Friday, the 22nd of May

          I remembered to workout this morning! Whoohoo! I'm feeling alright at the moment but I can tell my right side is gonna be aching tomorrow. Specifically where the right curve is in my scoliosis (it's right by the shoulder blade)

          Food: same as yesterday but without the snacks and I'm out of carrot souffle to go with the lamb. This only brings me up to 1700 kCal. I'm gonna have to eat some sort of snack with one of my meals. we'll see.


            Saturday, 23rd of May

            Felt pretty rough all day. I think a combination of the squats from Baseline Day 2 and listing about 1000lbs of raw chicken boxes is responsible. My thighs feel like stone. I think I must not have slept great, either. Soo tired and my brain doesn't want to do anything. Needless to say, I needed to take a rest day today.

            I also just want to vent about my bs day. Having to run to several nearby stores to hunt down the type of chicken I needed for the weekend. I still don't have enough. I'm going to have to locate a few more tomorrow morning, on top of the 100 other things I have to do first thing. And then when I went to punch in my order for the monday truck, the dumb order guns weren't working. I spent almost an hour trying to figure that shit out. Additionally, as promised, junk food is for dinner tonight. It's "too hot." I don't even care anymore. I'll eat that family-sized macaroni and embrace the dire consequences. You better be ready, toilet.

            Food: Meatloaf leftovers for breakfast, lamb with tomatoes and caulirice for lunch. Those two meals alone are 1300 kCal so I'm really not concerned about meeting my calorie goals today.


              Sunday, 24th of May

              Took another active rest day. I didn't have the time this morning. And now, after getting home from a hectic day of work, my back is killing me.

              Food: meatloaf breakfast, chicken with mashed cauliflower and onion/mushroom gravy, salad w/ dressing (I realize I've been forgetting to include that in the round-up. I eat a Big-Ass Salad™ every day with lunch.), meatballs with spaghetti squash. Those all sound like very filling meals, right? Totally getting to the 2k mark, right???? No. 1600 kCal. Maybe I'll live on the edge and have a little bread with the meatballs later.


                Hey. I just read your thread and you seem cool. I'll subscribe and follow you. You sound (from what I've read) to have it all in order .

                I have the problem of making over sized goals and giving up (if you read my thread you'll see its a trend there). I only just recently (like 4 days ago recent) started with a fairly easy goal, my 10 pull ups badge.

                Darebee plans don't agree with me so I don't do them but I use there warm up and stretching workouts (need to more of those ).

                Anyway, good luck.


                  Kakarot Hello, friend! I feel ya on the overly ambitious goals. What's helping me this go-around is keeping my motivation in sight: wanting to get in better shape. Even though I can barely complete the level 1 on a plan that is supposedly very easy, I'm sticking with it. I'm trying my best to be patient and understanding with myself. And boy, oh boy, I can't even complete one pull-up, let alone ten. Good luck, my dude!

                  I hear ya on Darebee. It can be a real struggle trying to do some of these exercises for the first time. Even with the video library! And if your form is messed up, you'll be in so much pain the next day.

                  Good luck on your fitness journey! I'll be sure to check out your logs, as well.


                    Monday, 25th of May

                    Completed Baseline Day 3. Feeling good for now but those chest expansions kill my dumb noodle arms.

                    Food: Meatloaf breakfast, meatballs and spaghetti squash for lunch, burgers and fries for dinner (maybe a little caprese pasta salad). I feel like now is a good time to bring up the fact that I am lactose intolerant. Chia pudding for dessert with berries on top. With the caprese, this is looking like a 1700 kCal day. See, I told you I have a tendency to undereat.


                      Tuesday, 26th of May

                      Baseline Day 3 went well. Who knew just keeping your arms out would be so painful? It's my day off but I don't think I'll work on doing a whole hour of exercise just yet. I can barely handle the 15min. I will be trying to keep my sit-time down, though. So far, I'm at 2.5 hrs. I will likely sit for another 2-3 hours so... progress?

                      Food: Ran out of leftovers so junk food breakfast. Eggs and toast, a biscuit, oj, coffee. Last night leftovers were also junk: hamburger with caprese pasta salad, v8. The Lack of vegetables is making me feel like shit, tbh. Dinner plans: chicken thighs in a Middle Eastern-inspired marinade, zucchini/summer squash pan fried in garlic "butter." This should leave me right around 2k kCal for the day. Whoop!

                      Note: I didn't post this at my normal time because the power kept flickering out right around that time. I lost everything but the first couple sentences.


                        Wednesday, 27th of May

                        Yesterday was some bs, let me tell you. I didn't have the time or motivation to workout yesterday. Food: The only (healthy) leftovers I had were chicken thighs with zucchini. So that is what I ate for both breakfast and lunch. Dinner was organic steak with italian-marinaded grape tomatoes and frozen price edward mix veggies. Dessert was PSL chia pudding with nova crisps for dipping. Those chips are damn addicting. I just made it to 2k.

                        Thursday, 28th of May

                        I felt bad about skipping out on exercise yesterday so I pushed myself to do level 2 on Baseline today. In a little bit I'll be taking my dog for a walk. And it's grocery day so I shouldn't have to worry about sitting for too long.

                        Food: chicken thighs and zucchini; steak and prince edward; pulled pork with bacon-date bbq sauce on baked sweet potato with broccoli. I should be able to hit 2k without snacking! Whoop!


                          Frodau, 29th of May

                          I have a confession to make: I made brownies yesterday. They are 400 cal per serving. I ate two of them yesterday.
                          Today, I finished Baseline day 6, no problem. My legs are kind of sore from yesterday. I wasn't able to walk my dog because of the weather so i did a short walk-run on the treadmill. 1min on, 1off for 10mins. Then 5mins walking. I started out strong at 6mph but finished at 4mph(running) due to an uncomfortable feeling in my left thigh/hip. Also, I was able to limit sotting to 5-6 hours. ✌ so yeah. Energy is up but so is pain.

                          Food: steak n veggies, brownie; chicken n squash; pulled pork in sweet potato boats with bbq sauce, broccoli. Looking at 2.4 kCal. Yesterday I finished at 3k.


                            Thursday, 4th of June

                            Sorry about the week-long radio silence. Last weekend of the month is always a shitshow that kills me. Just that one all-nighter completely fucks my body up, man. Miserable, depressed, unusually sore. Ugh. I'm finally getting back on track, though. The only day I worked out since last "Frodau" (lmao. auto-correct, you had one job), was Tuesday (and today, I guess). Baseline Day 7 and a walk-run with my dog. I am still sore. I work a job where I'm on my feet all day and yesterday I just felt like I could collapse at any minute. Today I did Day 8, which was a lot less painful. It helped loosen up my extremely stiff back this morning.

                            Food:Not gonna lie, I overate all weekend. Bad food(literally, KFC, lots of bread). I was just too exhausted to care, my dudes. Today, I should be under a little. bratwurst n kale; beef stew; roast chicken n veggies. 1800kCal.

                            Also, I finally replaced the batteries in my fancy pants scale. I'm gonna try to do a weekly weigh-in on Tuesdays.

                            Click image for larger version

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                              After reviewing this info, it seems like I was overestimating my needs originally.
                              In general, I'd consider my activity level to be "light." I work on my feet all day and have been doing a Darebee workout on most days. Being on my feet isn't particularly exhaustive. That makes my calorie needs more like 2k kCal.

                              Saving this formula for later: calories burned = BMR x METs/24 x hour