Boudikka finds Darebee through Pinterest, decides to do it for real. Confusion ensues.

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    Boudikka finds Darebee through Pinterest, decides to do it for real. Confusion ensues.

    So I'm working with a habit app that's encouraging me to do at least a short workout every morning. Not sure how I found darebee (I mean, I know it was pinterest, just don't know how darebee workouts appeared on my page). I started by doing the pinterest workout, and then found the site. After messing around off and on, I've finally gotten started on an actual program. 30 days of Gravity. The workouts are short, which is perfect for my mornings, and they focus on things I'd like to improve for my martial arts in real life (assuming real life ever comes back)

    Day 1: Tried to do the leg day at level II. Figured out fast that I'm at level I right now.. How do you alternate? Each rep? Do all forty one leg and then switch? I tried that, and failed really quickly.

    Lunge/Step-Ups: 15 right, 15 left, 10 right, 10 left, 5 right, 5 left.
    Side Leg Raises: easy peasy.
    Squats: Honestly didn't have that much of a problem. Maybe could have stepped up the side leg raises and squats to level II. Maybe I could have done lunges on level II if I'd alternated with each rep? Or maybe I should have just done better squats. I did them fast and shallow, so that could change. I'll figure it out.

    Set 1: 1:09
    Set 2: 1:00
    Set 3: 1:16

    Hmm. If my 3rd set was the longest, I probably wimped out on sets 1 and 2. That failing EXACTLY at the 1 minute mark is suspicious.

    After I was done, I did the daily dare w/ EC. Although, I found out over halfway through I was doing the motion wrong due to my martial arts training. I was doing a back kick instead of a deadlift. Oh well.

    Day 2: No levels on this one. Much less anxiety.

    Part 1 was too easy. WAY too easy. I do karate several times a week and am used having my arms up for much longer than this. I guess I might need dumbbells.

    Push-ups: Ugh. Push-ups? Here we go.

    Set 1: 25
    Set 2: 7
    Set 3: 6

    I have a ways to go, obviously. I guess that's why I'm here. And my form sucked.

    Daily Dare: Knee crunches? Couldn't find a video. Tried a few different forms to try to make my crunch look the man in the drawing. I eventually did 30 crunches of some sort or another, but they didn't all look alike. And I took breaks to go look at the dude on the drawing. What is he doing? How is that even an exercise? I was having a lot of trouble making myself do a crunch instead of just a really ugly V-up.
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    boudikka First off, welcome to the Hive.
    Next - counts are totals, so if it says 60 side leg raises, that's 30 on the left and 30 on the right. You can split it how you want. Go down as low as you can with the squats, and slow will give you more of a burn. As far as the exercises are concerned, we all get them "wrong" from time to time!
    Push-ups are everyone's challenge! Focus on form rather than reps, move slowly, and ensure complete extension of arms when you come up. Your first set of 25 was very good!
    Knee crunches: I believe you have your legs over your hips, bent to a 90 degree angle, and you crunch up, sliding your hands up over your knees. The additional load on the abs of holding the legs up make it harder than a normal crunch. V-ups have your legs straight.
    Have you done the Fitness test to determine which level is best for you?
    Have fun on the site and know that the bees here are happy to help you with any issues you might have. Just ask.


      Thanks TopNotch! Your answers are all very helpful. I'll check out the fitness test. I just figured that if level I was too easy, move up, if level II was too hard, move down. Didn't know there was a better method!

      Split how you want? That's... too much choice!

      Before I started this challenge, I was working on incline pushups, which are the only way I can do them to get really good form. knee pushups don't really fix my form for some reason, but doing them on the window sill helps me get my chest really low and tuck my elbows in. That's why I noticed how much my form "reverted" when I went back to floor push-ups.


      Day 3: Ab Day!!

      I think of myself as having pretty strong abs, but the jump up from lvl II to lvl III looked pretty steep, and I'm having an "off" morning. Probably sore from the last few days of darebee + doing zoom martial arts in the evenings. So I did the ab workout at level II. I wish I'd done it at level III. I probably would have failed at some point, but I guess that's the point, right? Failure is where we gain the most? So yeah, did it at level II and it sucked a little on the last raised leg hold of each set, but I was in no danger of failing, ever.

      Daily Dare: I would have skipped this if not for this log. So yeah, I guess right there is a reason to log this stuff. So I did it, with E/C. Was pretty easy, just a mild burn. Focused on speed, but I'm not sure if I was getting the leg high enough each time.


        boudikka Knee push-ups are great at helping to build upper body strength, but as soon as you straighten up, any good form can disappear. It's not just strong abs you need, but also a stong back. There are some workouts and a programme on here that look at the back as well as the core. Incline push-ups are good because as you get better, you can slowly lower yourself - from bench height to table to chair to floor. Sometimes I use a push-up board (you can see a picture of it in my recent posts) or you could just use moveable handles which can also help with form. It's also fun to mess around wih different types of push-ups - though I guess that'd be easier when you're doing them on the floor! I recently discovered dolphin push-ups and they are great for a change.
        Some exercises are listed as "to failure" or "to fatigue". If they are not, then do all the rets and reps listed. If you can't, then the level is too high. Going to failure all the time is just not good for you, in my opinion, but if that's something you like, you could try a weights workout like Xpress Tone but for me, to fatigue was a bit boring and I never really knew if I'd done as much as I should/could.
        Don't forget that the exercises here, including the DD, are aimed at every body, not just the highly fit. And some exercises that seem easy can really get you burning after doing it for a while. An example that springs to mind is Upper Body Light which seemed easy enough until the month crept along! Strangely deceptive! And you could always throw in another workout or challenge if your day is too light. But take it easy to start with especially if you're still able to do your MA training. I find it odd doing it over the computer, but at the moment, if it's the only way...


          TopNotch I thought I was doing pushups just fine until... my shoulder started to hurt. I googled it, and decided that the culprit was possibly (probably?) flaring my elbows too much when I do pushups. If I tuck my elbows in tight though, I feel like I have almost no strength at all. Not even enough, really, for knee pushups. So I guess I'd better just keep throwing in some incline pushups here and there until I can get whatever muscles are underdeveloped to activate and strengthen. As a bonus, I've been practicing going SUPER low on each rep, which I don't generally do on floor pushups, and I really feel it in my triceps and chest. Will google dolphin pushups, but maybe not until I fix my basic form issues. Shoulder tendonitis isn't a lot of fun.

          OK. I'll take it easy on myself if the first few days of the 30 day challenge are "easy". I'll trust you that I'll be grateful later in the month. Maybe level II is a good place for me to be