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    Thanks CountDooku how are you?

    First day back today. Arm mostly better but as today was super hiit I thought I should be sensible and not push it. So....

    Day 11 Combat hiit level 1 βœ…
    Day 10 yoga βœ…

    Iron core - skipped it to be careful with my arm

    So good to be back!


      Welcome back

      Glad to hear your arm is getting better!


        Not checked in for a few days but I've been plugging along

        Days 12-16 combat hiit level 2 βœ…
        Days 11-17 yoga (minus meditation days) βœ…
        ​​​​​​Days 1-5 legs of Steel βœ…


          Legs of Steel - day 6 & 7 βœ…
          Combat hiit level 2 days 17 & 18
          Hook kicks took me a while to work out but improved by the end
          That's the first time I've done tuck jumps since I used to do trampling at school! Surprisingly OK. Can tell how I'm getting fitter. Managed to push and enjoy 9 & 10. Boy was I sweating at the end of it!
          Yoga days 19 & 20 - plank rotations, sweaty hands and my yoga mat don't work well together! Had to move it part way through - carpet much more grip ,πŸ˜‚


            took a day off yesterday and gardened instead ​​​​​​Legs of Steel - 8,9,10 βœ…
            Combat hiit - 19,20,21 level 2 βœ…
            Yoga up to day 24 (bar meditation) βœ…

            Looking forward to the high impact day tom. Got to work out how to do double turning kicks πŸ€”πŸ™‚


              So I've been cracking on despite not checking in. Ca

              Completed yoga and day 1 βœ…
              Legs of Steel - up to and including 14
              Combat hiit level 2 - completed up to and including 25 βœ…

              Can't quite believe I'm on day 26 tomorrow if combat hiit tomorrow. Lock down has made exercising every day much easier than I normally find it 😊


                Ate too much so took sun and Monday off πŸ˜‚

                Back on it.

                Combat hiit level 2 26 & 27 βœ…
                Legs of Steel - 15, 16 and 17 βœ…
                Yoga - days 2 and 4 βœ…

                Now to work out what comes next..


                  Woohoo. After having taken the occasional rest day I've just finished combat hiit. Most days done on level too which I'm really proud of. I've come a long way in technique since sinishing athena's playbook. I'm proud of myself. It's great to have another form of exercise that I enjoy as much as running ​​​​​​

                  Now onto the next programme(s)

                  ​​​​​​Time to start running again. 😊

                  Looking forward to doing alternate days of Fighter's Codex and 30 days of change. A new journey begins tomorrow which is rather exciting.. .


                    New day a new journey begins

                    Fighters Codex day 1 βœ…
                    Yoga continues.


                      30 days of change - assume level 2 unless noted
                      Assume yoga unless noted

                      Day 1 βœ…

                      Got out early and did 30 mins for the first time since mid march. So good to run again.



                        Fighter's codex day 2 βœ…

                        Fun day


                          30 days of change level 1 βœ…
                          No yoga - beer and gardening instead


                            Fighters codex yesterday - day 3 level 2 βœ…
                            30 days of change level 2 day 3 βœ…

                            No yoga

                            Hot in the sun. Managed to run for about 45 mins which is the longest ive done in a few months πŸ‘πŸ˜


                              Fighter's codex day 4 βœ…
                              Yoga while I'm stretching! βœ…


                                Fighter’s codex days 5&6 done
                                might actually make it out to run tomorrow!