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    I don’t think I could have gotten through an exercise if I was in your position. Hope you all get some good rest tonight.


      That's some messed up sleep. At least you have Liam
      You could catch up the next few days and it is pretty awesome you exercised anyway, nice going.


        LizardFriend95: it was spite. They were not going to stop my routine! Mom and I slept well, though she had to work the next day. Liam has started whining if he wakes and I'm not there but I'm pretty sure I can work that out of him!


          Gandhalfit: I slept 11 hours the next night. It was too much! Liam gave me some trouble last night, but it worked out to almost 8 hours total, which isn't bad at all! Liam may be keeping annoyingly close, but it means puppy cuddles! And he's being such a good boy!


            Daily Dare: 60 Knee Strikes, with EC
            arms of steel: Day 19
            90 Days of Action: Day 19
            back & core: Day 19
            total abs: Day 19
            Stamina Upgrade Challenge: Day 19

            Daily Dare: 40 Prone Reverse Flys, with EC
            arms of steel: Day 20
            90 Days of Action: Day 20
            back & core: Day 20
            total abs: Day 20
            Stamina Upgrade Challenge: Day 20

            I forgot to post yesterday! It's why I have to keep physical lists; I think up a to-do mentally and it automatically checks it off! Frustrating...

            I'm getting annoyed with the lack of daily dare tracking...

            So Liam has decided that if he wakes up and I'm not there, he's going to whine. I went to bed, woke to his whining, and was very glad I left a flannel shirt downstairs when I had to let him out with nothing on. I had to stay downstairs until he fell asleep, which meant my melatonin stopped helping. Falling asleep was fun! (40 minutes! I'm taking another pill if it happens again!)

            Now to see how far into brushing my teeth I can get before he barks at something...


              There is still the DD tracker, here


                Anek did not know about that, thanks


                  Anek: I did know about that, but thanks! It was just easier to click on that page, rather than having another tab open.

                  21 May
                  Daily Dare: 60 Front Kicks, with EC
                  arms of steel: Day 21
                  90 Days of Action: Day 21
                  back & core: Day 21
                  total abs: Day 21
                  Stamina Upgrade Challenge: Day 21

                  22 May

                  Daily Dare: 20 Body Saws, with EC
                  arms of steel: Day 22
                  90 Days of Action: Day 22
                  back & core: Day 22
                  total abs: Day 22
                  Stamina Upgrade Challenge: Day 22

                  Yesterday, the barometric changes gave me vaguely dizzy spells all day. Today, I didn't fall asleep up after 4 am (don't read good books just before falling asleep...). I did remember to take another melatonin, though, and I fell right to sleep! I also don't remember any dreams which is rare. But I have been dragging all day.

                  Good sleep tonight! My neck is begging for it! To realign Liam's sleep schedule, I've been staying downstairs until Mom gets up (5 yesterday, 4 today) in case he needs me. He seemed fully settled last night! I was able to brush my teeth and get everything ready upstairs and he only slept at the bottom of the stairs! So I'm going to bed early!

                  Liam decided to bark at (seemingly) nothing yesterday night. It was really annoying. And loud.


                    Great to hear about a good night's sleep
                    Liam decided to bark at (seemingly) nothing yesterday night
                    Dogs know things that humans cannot understand


                      Thank you and very true, Gandhalfit! But when he sits in the middle of the back room and just barks? I'm thinking he smelled something, from when the doors had been open. He calmed down, thankfully!


                        Daily Dare: 40 Climber Taps, with EC
                        arms of steel: Day 23
                        90 Days of Action: Day 23
                        back & core: Day 23
                        total abs: Day 23
                        Stamina Upgrade Challenge: Day 23

                        My sister came for a visit today and it's always the best interaction with Liam. His tail goes so crazy his entire back half moves and he positively lunges to get nearer to her. So sweet!

                        I did have to come downstairs for a bit to settle Liam last night, but he immediately calmed down and went to sleep. I had actually gone to bed before he even fell asleep, so I was expecting something and I got an hour or so in before he whined, so I call that a win!

                        The company I was getting my magnesium from discontinued my specific variation (bisglycinate) and started selling another in its place (lysinate). It's actually a smaller pill, which is nice, but now I get to go through the week of intestinal change and see just how my body likes this one. Sigh.


                          Daily Dare: 2 Minutes Clench/Unclench, with EC
                          arms of steel: Day 24
                          90 Days of Action: Day 24
                          back & core: Day 24
                          total abs: Day 24
                          Stamina Upgrade Challenge: Day 24

                          Liam was the best last night! I hadn't locked the gate behind myself when I went up to brush my teeth and Liam followed me. I only knew when I heard an animal outside the door and realized it was too loud to be Casper. He settled outside the door and calmly waited for me to finish! I closed the doors to remove temptation, but he followed me back down easily! So proud!

                          And then he came right away when I said 'come' after he went outside! Just, he made me so proud last night.

                          I just realized it's 5 weeks until he's 1. Time flies!

                          New video is up! We were playing in the backyard!


                            Daily Dare: 50 Knee to Elbow, with EC
                            arms of steel: Day 25
                            90 Days of Action: Day 25
                            back & core: Day 25
                            total abs: Day 25
                            Stamina Upgrade Challenge: Day 25

                            Dad was in a hurry this morning, so my face was washed by dog saliva! Liam is always so happy to see me still in bed if he manages to get upstairs before I make it down. He looms over me and gives all the kisses!

                            Then the brat stole my slipper and started gnawing. It was only when I was reaching for them that I realized exactly what he had in his mouth. It was so wet!

                            And then, since he woke Casper up (he tends to sleep on the guest bed when the sun is hitting it in the morning), the cat wanted to play! Liam literally started to fall asleep with Casper's claws stuck in his mane. Oh, how things were reversed there!

                            Things eventually settled and I got a cuddly kitten on my lap for a while!


                              Haha 😄 that sounds like a fun, happy morning besides the obvious mess


                                It's always great if I'm already awake. The days he wakes me up? That's chaotic! And Liam has been getting better! Now he just grabs socks, because he knows we'll chase him to get them back!