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    I love the Nutcracker. Go by yourself if you have to


      If we lived in the same state, I would 100% go see The Nutcracker with you! I worked in a professional theatre for 4 years and the Milwaukee Ballet would perform it every winter for 3 weeks straight. Everyone else got so tired of the music, but I loved every minute of it. I play it all year round.


        Originally posted by JCU View Post

        Now to see if I can convince someone to see The Nutcracker with me...
        I’ll go!!!!🥳😎


          Gah, I love the Nutcracker and would totally go with you. There's just...probably several thousand miles between us.


            ​ Daily Exercise: Done, with EC
            ​ daily abs Challenge: Day 12-15
            ​ vitality: Day 12-15
            ​ Workout: 122-128, KNEE
            ​ Belly Dancing: Undulations
            Splits Exercises

            Rather than attempting to remember specifics, this was the last few days:

            I made oatmeal raisin cookies (overcooked, so not great) and chocolate pudding (sometimes you don't need mousse). It took another day to get back into workouts, so I'm a day off. That's not bad, though!

            Finished the very basic beginner lessons with Joany! Still need to look into what I'm doing next.

            Alessia is an Italian-born, New Zealand-trained ballerina (who may be living in England) who has free lessons on YouTube. Considering she has paid programs, there's a lot of free stuff to look into. I've only glanced, since I'm focusing on the Belly Dancing, but her short video on horizontal splits is fascinating. I've already noticed (after 3 days) that my pelvic muscles are really getting stretched. Plus, my biceps? Downward Dog, Bees, it works a lot!

            Social anxiety, Gandhalfit! It makes attending populous events alone very difficult!

            stongecat, DorothyMH, sunpetal: great to know more people like it! A quick map search of your respective states gives us 700, 2000, and 2500 miles between us! Just a bit far...

            Now to remember to post before 4 am tomorrow...


              Looks like we would have an awesome hive meeting! I'd go with you to the nutcracker too! 😊


                I hope you find someone to go to the Nutcracker with!


                  Daily Exercise: 2 Minutes Raised Leg Hold, with EC
                  daily abs Challenge: Day 16
                  vitality: Day 16
                  Workout: 129- super plank, 130- KORRA
                  Belly Dancing:
                  Splits Exercises

                  Being woken up at 7:30 after falling asleep at 4 sucks. Liam did not want to stop barking and Dad overslept, so it was up to me to get him to stop. I didn't. I woke up Dad and he was able to, and I did get back to sleep, but it left me groggy all day.

                  I had coffee for the first time in literal years. It was half a cup of instant coffee added to hot chocolate. So, a mocha, basically. It helped!

                  I looked into what I'm doing next with Joany! I finished the "complete" beginner's playlist and am going to do the regular beginner's list. The videos are much shorter and I think they're going to just be a quick review. So I should be able to get through them quickly!

                  Lightbulb happened the other day: depression spiked. Couldn't figure out why posting here (and reading threads) and on Instagram were so very hard. Still, figuring out when I'm in a slump is the first step to getting out of it!

                  Quick question for anyone who has (or had) a dog, specifically an un-neutered male: have they ever had a problem with a specific gender? Liam didn't want to let me passed him last night, but Dad and my brother were absolutely fine. Mom was asleep, so we don't know if it was me in general, or females specifically, but it was very weird!

                  It's always fascinating to see what such a large group of people have in common, NancyTree!

                  ​​​​​​​Thanks, Anek! One of my siblings may join me! It's still a bit of a waiting game right now...


                    After having dogs of both sexes over the years, most neutered, some not, I see them all having their own personalities, and *weird* days. The things they get into their heads one day may go away after a day or after 10 days…..Or not at all. It may be hormonal cycling, or the phase of the moon, for all we know. They are mammals like us and have “moods,” and senses of humor, depression, etc. The problem is, they cannot always communicate those emotions so we can understand them.
                    I realize this is sorta psycho babbley, sorry🥴


                      DorothyMH I don’t think it’s psycho babbley at all.

                      They definitely all have personalities of their own and they all have little quirks. They are little peoples after all . My oldest cat didn’t like guys for years, with the exception of my nephew. Only in recent years has he been more open to affection from my dad and brother.

                      My brother-in-law would pick on my pug whenever he came over. Not really in a mean way, but at the time my pug was a puppy and my brother-in-law is big and tall. My pug would bark at people on tv who looked like him. For the longest time.


                        Daily Exercise: 10 Push Back Push-Ups, with EC
                        daily abs Challenge: Day 17
                        vitality: Day 17
                        Workout: 131- movie night, 132- STARBUCK
                        Belly Dancing: Lebanese Style Week 1 & 2
                        Splits Exercises

                        My thumb has been feeling much better, but the pull ups in STARBUCK made things not so happy. So I'm going to be cutting any sort of bar gripping until that's 100% better.

                        I also skipped parkour basics until I find something big enough for the wall climbs.

                        The Belly Dancing is almost exactly what I thought it would be (practice), but with some simple routines, too. The second lesson had a recommended song, so I'll go over the lesson again tomorrow, followed by the song. Should be interesting!

                        Thank so much, DorothyMH and LizardFriend95! I agree, I don't think you sounded "psycho babbley" at all! At this point we think it may be hormones (both mine and his) acting up at the same time. I had to step over Liam at lunchtime and he immediately jumped up, giving me the eyes. I was able to bribe him with peanut butter, thankfully! Last night was okay: I waited until he went to the back room and went upstairs. Since he's in back right now, I'm hopeful!

                        ​​​​​​​Of course, all of this relies on Casper not antagonizing us tonight... Cats!


                          Daily Exercise: 40 Heel Taps, with EC
                          daily abs Challenge: Day 18
                          vitality: Day 18
                          Workout: 133- STREET FIGHTER, 134- KONAN
                          Belly Dancing: Lebanese Style Week 2
                          Splits Exercises

                          My sister came for a visit, so Liam was much more active during the day than usual. So Heel Taps ended with me pushing him away every other tap! He had fun...

                          Upheld the bar ban, so of course Street Fighter had bar use. I persevered! No bars!

                          After redoing the belly dancing, it occurred to me that the videos were originally supplemented with payed videos on Joany's website. Those videos are nowhere that I looked. So the music I was supposed to dance to? No idea! Tomorrow is KNEE day, so I'll search for an appropriate song and do that on Saturday.

                          I did fall asleep on the couch, but it was short! And Liam didn't give me any trouble! So that's a win!

                          Ooh! My sister is asking fellow workers if they would trade a shift with her! If someone does, she'll go to The Nutcracker with me! Fingers crossed!


                            Fingers Crossed.


                              Catching up after a long time, so much stuff! (: I hope you enjoy The Nutcracker, it's one of my favorite ballets, absolutely wonderful! (:


                                Fingers crossed!!