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Fighting to run

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    Fighting to run

    So, decided to start a thread to keep up my momentum. Excuse my mulling out loud πŸ™‚

    I've had to take a break from running as I find it can stress my asthma and I'm a tad para at the moment! So my plan is to be fit for running when we get back to some form of normality, especially as I have a great north run place (assuming it isn't cancelled).

    I've generally just run and not done any strengthening work bar plank challenges so it's time to get more mobility and strength in other ways.

    I've just completed Athena on level 1 and particularly enjoyed the combat sessions. They're challenging but fun.

    So I've now taken on combat hiit. I was really tempted by fighter's codex but i don't think I have the form yet. That can be the next challenge. πŸ™‚

    I lost over an inch round my hips, waist and bust doing Athena and the plan is to keep going!

    ​​​​​So day 2 of combat, both days level 2 (hard but good) plus I'm doing the April challenge and the 30 days of yoga (day 1). Hopefully all of that will help make up for no long walks and running. I miss them both.

    ​​​​​Day three looks fun...

    I hope your asthma gets better! It is so sad you can't run!


      Thanks AssassinCat it might be okay to run but air pollution in London doesn't help and I've found if I push it my peak flow really drops. Once this is over I'm determined to get back out and find my second marathon to run πŸƒπŸ˜Š


        Day 3 combat hiit on level 2 βœ…

        Fun but I did find coordination a challenge a couple of times and ended up doing a back fist and side kick at the same time πŸ˜‚

        Day 2 yoga βœ… used the timer but it could do with an extra couple of seconds to allow for me to check the next move and transition!

        Day 16 iron core βœ…


          Day four combat hiit βœ…
          Found not hurting my back hard work the flutter kicks and the sitting twists so modified the latter.

          Day 3 yoga βœ… wasn't going to bother to meditate but decided to at the last minute. Concentration not amazing. Shows how eady it is to get out of practice as I haven't tried for months .

          Day 17 iron core βœ…



            Day 5 combat hiit level 2 βœ…

            I find it takes a few rounds to get my technique back on kicks! This will eventually help my coordination.

            Day 4 yoga βœ…

            Day 18 iron core βœ…

            Having old skool on the radio definitely helps although I start dancing in yoga poses!


              Don't let asthma stop you!


                Checking in. Headache and sore neck a day so took the day off. Hopefully tomorrow will be better


                  Rest day helped.

                  Day 6 level 3 combat hiit βœ…
                  Did level 3 as I can only do girlie push ups. Video didn't work for round 5 so wasted a lot of time
                  Day 5 yoga βœ…
                  Day 19 iron core βœ…

                  Still looking forward to getting out of the house at some point. On the plus side seeing my seedlings grow makes me happy!


                    Day 7 combat hiit level 2 βœ…
                    Day 6 yoga - tried but too grumpy and distracted to do it
                    Day 20 iron core βœ…

                    I'm an emotional person which pisses me off at the best of times but really finding I'm reacting to stupid things at the moment. Sigh.


                      Day 8 combat hiit level 2 βœ…
                      Still finding flutter kicks hard on my back.
                      Day 21 iron core βœ…
                      Day 7 yoga βœ…

                      Mood a bit better today.


                        Day 9 combat hiit βœ…
                        Day 8 yoga βœ…
                        Day 21 iron core βœ…

                        Too many planks!!!


                          Keep it up, you are doing amazing!
                          also, you wrote about seedlings - what are they going to be when theyβ€˜re grown?


                            Thank you CountDooku ☺️

                            Today less good annoyingly as I think I pulled a tendon in my arm while I was punching. Hopefully it will be okay tomorrow.

                            Combat hiit level 2 βœ… (Almost level 3)
                            Yoga - skipped the meditation Can't find my zen
                            Iron core day 22 βœ…

                            Seedlings are:
                            Perpetual spinach
                            Brussel sprouts
                            Marigolds (to put off aphids from my roses!)

                            Growing stuff makes me much more zen than trying to meditate at the moment!


                              Glad you found something calming anyway while meditation doesn’t work for you.
                              Also I hope you will recover from your punching injury soon!
                              Wishing you all the best!