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    Daily Dare: 40 Balance Side Lunges, with EC
    Ten: Day 26
    Homerun Challenge: Day 26
    Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 26
    30 Days of Yoga: Day 26
    Horizontal Splits Exercises

    So Dr. Tyler has wanted to see me every week to make sure my hips aren't at all tight. I don't mind because there is always something to crack and it feels wonderful. Today, though? Oh, boy. Being sick, I sleep deeply and awkwardly. I woke up with pain in my neck, between my shoulder blades, in the center of my back, and a tightness in my hips. Needless to say, I was ever so thankful to see Dr. Tyler. So, so very thankful.

    For the first time, I feel his work. My neck has more than one knot and he worked them well. I actually need ibuprofen. Wow. So good.

    Liam is stalling on the third step, but I was referred to a wonderful woman who has a bull mastiff and was willing to chat. We talked for an hour and I have so much great advice. It's wonderful to talk with someone who knows what I'm going through almost exactly. If Liam follows her Hondo, it may take him several months to truly grasp the stairs. We'll be working on separation anxiety if that's the case.

    I should be up for a walk soon! Maybe not tomorrow, or even the next day, but the day after I really should be ready!


      Daily Dare: 2 Minutes Chest Expansions, with EC
      Ten: Day 27
      Homerun Challenge: Day 27
      Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 27
      30 Days of Yoga: Day 27
      Vertical Splits Exercises

      Wow, I didn't even walk today and this is late!

      So I've needed ibuprofen and heat to deal with the soreness in my shoulders, but my knots do appear to be gone! My upper back and neck feel loads better, too! Chiropractors! (I will promote them 'til the very end. You have been warned.)

      Discovered that Liam is really rather okay if he's not alone, and the cat counts. He was left on the patio, with the outside door open so he could go out as he pleased, when Dad left this morning. He whined and cried until Mom woke up and got him. (I sleep with earplugs and only barely heard him, enough to think he'd gotten in a fight with Casper and lost - for the very first time!) But when we left for lunch we left the inside door open to the patio and gave him free range of the house. We came back to him asleep and only one small accident right in front of the outside door!

      On the other hand, Dad tried lifting him onto the stairs and lifting each foot for him. It went about how you'd expect. He stopped before Liam was traumatized, at least. And Liam is really getting the hang of turning and going down his three steps! So... not too bad, all in all.

      Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich. If you can find it made properly (soaked in hot sauce and so messy you need to wash your hands after), get it. For all that is holy (and spicy) get it. Please. Unless you don't eat chicken or spicy food. In which case, I'm sorry. Because it really is that good.

      New picture! I had to hold a treat to get his attention so Mom could get it!


        New photo album! Pictures from every two weeks, give or take a day or two. It's surprising to see how much he's grown!


          Daily Dare: 80 Side Leg Raises, with EC
          Ten: Day 28
          Homerun Challenge: Day 28
          Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 28
          30 Days of Yoga: Day 28
          Horizontal Splits Exercises

          Alright, I said I'd be able to walk today and that's true. I just don't want to! I will go tomorrow, that I swear to myself. It'll probably only be a mile, and I don't know if I'll do the hill, but I will do it!

          Yesterday and today Liam whined from the top of the stairs. Because of course he got to the top when we weren't watching! I forgot my phone yesterday and was in the bathroom today (he seems to follow me when I go to shower), so no pictures yet. But! Mom talked to him from on the stairs and got him down! He walked down the stairs all on his own!

          He's so smart! And stubborn! And such a brat! Hopefully I'll be sleeping the night through in my bed again! Oh happy day! In other news: he's fascinated by Daisy on Downton Abbey; he watches the screen when she's on. It's adorable.

          28.4 pounds at 13 weeks!


            Daily Dare: 40 Plank Rotations, with EC
            Ten: Day 29
            Homerun Challenge: Day 29
            Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 29
            30 Days of Yoga: Day 29
            Vertical Splits Exercises
            Walk: 1.1 miles, 16m37s, 3.9mph

            I walked! Took the back way, so no hill, but I did it. That's what's important. It was nice: cool, clear, and only a few people! I will probably be feeling it tomorrow, though. My shins are reminding me of my break.

            Liam! The brat! Has managed the stairs! All by himself! Up and down! And is using the upstairs as a bathroom. The brat. He has taken to whining about the gate we've placed at the bottom of the stairs. You'd think we've taken away his food bowl! Speaking of: upped his food by half a cup every meal (so three times a day) and only at lunch did he not finish it! So proud. We're waiting for him to figure out the couches, now.


              Lol JCU That's really ,bad Boy, using upstairs as a bathroom !?! That's really naughty puppy!!
              Glad he made the stairs


                Naughty, indeed, Miss_Dada ! We'll be waiting until he can hold through the entire day - he's still not quite keeping his bladder later in the day, we think it's more wanting attention than anything - before giving him free reign. We're still doing that for the dining room, though that may wait until we can be sure he won't eat Casper's food.

                I will be sure to give him a hug for you next time he wakes up! That may be tomorrow, but he'll get one!


                  That's sweet you will give him a hug from me ๐Ÿ˜‡ , JCU ! He's still a small puppy, 13 weeks ๐Ÿ˜‡ but growing so fast !! ๐Ÿงก


                    So fast Miss_Dada ! Still a small puppy! Click image for larger version

Name:	0929202120_resize_80.jpg
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Size:	191.3 KB
ID:	732183He got up to go to the bathroom!


                      Awwwww that's so nice JCU Thank you

                      He's already bigger then you such a little big Teddy Bear !! You made a smile on my faceโ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹ it's so cute!! ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿงก๐Ÿงก


                        Glad I could give you a smile, Miss_Dada !


                          Daily Dare: 40 Split Lunges, with EC
                          Ten: Day 30
                          Homerun Challenge: Day 30
                          Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 30
                          30 Days of Yoga: Day 30
                          Horizontal Splits Exercises

                          No walk! Great rain, quite dark; I'd love to say that's what stopped me.

                          I didn't do most of my splits exercises. Liam has been in a mood all day and that was definitely not happening!

                          I enjoyed Ten, to an extent. Not enough to redo the program, but well enough.

                          Onto figuring out next month's routine! No more two leg challenges in one month, that's for sure!


                            Happy Badge Day JCU and congratulations on completing 2 challenges as well !!


                              Thanks so much, Miss_Dada ! I really need to be better about checking threads. You just finished some things, too, right? Congrats!


                                Thank you JCU It's a bit of ,work, and time to ,fly around, all Threads. You're busy mom now ,you workout, keep a log, it's already a Lot