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    Anek, sunpetal, Gandhalfit, Fremen, GentleOx, NancyTree

    LizardFriend95: Thank you! I read, somewhere, that dogs get a sort of happy-high while barking; that once they start it triggers happiness and they just continue unabated. Since he was facing the parking lot, where the post-people park, it's probable Liam saw them and then just didn't stop barking. But there may be a ghost here! Who knows!

    Daily Dare: 60 Seconds Raised Leg Circles, with EC
    arms of steel: Day 4
    90 Days of Action: Day 4
    back & core: Day 4
    total abs: Day 4
    Stamina Upgrade Challenge: Day 4

    I'm feeling both better and more used to the pain. My throat isn't much different, but the pain isn't as sharp, which is very nice! I'm also not quite as exhausted as yesterday. That benadryl helped where I needed it, but it had me lounging like a fainting maiden some hundred years ago. Since I'm still taking the benadryl and am no where near as tired, I'm calling it an okay day!

    I did have to downgrade the jumping jacks in Stamina Upgrade, though. They became step jacks. I also didn't even try the cold shower. I knew it would give me a great push of adrenaline, but once that waned I would crash hard. Decided not to have that!

    Liam has been just spectacular while I've been unwell, though! He's calm when I tell him I don't want to play, and when he needs to go out, if someone else is in the room he'll go to them instead. Such a sweet boy!

    All of your well wishes have been so appreciated. Thank you!


      Vibes for a quick recovery!



        Daily Dare: 40 Side Bridges, with EC
        arms of steel: Day 5
        90 Days of Action: Day 5
        back & core: Day 5
        total abs: Day 5
        Stamina Upgrade Challenge: Day 5

        The cold is waning! My brother's went after about 2 days, but if it gets to my sinuses, it becomes an infection. This started in my sinuses so I honestly expected it to be much worse. All of your healing vibes are helping!


          Daily Dare: 40 Windshield Wipers, with EC
          arms of steel: Day 6
          90 Days of Action: Day 6
          back & core: Day 6
          total abs: Day 6
          Stamina Upgrade Challenge: Day 6

          I downgraded the jumping jacks again, but I am feeling loads better! There's almost no pain at the back of my throat and things are definitely moving in my sinuses.

          Liam has woken me every day this week. Dad is deaf and his hearing aids do not let him hear if Liam is barking outside unless he has an open doorway between them. It is annoying. Thankfully, I can easily fall back to sleep after getting Liam in. I'm going to have to change my schedule (and bully Dad to bed earlier) and get up at 8. Of course, he started barking at 7:45 yesterday...


            Glad youโ€™re feeling better!



              Daily Dare: 2 Minutes Bicep Extensions, with EC
              arms of steel: Day 7
              90 Days of Action: Day 7
              back & core: Day 7
              total abs: Day 7
              Stamina Upgrade Challenge: Day 7

              I don't feel much different from yesterday, but I was able to get up with less than 7 hours of sleep! So I count that as a win! I tried taking only one medicine (first benadryl, then sudafed) but I still need both right now. I was really hoping I could cut the sleepiness benadryl gives me.

              I downgraded the high knees to march steps in 90 DoA, but that's all I had to change today. I should be able to do the jumping jacks tomorrow!

              It's been raining all day and Liam went out several times. He decided he liked it? The wetness! The mud. It also has him just full of energy! Yay...


                I hope you will get well soon. I had colds that lasted 2 weeks but I hope yours won't take that long



                    I hope you'll feel better soon!


                      Glad to hear you are starting to feel better!


                        Gandhalfit, TheLibrarian, NancyTree, basecamp

                        Daily Dare: 2 Minutes Tree Hold Pose, with EC
                        arms of steel: Day 8
                        90 Days of Action: Day 8
                        back & core: Day 8
                        total abs: Day 8
                        Stamina Upgrade Challenge: Day 8

                        I'm still experimenting with the medicine; I really want to get off both of them at once. Though they help, they cancel each other out at times and leave me feeling yucky,

                        Liam shows I'm his favorite at times. My sister's Mother's Day present was a supper out and she has to work tomorrow, so we did it tonight. When we got home, Liam was as excited as ever to see us. Since everyone else was in the kitchen with him, I felt safe in putting my bag down. Liam almost knocked Mom down trying to get to me. I got all the puppy kisses!

                        I was able to do the jumping jacks today! I had to take a few micro-breaks, but they were only a second or two each, and only three times. I've also been keeping an eye on my rests and I was able to completely eliminate them in some programs! My core was definitely feeling it after back & core, but I did it!

                        I get to sleep in a bit tomorrow and I am running with it! I don't know if it was the knowledge that I had to be up earlier to get some chores done, or because of still not feeling my best, but I was awoken when Mom got up, and again when my brother went to sleep (he's starting working nights again). My alarm is not going off before 8 hours of sleep!

                        I came across this recipe and am now very curious...


                          cinnamon buns


                            TheLibrarian Right?! Yummy, yummy cinnamon rolls!

                            Daily Dare: 60 Seconds Sitting Punches, with EC
                            arms of steel: Day 9
                            90 Days of Action: Day 9
                            back & core: Day 9
                            total abs: Day 9
                            Stamina Upgrade Challenge: Day 9

                            Happy Mother's Day!

                            Mom has final decision today, so we had Afternoon Tea (with homemade scones!), watched the newest Little Women*, and are now watching Incredibles 2. It's been a good day! She and Dad also combed the dog... So much hair! And they only did one side, so he looks so lopsided!

                            *I prefer the 1994 version, and have never read the book, but the ending of this version was spectacular. It was much more emotional, too. I definitely cried a few times. It was a good movie all told, and I recommend it.

                            My sinuses are moving! I was able to blow my nose today! It has me feeling so much better!

                            Click image for larger version

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                            I hope all mothers are having a great day! Thank you for being there through everything!


                              Sounds you had a great day together!
                              And yay for sinuses clearing up!


                                Thanks, NancyTree! It's not so much that it's getting better, as it's progressing. My sinuses have decided to create as much mucus as possible and stuff is still sitting behind my ears, but that's normal. It's definitely a sinus infection, but I have chronic sinusitis and know exactly how to deal with it.

                                Daily Dare: 40 Bridge Hold Knee Lifts, with EC
                                arms of steel: Day 10
                                90 Days of Action: Day 10
                                back & core: Day 10
                                total abs: Day 10
                                Stamina Upgrade Challenge: Day 10

                                I got up early to exercise before my shot and am very glad I did. It was very difficult, but I got through it! Liam both was and very much wasn't a help. Pro: puppy! Happy puppy! Smiles and laughter! Con: have you ever tried to do a moving plank over a dog? Who thinks this is a fun new game? Or sees your arms and wants to get pet, so hits them, while you're holding a plank?

                                Those knee lifts while in bridge hold were interesting, though! I think it's the first time I've done that variation! (Liam was very curious, too... ๐Ÿ˜‘)

                                Symptoms aren't bad right now. This shot is about an inch above the first one and I'm feeling it in my shoulder. The first was down my arm. So I can lift my arm well enough, but reaching across my body or behind my back is difficult. I very much prefer this!

                                I don't know if it really has any bearing, but I did hear lots of water helped (before my first), and that too much water is bad (before my second). So I had a good bit of liquid that wasn't straight water yesterday before the shot and I've had a good bit today, after it.

                                Yesterday: 1L, 640mL water, 2.5 cups of (caffeinated) tea, 16oz of (ginger) Kombucha
                                Today: 2L water, 2 cups of (caffeinated) tea, 8 oz orange juice, (started) 16 oz Watermelon Kombucha

                                If that helps anyone, I'm glad!

                                @Miss_Dada, the video is up! It's all over the place, and I promise to do better next week. Enjoy!