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    New Experiences - Body & Brain Training

    I accidentally stumbled upon this awesome site while Google searched for exercise instruction. One of the images I clicked on linked me to Darebee. My first impression of this website was attractive and minimalistic. The explanations and presentations of material are clean and concise. I appreciate the incorporation of pictures and game features in the mix. I find them fun, slick, and engaging. No ads, marketings, and distractions. What a concept! I will support this operation as time goes on.

    I completed the first Workout of The Day, Link, on Level 2 with 30s rest. I felt good after performing 5 sets but did not continue to level up because today is the start of my journey here and I want to establish a good baseline. I plan on tackling Jurassic, Iron Core, and Dailydare for extra credit tomorrow.

    Intro & Thoughts A Week After Joining

    I was away from a consistently active lifestyle for about a year now. I was battling drastic emotional swings and depression on/off throughout that time. Every attempt I made to get back on track (usually at short bursts of a day or two) was lured back into unhealthy life experiences. I'm in my late 30's, 5'9/181cm, 170lbs/77kg. But since started Darebee 7 days ago, I have been consistent with my training and experiencing awesome transformations. Both body and brain. My general fitness goals are to stay active, stay focus, stay strong, and continue to improve with all the resources offered here.

    Welcome! Glad you're here. Nice start.


      Welcome to the Hive!


        First off, I appreciate your welcomes @CelticCelli & @trishablue. From the glimpse of it, the Hive looks like a friendly and supportive place for fitness and growth. I'm ecstatic to join the community and experience something new.

        This is my second day in the Hive. I just compiled a 30-day challenge plan which consists of the following routine for a full-body activation:

        1) Chair Rows - Biceps/Back
        2) Arms of Steel - Arms
        3) 50 Pushups - Chest
        4) Yoga Abs - Abs
        5) Abs of Steel - Abs
        6) Iron Core - Core
        7) Glutes of Steel - Glutes
        8) Iron Will - Quads
        9) Calves of Steel - Calves
        10) 50 Burpees - Full Body Exertion
        11) Meditation - Brain

        These will be done in addition to the Workout of The Day, Dailydare, and Monthly Challenge. I'm anticipating my challenge completed badges.

        Concurrently, I will also practice the Daily Gratitude challenge. I will note them here so everything is centralized.

        1st Day of Gratitude: health, companionship, and Darebee.
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          Results of Day One
          Completed first day routine within 75 mins including rest, sweat, and tear times. I took 1-2 mins between challenges. Chair Rows was brutal. The veins on my arms were busting like a volcano ready to explode and tight as steel going into Arms of Steel. All the challenges that follow were cakewalks. The Meditation at the end was calming and soothing. I can feel bursts of endorphin coursing through my veins. Awesome experience!


            That's an impressive plan you got there


              Welcome to the hive!
              Please don't be too disappointed when you realize the challenges don't get you badges.


                @ Illéa I definitely enjoyed the first go of the first routine yesterday. I can not feel any body parts that are painless right now. High on endorphins is incomparable. I'm still on it right now. Awesome feeling.

                I appreciate the welcome @ Belerith Physically, mentally, or visually. Either way, I'm determined to complete the goals I set. Badges can easily be replaced by checkmarks.

                Day Two of Routine

                Today looks a bit less intense than yesterday. I'm happy to welcome it because my entire body is sore right now especially my lower back, feels like a 100-year old pine tree.

                2nd Day of Gratitude: back cushion, good food, and clean water.


                  Cheering you on!


                    Thanks for the added boost @ Coreander. Could always use some.

                    Day Two Results

                    Time to Completion: 75 mins
                    Most Challenged: Air Circles

                    While performing air circles I realized that I need more work on balance and core. I wasn't as stable as I would like to be and couldn't maintain my legs at waist level without effort.


                      Sounds like you were doing quite well despite being sore all over.
                      Keep it up, we are all cheering for you!


                        Appreciate the boost @ CountDooku.

                        Day Three Results

                        Time to Completion: 65 mins
                        Most Challenged: Boat Pose from Yoga Abs

                        Extending my legs straight while engaging the abs requires a bit of extra effort. I need to do more hamstring stretches. Otherwise, it's another light day.

                        3rd Day of Gratitude: secured home, sunshine, and internet access.


                          Last night I was high on endorphins. I went to bed with a full-body soreness, particularly lower back and shoulders. Those rows to failure and shoulder taps are starting to accumulate over the 3 consecutive days. But I woke up this morning early, refreshed, and ready to check off another day's challenges. I'm not seeking comforts, I'm seeking gains.

                          4th Day of Gratitude: Five Senses, Freedom of Choice, and Peace of Mind

                          Day Four Results

                          Another easy day, but the soreness still persists. Those lunges in Iron Will are definitely putting my quads to the test. Struggling through the 70 sets L/R.


                            Consecutive days of doing the same exercise to failure are really tough! Be sure to give you muscles time to rebuild every once in a while.

                            Good on you for pulling through!
                            lunges are like my least favorite exercise, my quads are so damn weak! So you can bet I am pretty amazed with you!


                              CountDooku Appreciate the boost of encouragement. It's usually a good strategy to give muscles some time to relax and recover. Since this challenge is only for 30 days, I want to test how far my new body and mind can reach. Of course, I'm also monitoring my muscle pain level along the way. I'm currently in good shape. The sore is always there, but no pain so I'm in the clear to continue on another day.

                              I just completed the "Hit the floor, Jack" challenge. I pounded the floor 16x. It felt good to accelerate blood flow to 113bpm first thing in the morning. Barely able to fully extend my quads on the last set.

                              5th Day of Gratitude: books, heartrate monitor, and oxygen.

                              Day Five Results

                              Felt well-rested today. The soreness is losing its intensity. Performed some stretchings using Stretching Exercises Chart throughout the day and 30 days of Yoga. I got a pleasant surprise today when I measured my body fat index and saw a 3% drop from the start of the New Body and Brain routine. Awesome challenges. Accelerated results!