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    Daily Exercise: 40 Knee-to-Elbow Crunches, with EC
    daily abs Challenge: Day 2
    vitality: Day 2
    Workout: 103- Ronin
    Belly Dancing:
    Splits Exercises

    I forgot it was voting day! So my exercises were cut short. But I did vote!

    The pharmacy did not have any thumb braces. I'll have to look at a few others tomorrow. I had to stop myself from buying so. much. candy. Such great sales! I resisted!

    Dad responding to religious themes in popular culture when tired? Hysterical. He holds nothing back.


      Daily Exercise: 40 Scorpion Twists, with EC
      daily abs Challenge: Day 3
      vitality: Day 3
      Workout: 104- 2-minute abs, 105- FULLMETAL, 106- NAVY SEAL
      Belly Dancing: Horizontal Figure 8
      Splits Exercises

      Fear mongering is infuriating. Dad had me delete my Instagram post about my bruises because someone could use that as evidence of his behavior if he bit anyone else and that would be strike 2, which means euthanasia. A quick (3 tries for proper terminology) search online proves that New York has some of the worst animal laws in the country. Legally, Liam would have to kill someone (in some cases, TWICE), before he could be put down. Apparently laws were written before the United States were actually the United States and haven't been changed since.

      And then Dad's best friend wants us to get a shock collar for Liam before he brings his kids over. Excuse you? You're the guest in our house. We do not need to change a thing to make you more comfortable about an infinitesimal chance of something bad happening. You don't have to stay here. Liam has met his kids. Liam likes his kids. Unless they are as stupid as me, and aggravate him when he's growling and snarling, nothing is going to happen. And if they do that, they deserve his reaction!

      Just... I didn't need that today.

      I'm going to do the dancing video again tomorrow, just to make sure I've got it down. I did it today without it and can't tell if my body is just not used to the movement, or if I was doing it wrong. Once more and I should have it!

      It was hailing today. Not enough to stick, or even last all that long, but I did have to wipe down Liam. So wonderfully cold!


        I absolutely hate when people try to dictate what you do in your own house with your animals. I have family members like that, and I do not appreciate their comments. No one asked for their opinion, and honestly, no one invited them over in the first place.


          Daily Exercise: 10 Circle Push-Ups, with EC
          daily abs Challenge: Day 4
          vitality: Day 4
          Workout: 107- KNEE, 10- fit mom
          Belly Dancing: Horizontal Figure 8
          Splits Exercises

          Those push-ups hurt. I've yet to find a thumb brace, so it's still slow going on healing.

          Turns out KNEE helped me feel where my knee is not feeling great! So I'll be keeping it in my rotation. Also, I used a free weight for fit mom since I don't have a young child to borrow. Turns out I should've been using a 20 pound weight instead of 10! Good to know...

          Liam has decided to bark at anything and everything today. That's fun. And so loud.

          What upsets me the most, LizardFriend95, is that we take precautions when Liam is being too pushy. Dad's friend knows this. And he had no problem bringing anyone over after Mom was bit by Liam. It's only now that I've posted pictures that he's making a fuss. So long as Dad doesn't capitulate we'll be fine. And Mom's on my side, so there's that.


            New avatar.


              Daily Exercise: 60 Seconds Squat Hold Punches, with EC
              daily abs Challenge: Day 5
              vitality: Day 5
              Workout: 109- SURVEY CORE, 110- CROFT
              Belly Dancing: Vertical Figure 8
              Splits Exercises

              I think I'll add the KNEE workout every 2-3 days. I felt the stretching today enough to not want to work them more.

              A quick glance at tomorrow's workouts means another reduction: still not up to pull-ups. But my hand is getting better!

              A few weeks back I started feeling pain on the back of my heel. Bernice said it sounded like my Achilles. It's not gotten better and until today I'd say it hadn't gotten any worse. Then I tried the high knees in Survey Core. Now there's more pain. Rubbing it helps, so I'm going to try icing it, too.

              It's like: the closer I get to 34, the more my body is just saying no. Not nice!

              The dancing gave me trouble, too! Joany did say it would be difficult, but I actually stopped the video with 4 minutes left. I just got too out of rhythm and couldn't catch it again. Tomorrow will be another try!

              ​​​​​​​The trials and tribulations of taking a selfie with a dog, TheLibrarian! You'd think, after almost a year of daily pictures, Liam would be more accepting. But the second the camera comes up, he's giving me a judgemental look and turning away! The brat!


                Even after 6 years, Pico hates the camera. If she hears me picking up my phone and pressing the camera button, she gives me a nasty look. Even if she's sleeping so cute.
                I hope Liam will learn to like the cam though


                  Daily Exercise: 20 Scapula Shrugs, with EC
                  daily abs Challenge: Day 6
                  vitality: Day 6
                  Workout: 111- KRATOS, 112- DAUNTLESS
                  Belly Dancing: Vertical Figure 8
                  Splits Exercises

                  I had every intention last night to get to bed before falling asleep on the couch and go through threads before going to sleep. The good news is I got to bed! The bad news is I fell asleep. I finally woke up enough to remove my glasses at about 7. Small steps!

                  I've decided to do 2 days of dancing and 1 of KNEE. Hopefully that'll keep me on track!

                  The vertical figure 8s are interesting. Both involve using the knees to shift the hips. For downward, you bend the knee. For upward, you straighten it. That was what gave me the problems yesterday; I kept confusing myself on when to bend and straighten. Thankfully, Joany says that you can lift your heels as you get used to the movements, so I was able to finish the lesson today! KNEE tomorrow, then this lesson once more, then just one more lesson in the beginner's playlist!

                  Here's hoping, NancyTree! Even if he never does, Casper doesn't care one way or the other! Cats...


                    Daily Exercise: 60 Seconds Stretch Hold, with EC
                    daily abs Challenge: Day 7
                    vitality: Day 7
                    Workout: 113- backup, 114- back in action, KNEE
                    Belly Dancing:
                    Splits Exercises

                    I don't drink. I try things, a sip here and there, to know that I don't like much of anything. My brother introduced me to amaretto sour a little while ago. The restaurant I'm currently eating at has amaretto sour made properly (with egg white).

                    The bourbon used was too much, but all the flavors melded really well. I would have liked the almond stronger, but I did finish it! The first alcoholic drink in my life. I'm...tipsy? On maybe 88mL of alcohol? Yeah...

                    I don't like this dizziness. I really don't need to feel it ever again.

                    I washed all my bedsheets today. I was reminded of my childhood hatred of fitted pillow covers. Imagine a giant pillow, the size of a full mattress. And Casper decided to help!

                    I built up more of a sweat with my bed than exercising today...


                      Cats are so helpful with making beds .

                      I don’t drink, either. I have tried things but never found anything that I could handle. I’m ultra sensitive to smells, though, so I usually get the dizziness on like one sip.


                        Changing sheets really is a workout!


                          Monday, 8 November

                          Daily Exercise: 50 Front Kicks, with EC
                          daily abs Challenge: Day 8
                          vitality: Day 8
                          Workout: 115- Sofa Workout, 116- ENERGIZER, 117- Stairs Workout, 118- Cardio Hop, 119- DONT PANIC & CARRY A TOWEL
                          Belly Dancing: Vertical Figure 8
                          Splits Exercises

                          Pushed myself on the workouts because of Dr. Tyler tomorrow. I was able to get through quite a few! I did have to cut out the stair hops in the Stairs Workout because of my Achilles, but everything else was doable!

                          I was also able to do the Vertical Figure 8 without the video! Onto the last lesson on Wednesday!


                            Tuesday, 9 November

                            Daily Exercise: 60 Seconds Raised Arm Circles, with EC
                            daily abs Challenge: Day 9
                            vitality: Day 9
                            Belly Dancing:
                            Splits Exercises

                            I usually work out before seeing Dr. Tyler or Bernice, but Liam kept me up late and I got up in time to leave. So I kept it very simple later in the day!


                              Wednesday, 10 November

                              Daily Exercise: 30 Deadlift with Twist, with EC
                              daily abs Challenge: Day 10
                              vitality: Day 10
                              Workout: 120- SONIC, 121- HOLD MY BEER
                              Belly Dancing: Undulations
                              Splits Exercises

                              So Dad made a big mistake. He was playing with Liam, and growled while Liam had his cheek roll. So Liam took it as a challenge. The rest of the night had Liam being possessive and aggressive over his roll. Fast forward to 1:45 in the morning. I've come down from brushing my teeth to take my pills and turn lights off. Liam wants me nowhere near him. I went to bed without turning off the lights. I was able to take my pills because I only keep my weekly holder next to me, not the bottles. Still very frustrating!

                              Liam was thankfully back to his normal self come morning!

                              Joany warned to review the Sagittal Circles before doing Undulations. I did not. I will be on Friday. Full body undulations confuse me! Hopefully the sagittal circles will help! (If I'm remembering correctly, I had the most problems with those...)


                                Daily Exercise: 20 Pop-Up Tripods, with EC
                                daily abs Challenge: Day 11
                                vitality: Day 11
                                Workout: KNEE
                                Belly Dancing:
                                Splits Exercises

                                Forwent any additional workouts because my hamstrings (?) don't like me right now. It may be another muscle in that general region; contractile tissue anatomy confuses me...

                                I had a sudden desire to retry the undulations in the shower (weird thoughts always hit me there) and I think I managed it? I used a mirror a bit later and it looks right. So I'll try the lesson again tomorrow!

                                My sister unknowingly met 2 members of the Buffalo Bills yesterday. The proximity and skill of the center Dr. Tyler and Bernice work at is the choice for many of the Bills. Sister was chatting with one of them (talking about the still adorable Theo) and thought they looked familiar, so looked up their names when they went back. Lo and behold! She said she's very glad she didn't know before talking to them, otherwise she'd have been too anxious!

                                Also interesting: according to my brother, who's in the theatre industry, the best sound in a theatre is in the center row of the orchestra, 7 rows in from the back. And that's true even with a mezzanine.

                                Now to see if I can convince someone to see The Nutcracker with me...