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    Feeling tired most of the time, I’m looking for ways to become fit again and to feel energized. Before I picked a program on Darebee I’ve read every program on the website and yesterday I tried out the first exercises of Athena’s playbook. I thought this would be the suitable level for me. I hoped it was because I like the lightly combat style in it. But after just two postures my body kept shouting it couldn’t do it. I stopped. Maybe the the icon of myself - sporty and strong - that still poppes up in my brain after years of feeling fatigue and tiredness, is just out of date? Today I started again, Athena’s playbook. I was prepared better this time and here I am, just I finished day 1!

    Welcome to the hive

    I think it's really admirable that you went back and tried again. Starting is never easy and a lot of people would have given up after trying one time.


      Welcome! Best wishes to you for success and enjoyment in your journey.

      Darebee has a lot on offer from the programs to the challenges and workouts.


        Thanks Illéa and WSMC27 🙂

        Today and yesterday I went out at 7.30 in the morning, took my bike, cycled some 15 minutes slowly through woods and dunes, and did the exercises of my new program outdoors. It was the best start of the day I’ve had in a long time.
        Though doing planking’s on the still wet ground became a bit of a muddy situation. And though I didn’t always feel comfortable with people walking by while I was performing kicks and jabs, I sticked to the program and the sun kept shining. Doing the exercises outside and early in the morning helps me to stay in a positive mood for the rest of the day. Great ‘discovery’!


          Training Log

          Today I had a hard time making a start with my daily training, because of a headache. I am glad that I still managed to finish:

          strenght protocol - day 22
          yoga abs challenge - day 27
          iron glutes challenge - day 20
          zero hero - day 27
          90 days of action - day 44
          Nike training 30 minutes (Josh Carothers ‘alles onder controle’)


            This thread is aptly named, that sure was a big change from the first 2 posts


              Training Log
              Yesterday I finished the yoga abs challenge! I’ve already picked a new challenge for the coming month.

              My daily program is:
              strength protocol
              iron glutes challenge
              boxer challenge
              L-sit challenge
              zero hero
              90 days of action
              ankle recovery workout

              Whenever I have energy left after completing this daily routine, I add a 30-minute Nike training workout. That happens about three times a week.


                Training Log:
                Today I finished the Zero Hero program. As a follow up of Zero Hero I’ll start tomorrow with both the Epic Five program and the Spartan challenge.

                I did:
                strenght protocol - day26
                iron glutes challenge - day24
                boxer challenge - day2
                L-sit challenge - 1 minute
                zero hero - day30
                90 days of action - day57
                ankle recovery workout

                Now that I've nearly finished both Strength protocol and Iron glutes challenge, I'm considering one of the following programs as a replacement:
                back and core
                full circuit


                  Training log
                  Today I did
                  Strenght protocol - day27
                  iron glutes challenge - day25
                  boxer challenge - day3
                  Epic Five - day2


                    Today’s Trainings log

                    Strenght protocol - day28
                    iron glutes challenge - day26
                    boxer challenge - day4


                      Today’s Trainings log

                      iron glutes challenge - day27
                      90 days of action - day48


                        Yesterday I didn’t do any sport, I travelled to my vacation destination. Today is the first day of my holiday, I’m ready to pick up my training routine again.

                        Today’s Trainings log

                        Strenght protocol - day29
                        iron glutes challenge - day28
                        boxer challenge - day1 (hadn’t done day1 before because of foot injury)
                        Epic Five - day3
                        Iron Born - day1
                        Core strength - day 16 (while thinking I was doing Strength Protocol)

                        total training time: 75 minutes


                          Today’s Trainings log

                          I’m still on holiday and the weather is very hot. During the day it’s above 35 degrees. I do the exercises in the holiday apartment, windows closed and curtains closed to keep out the warmth.

                          Today I finished the program Strength Protocol.

                          Further I did:
                          90 days of action - day49
                          iron glutes challenge - day29
                          epic five - day4
                          spartan challenge - day1
                          iron Born - day2

                          total training time: 65 minutes

                          I did a outdoor hike by foot of one hour.

                          I’m gonna replace the iron glutes challenge by the Ironborn Program

                          I’ll replace the Strenght protocol program by Back and core.

                          I’ve replace Zero Hero by both the Epic Five program and the Spartan challenge.


                            Today’s Trainings log

                            I consider today a rest-day, given the high temperature and feeling tired. In the evening I feel up to do a few light exercises from my normal routine:

                            I finished the Iron glutes challenge
                            Epic five - day5
                            90 days of action - day50
                            boxer challenge - day5
                            Spartan challenge - day2


                              Today’s Trainings log

                              Epic five - day6
                              boxer challenge - day6
                              90 days of action - day51

                              And a hike outside of about one our.