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    Man, I‘d love to have an RPG night every once in a while but unfortunately I don’t really have enough friends who are willing to play with me
    But discord really sounds like a good idea. I had a session with two friends via scype once and it just didn’t work. Glad you found something better!


      Well, I fell into a black hole of ED brain and binge-behaviours over the summer, and now it's nearing the end of November and I've realised I'm wasting valuable 'get healthy' time. Glad to be back. I'll be following the same plan as before with a bit of luck, and hopefully it'll see me through the winter!


        Slight change to my original plan, actually, I'll be focusing more on getting my macros right, than on exercising every day at first. But I do want to follow this plan:

        Monday: Foundation Light
        Tuesday: Foundation Light
        Wednesday: Foundation Light + bonus activity
        Thursday: Foundation Light
        Friday: Foundation Light
        Saturday: Foundation Light + bonus activity
        Sunday: Foundation Light

        I've even got a pretty new notebook to do all my stuff in. Shout out to Citrus Book Bindery for being fantastic <3