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    18th - Physio x1
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    20th - Physio x2 | Baseline day 2 level 3

    It is hot and working out is hard but I have done it.


      Well... I didn't do it. Lockdown The First sucked. Had a bit of a mental breakdown that meant taking time out to rebuild myself mentally before I could start tackling my physical wellbeing. Thankfully though it's made me more mindful of the decisions I make and more aware of my strengths and weaknesses and how to use them to build better habits. Habits like exercising.

      Camp NaNo is coming up (National Novel Writing Month is actually November when you challenge yourself to write 50k words in 30 days, camp is similar but a "set your own goal" thing) and writing is a hobby and a habit that helps my mental health. So tying a fitness plan to writing seems like a great way to keep me motivated, if I don't do that day's exercises I can't write that day's section. After a bit of internal debate, I decided to grab a paperback copy of Hero's Journey and use it as my base.

      The Plan:
      Work through what I can of Hero's Journey before Camp starts on April 1st, hopefully completing at least a week to give myself a good feel for the program and the storyline (such as it is).
      Before April 1st sit with the book and make a rough plan of the storyline my writing will follow, what weapons, what big bad etc.
      Figure out a writing style.
      Each day of April, do that day's exercises and then write that day's section - being a week(ish) ahead on the exercises will give me more scope with writing.
      Build the habit during April so I can keep it going for the full 60 days of Hero's Journey.
      Evaluate progress and build a new plan.

      The Journey So Far:
      Decided to write this as 1st person journal entries to fit the "day by day" theme. Young adult is my jam so the main character will be a 16/17-year-old girl chosen by her village to train to be a Hero.
      Completed 6 days of Hero's Journey so far (at level 1).
      Chosen weapons (based on what my body needs): Magic ring and Hammer. Picked up a Dragon Egg and helped a stranger.
      Wrote 2 journal entries (that both need edited before April 1st - should have had a plan written first).

      No idea if this will really work but it's got a much higher chance than me just picking a program and trying to do it. This plan has built-in rewards (writing time), easy to see progress (writing) and plays to my strengths (I love writing and will gladly take any excuse to build a story). My potential problems will come when I'm tired, can't find time without kids interrupting or work commitments become too stressful. So I'm giving myself permission now to split some days into 2 or take 1 day off a week (sometimes both might be needed in a week). Progress, not perfection, is the goal.


        Good luck with your new plan !

        If kids interrupting is an issue you can also look at <Totals> wich lets you spread the workout throughout the day. It can also help when you're too tired.