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    Daily Dare: 60 Seconds Flutter Kicks, with EC
    30 Days More of Yoga: Day 9
    Square 1: Day 9
    Agility Challenge: Day 9
    Counting Victories Challenge: Day 9*
    30 Daily Dares Challenge: Day 9
    Gladiator Challenge: Day 9
    Splits Exercises
    Walk: .45 miles, 16m44s, 1.6mph

    Okay. So. WHAT A GOOD BOY!! Refer to yesterday's picture to see today's walk. The only difference is that we made it to the end of the street! AND! For the first time ever! Liam went to the bathroom on the walk! It was only pee, but he did it! I am so supremely proud of him! (He then decided to be a brat about coming in and I had dropped his bribe bag at the other end of the street when he led me in a run. There was lifting.)

    Want to see a difference? Our walk took 34 minutes, of which 17 or so we actually walked. I went to pick up the bag after we got back: I ran half way there, jogging at an average pace, and walked back. My .31 miles took me 3 minutes and 48 seconds, with an average pace of 4.7mph. Liam. Baby. You're killing me here!

    *I am awake! And aware! And it only took half a cup of coffee and a brisk jog in 74 degree weather! (As an aside, pulling clothes from the dryer is infinitely worse when sweating and breathing heavily. The exact opposite of shivering.) I'm hoping to not need a nap today! Let's see!

    New video posted yesterday, so quality should be good. The contents are a bit all over the place, but, with help, I was able to film Liam's bath! Hooray!

    56.2 pounds at 19 weeks! I felt every one of them when weighing him! And after his walk! And if I get the picture I want later, I will again!

    Caffeine is fun...


      I've just seen the video JCU !!! Sooooo cute and fun !!! I'm still having a smile on my face You made my day!! Thank you


        Miss_Dada I am so glad! There are few things better than bringing smiles to another's face!


          The only reason my face is blurred in this photo is because every time I tried to make a collage of these photos it focused on my face. And only my face. It was so weird! So, blurred it is!

          September 9 vs November 9. 43 pound difference. Sorry for the quality!

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            Daily Dare: 40 Prone Reverse Fly, with EC
            30 Days More of Yoga: Day 10
            Square 1: Day 10
            Agility Challenge: Day 10
            Counting Victories Challenge: Day 10*
            30 Daily Dares Challenge: Day 10
            Gladiator Challenge: Day 10
            Splits Exercises
            Walk: .59 miles, 23m05s, 1.5mph

            You know, it averages speed. So when it says we walked 1.5 mph it takes into account the 9mph run. Our actual average pace was probably 1.1. Which is sad. And slow.

            But he did so well! Added a bit to the right and started around the church, but otherwise it was as it has been the last few days. I also spoke to a number of people and Liam didn't shy away once!

            *Took Liam to the chiropractor! Dr. Tyler loved meeting him. He was so good: he whined a bit on the way there, but was as curious as could be inside. Dad took him to the grass next to the building while I was being adjusted and he just galavanted around for the whole time! And the ride back was even better! No whining whatsoever! So proud!

            Imagine that I've only had a cup of tea! No other caffeine! Wow!


              Daily Dare: 40 Squat Hold Side Bends, with EC
              30 Days More of Yoga: Day 11
              Square 1: Day 11
              Agility Challenge: Day 11
              Counting Victories Challenge: Day 11*
              30 Daily Dares Challenge: Day 11
              Gladiator Challenge: Day 11
              Splits Exercises
              Walk: .60 miles, ??m??s, 2.4mph

              *I don't even have the words to say how proud I am of Liam. Really. He was just... stupendous. Beyond amazing. I only had to bribe him once. It turns out that follow the leader is exactly what he needs! Mom came with us and he just walked and walked and walked. There were a few momentary pauses (trees, mostly) and two times when my watch paused, but otherwise he walked straight and true. I just can't say exactly how long we were out because I accidentally paused my watch.

              But just look at that pace! Half again as slow as mine, but he still has short legs. We're getting there!

              And! It was down a street he hasn't been before! (Red arrows are all the new!) Really, I have no words. He was just astounding.

              Click image for larger version

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                Daily Dare: 40 Climber Taps, with EC
                30 Days More of Yoga: Day 12
                Square 1: Day 12
                Agility Challenge: Day 12
                Counting Victories Challenge: Day 12*
                30 Daily Dares Challenge: Day 12
                Gladiator Challenge: Day 12
                Splits Exercises
                Walk: .62 miles, 13m05s, 2.8mph

                This walk. My goodness. Refer to yesterday's picture for today's walk. The only difference is that I played leader while my brother held Liam's leash. Turns out I'm not the best leader for him. Liam is so used to walking next to me that he kept catching and then tripping me. And the running! I'm honestly surprised it's only showing 2.8 as the average. We were walking at my usual speed for a while there!

                *I finally beat a level I've been trying for 3 weeks now. It's only available one day a week, and I can only try it three times, so it was very frustrating. But I finally did it!

                I'm going to be adding one of the week challenges starting Sunday. I've gained a few pounds from the lighter months and lack of walk other than Liam. So I need to lose a little bit. Maybe Hell Week? That one wasn't fun...


                  Daily Dare: 20 Forward Bends, with EC
                  30 Days More of Yoga: Day 13
                  Square 1: Day 13
                  Agility Challenge: Day 13
                  Counting Victories Challenge: Day 13*
                  30 Daily Dares Challenge: Day 13
                  Gladiator Challenge: Day 13
                  Splits Exercises
                  Walk: .63 miles, 13m22s, 2.8mph**

                  *I was able to exercise with an energetic puppy today. I had to push him away a few times, and my hair suffered a bit, but I did it!

                  Click image for larger version

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                  That is me attempting butterfly pose on the carpet because Liam stole my mat. The brat. And then he gnawed on my hand.

                  ** I'm going to restart the app on my phone and my watch. I averaged the highs and lows of our walk today and came up with 3.8mph. It certainly felt like that, too! There was so much running! After a jogger across the street; after me; after him when I got so frustrated I threw up my hands and his leash and walked away...

                  Okay, so. The other day I learned that if I drop his leash and walk away from him, Liam will stand up and follow. He had been doing so well and decided to just drop. So, I left him there. He got up, he ran after me, and then he ran away from me. The only problem is that he was running into yards and up driveways. He finally stopped, after three houses, and "caught" me. He was so proud! He jumped up and all but gave me a hug! As a last resort, it works!

                  I am going to be feeling today in my shins, though.

                  Decided on Hell Week! Starting Sunday, I'm going to be hating myself!


                    Daily Dare: 40 Leg Raises, with EC
                    30 Days More of Yoga: Day 14
                    Square 1: Day 14
                    Agility Challenge: Day 14
                    Counting Victories Challenge: Day 14*
                    30 Daily Dares Challenge: Day 14
                    Gladiator Challenge: Day 14
                    Splits Exercises
                    Walk: 1.11 miles, 17m32s, 3.8mph

                    Walk was excellent! Brisk and mildly painful, but it was a mile long and the first in a while. The walk with Liam... wasn't.

                    Sequence of events: called in Liam's prescriptions; was told I could get them Saturday; got Liam into the car*; drove down to the vet's; was told they were only open for emergency services.

                    Liam really didn't want to walk after that. He made it 6 houses before just stopping. I had to carry him most of the way home.

                    *Liam did not want to get in the car. Liam did not want to move. He wiggled and squirmed and rolled. But he did. Not. Move. Finally, a woman walking caught his attention and stood up so I could finally go pick him up. Turns out I can't deadlift nearly 60 pounds from the ground. Especially when it's a cantankerous puppy. But we got him in!

                    Tomorrow, Hell Week starts. Oy.


                      Daily Dare: 200 Backfists, with EC
                      30 Days More of Yoga: Day 15
                      Square 1: Day 15
                      Agility Challenge: Day 15
                      Counting Victories Challenge: Day 15*
                      30 Daily Dares Challenge: Day 15
                      Gladiator Challenge: Day 15
                      Splits Exercises
                      Hell Week: Day 1
                      Walk: 0.0 miles, 00m00s, 0.0mph

                      No walk! After Agility (and maybe sleeping wrong) my left knee is not at all happy with me. After the first set of Hell Day, the jumping jacks turned into side jacks. Happily, Dad took Liam out.

                      *First Day of Hell Week done! With only mild changes! I was upset I had to do them, but better safe than sorry. It feels mostly muscular, so it should feel better tomorrow. Plus, much less bouncing.

                      Wind and Gusts are 34mph and 52mph, respectively. Liam slept through most of it and just went to pee. He jumped a bit, but then just stood and let the wind flow through his fur. Imagine the long, flowing locks of a shirtless man on the cover of a bodice ripper novel. Liam, in the wind. I'll have to get a picture one of these days...


                        Yay for HELL WEEL JCU πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ my favourite weekπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ except jumping jacks those are knee killers☠ so I usually modify them with side-to-side kicks.
                        And punches,separate.

                        Be cafeful with your knee,sending healing vibes to you and this to Liam πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ


                          Miss_Dada ! If my knee is still hurting tomorrow I'll alternate regular lunges and your kicks. Great idea, thanks!

                          I will hug Liam just as soon as he leaves my heating pad alone. He comes up, sees it, and lunges! Whether it is on me or not! At least I get to pet him when he does? My little brat. ​​​​​​​


                            Daily Dare: 40 Get-Ups, with EC
                            30 Days More of Yoga: Day 16
                            Square 1: Day 16
                            Agility Challenge: Day 16
                            Counting Victories Challenge: Day 16*
                            30 Daily Dares Challenge: Day 16
                            Gladiator Challenge: Day 16
                            Splits Exercises
                            Hell Week: Day 2
                            Walk: 0.12 miles, 4m16s, 1.7mph

                            The walk was once again not. Liam is both growing and teething, so he's been lethargic and pained all day. Plus, there was hail. So it was not long. At all. But! If I want him in when he's fighting me, all I have to do is drop the leash and go inside. He follows beautifully.

                            *Hell Week Day 2! I modified the jumping lunges into lunge step-ups, and my raised leg elbow planks were all over the place (no yoga mat today because lazy). Plus, Liam woke up at the end, which made the plank even more fun! But it's done! 5 more to go!

                            Weight to come; I pulled the scale out and he ran away from me. He knows. And all I do is lift him for a minute! Silly puppy.


                              59.4 pounds! It's only a 3 pound gain this week, but he's been teething and not wanting to eat.


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                                Alright, my knees are slightly bent to help him balance (and I'm short) so it's not the best showing of his size, but it's close!

                                Short video of my confused puppy and a small clip of his newest achievement are up!