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    Ohhhh, those were DOGGO cookies?! Good for you making those! I can’t give Boo-monster peanuts except for the rare dab on a teaspoon for doggo ibuprofen, cuz PB gives him the trots

    Congrats on Daily Abs and Vitality


      LizardFriend95, DorothyMH!

      ​​​​​​​Considering what I can get Liam to do with peanut butter (everything but food aggression), DorothyMH, it would be a true travesty if he couldn't digest it! Does Boo have a favorite other than pb?

      Daily Exercise: 15 Tricep Extensions, with EC
      SQUAT HERO Challenge: Day 3
      2020 Advent Calendar: Day 3
      fit December: Day 3
      Workout: 157- Power 10, 158- Power 20
      Belly Dancing: Vertical Hip & Chest Figure 8
      Splits Exercises

      Tricep extensions always end up being a bit more up and down plank than truly balanced. Still done, just not prettily.

      My neck was back in alignment! It may still be, actually, but the muscles are upset and not letting me feel the bones. Which speaks well of proper alignment once more! I really think it had something to do with Power 20. I definitely felt something when using the weights.

      Speaking of, only 5 pounds. Still taking it easy on my elbow. It's frustrating that it's my left arm, because that's my weaker side. If it was my right, I'd use a lighter weight there and a heavier opposite.

      ​​​​​​​Liam is a brat. Decided to try staying downstairs after he settled outside. He came in after seeing something and decided he had to get busy. He barked and I tried a treat to get him in. He got halfway in the house, smelled the treat, and went back outside! I had to go get the good treats! And then he came running! So very spoiled...


        I can and do give him meat treats and cheese. He’s plenty treated! As a matter of fact we use cheese to solid up their poops. Cheese and bones!


          Glad to read the pups get good yums, DorothyMH! Liam hasn't yet tried cheese, so I don't know how that'll go, but everything else has been fine. So fingers crossed!

          Daily Exercise: 40 Side-to-Side Lunges, with EC
          SQUAT HERO Challenge: Day 4
          2020 Advent Calendar: Day 4
          fit December: Day 4
          Workout: 159- Volleyball Pro, 160- SHE DEVIL, KNEE
          Belly Dancing:
          Splits Exercises

          Liam had me forgetting things last night! I was able to complete the dancing yesterday! It wasn't entirely in rhythm, but it was completed! So I can finally move on tomorrow!

          Interestingly, if something is out in my neck, it's lower than before. At least the original spot is back in place!

          I tried baking the cookies longer, but even 10 extra minutes just made them hot. So I'll add carob powder next time to help hold them together. I have been researching safe ingredients for dogs, so the bark will be interesting! I also stand by the fact that making something called "bark" makes so much more sense for a dog!

          Did I get into a bit of a research spiral and find a lot of curious recipes that would be very easy to convert to pup treats? Yes. Yes, I did.


            Belated congrats on Daily Abs Challenge and Vitality!



              Daily Exercise: 50 Knee-to-Elbows, with EC
              SQUAT HERO Challenge: Day 5
              2020 Advent Calendar: Day 5
              fit December: Day 5 (Hall Pass)
              Belly Dancing: Omi
              Splits Exercises
              I really didn't feel like exercising today, so that hall pass was wonderful! Quick, easy, and (with my sneakers) pain free! So nice!

              Belly dancing was a quick review of small and medium circles, both things that were very easy in the first place. A song tomorrow and I'll start the next lesson after KNEE!

              ​​​​​​​I have moved my charging cords back downstairs. We'll see if that was a smart move later. Fingers crossed!


                Daily Exercise: 40 Reverse Angels, with EC
                SQUAT HERO Challenge: Day 6
                2020 Advent Calendar: Day 6
                fit December: Day 6
                Workout: 151- SILVER, 152- PT Pyramid (military)
                Belly Dancing: Omi
                Splits Exercises

                PT Pyramid was both easier and harder than I thought it would be, even only going to level 6. I switched the pull-ups for tricep dips, which probably helped the easiness! Those sit-ups, though? I almost tapped out there!

                Dancing probably wasn't as synchronous as it should have been, but I did it without the video! So I'm calling it a win!

                Liam slept outside yesterday! No problems there! But Casper? Poor kitten curled up with me when I went upstairs. Now he tries to cuddle and Liam leaps! So he's trying to move behind the couch to come up behind me. But that makes noise. It's a work in progress!
                ​​​​​I had a cranberry pomegranate drink earlier. I had to brush my teeth twice! So much pink!

                Christmas tree has been put up! Now for the rest of the decorations!


                  Yay for the Christmas tree! 🎄
                  I love the first days of the season


                    There's something really great about seeing the tree full of lights for the first time, Anek!

                    Daily Exercise: 40 Single Leg Bridges, with EC
                    SQUAT HERO Challenge: Day 7
                    2020 Advent Calendar: Day 7
                    fit December: Day 7
                    Workout: 153- GUARDIAN, 154- Five Rites, KNEE
                    Belly Dancing:
                    Splits Exercises

                    Five Rites was much more difficult than it seemed! Especially those 360° turns! I had to stop halfway through so I didn't fall down!

                    A nice easy day, otherwise!

                    It has snowed slowly but steadily all day. Not very deep, but very white! So pretty and Liam is loving it! He kept coming inside with tons of energy and making us play with him. Silly pup!

                    I love winter because any other time if Liam is outside and quiet, we need to worry. If there's snow? He's probably sleeping.

                    I made more peanut butter cookies! I used only brown sugar this time, and I think it works best with a combination of regular and brown. Too much brown sugar muddies the flavor a bit. Still really good! Just not great. I also made them bigger, which caused the bottoms to brown a bit too much. Lessons learned!


                      Wednesday, 8 December

                      Daily Exercise: 100 Side Shoulder Taps, with EC
                      SQUAT HERO Challenge: Day 8
                      2020 Advent Calendar: Day 8
                      fit December: Day 8
                      Belly Dancing:
                      Splits Exercises

                      Thursday, 9 December

                      Daily Exercise: 2 Minutes Raised Leg Hold, with EC
                      SQUAT HERO Challenge: Day 9
                      2020 Advent Calendar: Day 9
                      fit December: Day 9 (Hall Pass)
                      Belly Dancing:
                      Splits Exercises

                      Two busy days! I just didn't have time on Wednesday and today ended up having much more than I expected. I was able to fit everything in because of that hall pass. Super thankful for it today!

                      Dad and I managed to get our booster shots today and we're both doing well! My arm hurts, but that happened both other times, too. We've had chills, but nothing like last time. I've been religious about the ibuprofen, had a nap, and drank at least 3 litres of liquid. So I'm really hopeful for tomorrow!

                      ​​​​​​Turns out our house is very well insulated! We had very strong winds for a few days and the furnace and hot water heater both blew out. We actually only noticed when the hot water wasn't coming through. And we averaged 0 degrees today! So that's a wonderful surprise!

                      A completely unwonderful surprise? It'll reach 9 tomorrow and 17 the day after. It'll go down a bit, but we're not going back to winter weather until Friday. (From 14 to 5 in about 12 hours. That'll

                      Hot chocolate mix with dark cocoa? Not actually my favorite! I want to try making it with granulated sugar (I used powdered), and use regular cocoa to see the difference. Still, I didn't need to add coffee to make it more bitter or more chocolate in flavor!

                      Tomorrow I get to dry blueberries and bananas in the oven. Fingers crossed!


                        Yay for the booster shot!



                          Daily Exercise: 30 Plank Rolls, with EC
                          SQUAT HERO Challenge: Day 10
                          2020 Advent Calendar: Day 10
                          fit December: Day 10
                          Belly Dancing:
                          Splits Exercises
                          ORNAMENT: 800/800 Side Kicks

                          Some ligaments in my knees are going to be hating me tomorrow. And my thighs disliked the kicks after the squats. But I finished the Coconut Cookie!

                          My arm has gotten better as the day's gone by, thankfully. Dad and I both have some lassitude, but that's all symptom wise. So grateful!

                          My attempt at bark... went. The bananas and blueberries dried beautifully, even if I had to use both the oven and air fryer. Note: if you're drying bananas, don't use parchment paper. So. Much. Sticking. I followed a recipe instead of my gut and the carob is grainy. Liam won't care, but I'm unhappy! I played around with the idea of making yogurt chips and went with a drizzle instead. It's way too thick, but informative!

                          The amount of fat is keeping it pretty soft still, after about 2 hours. I'm giving it through the night to see what happens. If it stays soft, I'm rolling it into truffles, probably coated in sunflower seeds. Maybe pistachios if I have any. Something will come from this!
                          ​​​​​​​Now for my heat pad. And maybe an ice pack. And maybe some chocolate.


                            Always some chocolate


                              Congrats on ornament


                                I was good and had only one piece of dark chocolate, LizardFriend95! It was a large piece... But only one!

                                Thanks, Fremen!

                                Daily Exercise: 80 Jumping Ts, with EC
                                SQUAT HERO Challenge: Day 11
                                2020 Advent Calendar: Day 11
                                fit December: Day 11 (Hall Pass)
                                Belly Dancing:
                                Splits Exercises

                                Well, I was not at all wrong about feeling those kicks! The number of times I stood with a wince, cringe, moan, groan, and cut off curse today... I honestly lost count! I also spent about 45 minutes digging into my thighs and finding several knots. So things don't hurt quite so much anymore!

                                Before Bernice, the very thought of literally digging into my muscles and pressing on the sore spots would have been unthinkable. Now? Let's see where the pain is originating! And get the courage to make it hurt more!

                                By the way, if any of you worry about procrastination, Dad regularly (at least 2 times a month) mutters that he has no idea what he's going to be preaching about on Sunday. On Saturday night. So he writes his sermons Sunday morning.

                                Procrastination! It works?

                                The bark didn't work. It was just too much fat to make the carob liquid. But I did make truffles! I used the last of the carob powder in the "bark" so had to get creative with the coating. I ended up grinding sunflower seeds, pistachios, and almonds (which was a bit superfluous since I have almond flour...) and rolled away! They're messy. And none are the same size. But, oh, has it given me ideas!

                                Click image for larger version

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                                That yogurt "drizzle" is downright embarrassing! I do want to make yogurt chips now, though! Apparently shelf stable yogurt is available, so I could have shelf stable chips! We'll see!

                                ​​​​​​​And it turns out Liam does not like strong wind. We had enough to shake the power lines and Liam did not go outside unless absolutely necessary. Poor pup...