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    Ourobouros: Brick by Brick

    Hey Everyone!

    So this is my first time posting on this website. I have known about this site for a couple of years. I think it was also called different at first when I learned about it.

    Unfortunately I didn't finish any of the programs because of health, laziness, and an whole lot of different reasons.

    ​​​​​I always loved working out, especially when I was younger. But yeah things change and study, work & other things took priority.

    During the last couple years I started a lot of things. I started running, lifting weights, fasting and whatever. Unfortunately I didn't keep them up for long. I quit after a month or maybe 2 months.

    I noticed that when things became hard I would usually quit or give up. I do this in my day to day activities as well.

    So the goal that I am striving for is building a healthy basis for my life. A basis that allows me to push on, even if things get though. Call it discipline if you like.
    But I am not planning to achieve this in a couple of weeks or months.
    I am building this foundation Brick by Brick.

    Thus far I am 36 days in 90 days of action.
    I achieved my fist goals of 30 days straight.
    Now I am hungry for the 60 Days.

    Day by Day, Goal after Goal and Brick by Brick.

    90 Days of action:

    36 out of 90 🌻💚🌻
    15 out of 30 🌻💚🌻

    30 Days without skipping:
    ✨✨A C H I E V E D✨✨
    60 Days without skipping
    🏠🏠Currently building: Brick 36🏠🏠







          Thank you!!

          Hope that all of your journeys are going great as well!

          Today I finished my 15th day of the yoga program. Had my first real deep meditation. Like fully focused on my breath and was able to quickly let go of my thoughts and let them pass by.

          Also did the 32th day of 90 days of action.

          ​​​​​Halfway on the yoga program and 1/3 on the 90 days of action.
          Have not felt like skipping a day. But also I do not feel the immense pressure that I must train. So I think I am really starting to enjoy it and start seeing it less as must


            Welcome and good luck on your journey!




                That's a great way to be able to feel that motivation to train/workout - less like a must, more like a desire to.
                We're Yoga buddies! Same day!


                  Log yesterday:

                  Lovely training. I notice that I train in the evening during the weekend. I love to stay in bed for longer during the weekend. But I start to notice that I am a lot slower during the weekends. Maybe because of this.
                  ​​​​​​Also did not do my push up, for some reasons my triceps hurt while doing it. Not had that before so chose to take it easy and just do the rest.

                  Easy training, some stretches and balance exercises. I am kinda proud of myself that I keep on building my foundation Brick by brick.

                  Love y'all for the replies; ♥️


                    Log 25-05-2020

                    As I said, I trained the last couple of days in the evening. Today I went back to training in the morning and damn, what a difference. I start my day with excercising, normally it is a kind of struggle to start. But my mindset is changing. I does not register it as a struggle anymore. It just thinks: 'let's do this.'

                    I think these are the first signs that exercise is becoming a habit. And I am loving it.