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    That’s exactly what I want a window seat for! It’s something that I, being a bookworm, have wanted since I was a kid. Of course, I’d lose it to my cats. Still want it just as bad, though!


      Daily Exercise: 2 Minutes Side Plank Hold, with EC
      daily abs Challenge: Day 27
      vitality: Day 27
      Belly Dancing:
      Splits Exercises

      Feeling tired all day, I left the workouts for tomorrow. Hopefully that'll be okay!

      At some point, organic food dye was purchased. We don't know who brought it in (me? my sister?) but it works well enough no one was upset. Then Liam found it.

      Thankfully, the couch covers fit really well! Unfortunately, whatever they use to make blue is very similar to catnip to Casper. He rolled. A lot.

      He managed to clean most off himself, and Liam licked himself pretty well clear as well. The toilet seat was left up. My brother said it looked like a Smurf had been murdered and flushed. And Casper needed our help to get the last bits off.

      Click image for larger version

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      The joys of pets!

      Cats, dogs, other people, LizardFriend95? I would bodily move them (shove in the case of humans) out of my way!


        Lol poor pets!


          Daily Exercise: 40 Shoulder Taps, with EC
          daily abs Challenge: Day 28
          vitality: Day 28
          Workout: 149- FAE, 150- ZOMBIE
          Belly Dancing:
          Splits Exercises

          I met my workout goal several days early! So happy! I'm probably going to keep it going, to have a headstart next month, but I'll have to see how I feel on Tuesday, after seeing Dustin.

          I skipped just roll with it, but I should be able to do it tomorrow. My brother had an exercise ball at one point and I'm pretty sure it's in the basement, with the other exercise equipment. So I'll look for it when I get home!

          A man with Dad's name wrote a paper on genetics and now Dad is getting tons of mail about it. He's getting a bit annoyed...

          Liam tried to help while I was exercising. It wasn't bad until I was in downward dog. The brat kept trying to knock me down!

          I missed your post last night, NancyTree! My apologies! I really shouldn't try writing while half asleep... Thanks for your words!

          Honestly, if they're going to get into things they shouldn't, Anek, they deserve what they get! Brats, the both of them. (I love them to the ends of this earth.)


            Daily Exercise: 60 Seal Jacks, with EC
            daily abs Challenge: Day 29
            vitality: Day 29
            Workout: 151- roll with it, 152- TITAN, 153- standing abs, 154- SARAH CONNER
            Belly Dancing:
            Splits Exercises

            I should have thought things through before those seal jacks. My poor heel... Still, I downgraded all high knees to march steps and it's feeling much better. Hopefully Dustin has some helpful advice later!

            Someone is using something loud and buzzing in the neighborhood. I think it's a chainsaw or table saw. Dad thinks it's a wood chipper. Either way, it's annoying. It's also kept Liam up with barking.

            And then there's the tortoise. She's hungry. She knows where the cat food is. She's just dumb enough to think shoving against the sliding door will move it. I honestly worried at who was stomping around downstairs and why Liam wasn't barking. Great thing to wake up to!

            I found my exercise ball! I forgot I had an exercise ball! I blew up my exercise ball! (That's an exercise in and of itself! And I have a foot pump!) I used my exercise ball! And I learned the benefit of sand. My brother's has sand. Mine doesn't. Side crunches on a moving ball? Not fun!


              Daily Exercise: 80 Side Leg Raises, with EC
              daily abs Challenge: Day 30
              vitality: Day 30
              Belly Dancing:
              Splits Exercises

              daily abs Challenge and vitality

              The last few days of the challenge really crept up on me! vitality was as easy as I was hoping. Glad I repeated it!

              I have decided not to do another program, though. It would be another repeat and I found it difficult some days to add a workout after vitality. So I'll see just how many workouts I can average without it!

              Yesterday, Dustin worked my tendonitis and I'm thankful, but OW. He also didn't use cups! I wish he did in a few spots, but overall I'm feeling much better! Plus! Apparently my heel is hurting because my Achilles is very tight and knotted much higher; it's pulling against my heel in retaliation. So now I know where to focus my effort!

              I woke up this morning and thought it best to give my body a day of ease. I sat down on the couch, got comfy, shifted slightly, and my neck went out. A day after I was adjusted. I am unamused. I definitely kept it as easy as possible after that! It's doing better, but still out and painful. Hopefully things will realign after I sleep!

              Good sleep news! Liam learned that if I go upstairs, he doesn't get into the back room! So I was on the couch tonight! My back is thanking me!

              And finally, cookies! Because I wanted something sweet and decided to treat Liam as well.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	1130212001a_resize_71.jpg Views:	0 Size:	109.1 KB ID:	827850 Click image for larger version  Name:	1130212011_resize_16.jpg Views:	0 Size:	91.1 KB ID:	827851

              2 & 3 ingredient cookies! I removed the sugar for Liam and they came out super crumbly. They're in the fridge now to see if they'll firm up. Those are the left. The right are with sugar and so good. Soft, chewy, just sweet enough. Yummy!

              Guess who wrote this before checking things out! I will be completing fit December this month! Honestly, it's the Hall Passes that sold me!
              Last edited by JCU; December 1, 2021, 05:47 AM. Reason: I goofed!



                And regarding the cookies: Just awesome. I would just eat them out of your hands right now.




                    Yay for badges and cookies!



                        Congrats! And lovely cookies!




                            TheLibrarian, Fremen, NancyTree, Trbrat75, Anek, bdthom!

                            ​​​​​​​Regarding the cookies, TheLibrarian: Liam's are almost terrible! The peanut butter is just ground peanuts, so it's literally just peanuts and egg. I made the mistake of trying a piece. I'll not be doing that again!

                            ​​​​​​ Daily Exercise: 80 Back Leg Raises, with EC
                            SQUAT HERO Challenge: Day 1
                            2020 Advent Calendar: Day 1
                            fit December: Day 1
                            Workout: GUTS
                            Belly Dancing:
                            Splits Exercises

                            I downgraded the high knees in fit December to March steps. My Achilles needs much more work before I'll be able to do exercises like that again, unfortunately. I also used 1 kg weights in GUTS for my elbow with tendonitis. Even that pushed it a bit!

                            Liam's cookies didn't firm up, so I'm going to cook a few tomorrow and see if that helps. Either way, I'm making bark with carob powder and I'll crumble some of the cookies over it.

                            Casper had his annual physical today! He disliked the car ride, but was an angel for the vet and vet tech! He's in perfect health with especially beautiful teeth!

                            Liam insisted on checking Casper out after we came home. Casper finally capitulated after half an hour. Liam sniffed and nibbled for a few minutes before he was satisfied. So funny!

                            ​​​​​​​My neck is still out but much better! And my back is doing very well! So I'm going to go back to the last video with Joany and restart it. Finally!


                              Daily Exercise: 50 Calf Raises, with EC
                              SQUAT HERO Challenge: Day 2
                              2020 Advent Calendar: Day 2
                              fit December: Day 2
                              Workout: 156- SPRINTER TRAINING
                              Belly Dancing: Vertical Hip & Chest Figure 8
                              Splits Exercises

                              Dancing! Finally! Super glad I redid the last video, I was definitely a bit off rhythm! I'll do it with the music tomorrow and hopefully start the next lesson after KNEE!

                              I'm also noticing a further stretch in pigeon pose with the splits exercises! Super great!

                              My neck is at the point where I'm used to it being out. That means it'll be going back in soon, but it will go out again a few times before stabilizing. I would have gone back to Dr. Tyler, but I really didn't want the charge again so soon. Even every week is easier than every day!

                              I hope to get back to 2 workouts a day tomorrow as well. I have that cushion from last month, thankfully, so it's not bad yet!


                                Congrats on the stretch progress!