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    Daily Dare: 30 Circle Crunches, with EC
    Ten: Day 20
    Homerun Challenge: Day 20
    Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 20
    30 Days of Yoga: Day 20
    Horizontal Splits Exercises
    Walk: 1.78 miles, 26m56s, 3.9mph

    I really need to give myself reasonable breaks. My walk was a bit difficult today. Great walk, don't get me wrong! A car was leaving a few houses down and they let me pass, then honked as they went by. I don't know them, but that was kind! Then I saw 3 deer running across the road. Beautiful! And 2 different people said hello as well as waving! And it was pleasantly cool!

    But. I bathed Liam today. It was going well until the sprayer came into things. He jumped from the tub once and started whining when I rinsed his head. Then came drying and combing. Then came my shower. Then came the walk. My legs, the entire time, were going, 'Really? This is how you want to play things? Really?'

    So that wasn't much fun. By the time I finished my shower, though, Liam was mostly dry. I wasn't expecting that with how drowned rat he looked. Poor floof.

    He survived his first encounter with a child, though! That sure wore him out. My mom mentioned that she thought my sister was a handful. She claims O has 4 times the energy. The boy was all over the place! Liam wasn't sure of him on Friday, but was willing to play with him on Saturday and was all over him today. So that's good! Socialization!

    We think Casper may have hearing issues. We're going to be conducting tests over the next few days to determine if so and/or how much. It's apparently incredibly common in white cats? The more you know!


      Daily Dare: 40 Squat + Step Back, with EC
      Ten: Day 21
      Homerun Challenge: Day 21
      Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 21
      30 Days of Yoga: Day 21
      Vertical Splits Exercises

      No walk! Taking a lazy day. Plus, puppy is tired and not settling, so I'm not making things worse. Fussy puppy...

      23.8 pounds! I discovered, looking at the back of the food bag, that I've been giving him a cup less than I should have been. So, that's a fun change. He's leaving half a bowl and coming back periodically. So we've have a few accidents.

      Since so few people look at this, I feel comfortable putting this here:

      The videos aren't great quality, but my brother is going to help me with that. I'll have weekly videos for Alan, but I may post others if he does something noteworthy while I have my camera ready.
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        So great idea with videos JCU ! Thanks for sending it in here It's so sweet watching him growing! And he grows fast !! such a fluffy cute Boy!! Very sweet how he is laying down to the grass and wants to sleep​​​​​​​🧡💚💛🐕😇


          I'm glad you like them, Miss_Dada ! It just seemed the easiest way to get the videos out there; and why not share with you (specifically you)?

          He's actually not shown an interest in sleeping outside, though the back patio is fair game. And speaking of laying down! He took to the down command especially well! Getting him back up? That's a work in progress. I'll probably post video of that soon.


            Daily Dare: 40 Seagulls, with EC
            Ten: Day 22
            Homerun Challenge: Day 22
            Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 22
            30 Days of Yoga: Day 22
            Horizontal Splits Exercises

            No walk again. I guess I don't like walking in complete darkness that's cold. I'll get used to it, but it's not what I want right now. Homerun and Indoor Cardio are working my legs, too.

            So, I liked the seagulls. Liam did, too. His head kept snapping toward my hands. Of course, the squats in Ten were fun, too. His head got a pat every time I went down.

            Tip: blueberries macerated in sugar and Triple sec are amazing. I didn't realize what my Dad had done to make them so good until I had the berries macerated in just sugar. So good.


              Daily Dare: 40 Prone Reverse Fly Extensions, with EC
              Ten: Day 23
              Homerun Challenge: Day 23
              Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 23
              30 Days of Yoga: Day 23
              Vertical Splits Exercises
              Walk: 1.52 miles, 24m29s, 3.7mph

              Wonderful breeze on my walk. I don't know why my watch will pause for a single sip of water, but doesn't for the two (?) minutes it took to text a friend. I did the hill, but not the subdivision. But I did walk! Still feeling it in my shins and knees. A little bit in my hips, too, but that's expected with the lower half being fussy.

              Does anyone have any advice on how to get a dog up the stairs? Liam makes it up two before just sliding down. I've tried climbing them on all fours, I've tried treats. Should I try a leash? Actually lifting him one paw at a time? (That seems unwise...) Help?

              In other news, Down is going well. He may be more lunging for the treat than gently laying down, but it's going! He doesn't even need a treat for Sit. We'll begin working on Stay in the next few days, after letting Down settle a bit. Off is going well, too. If he doesn't get off whatever we don't want him on by himself, a gentle tug on his collar gets it through.


                Does anyone have any advice on how to get a dog up the stairs?
                Put him on the leash and slowly pull him up giving him a treat which you give him every time he makes next stair.
                Show him the treat to motivate him, you can toss it on the stairs too.( he should be a bit hungry too so preferably train before you feed him🙂 , not after his meal)

                Hold the leash straight up and walk up with him. Not on all four, 😂 walk next to him and give him cheering commands, be nice and cuddle him ,,good boy,, every time he makes it,but be strong as well, he will learn it😊

                You can find also some advices on the web which you can try,but to lead him on the leash + treat will work for 100% ! Try it every day for a few minutes or whenever you need him to walk up/down the stairs👍


                  Thanks so much, Miss_Dada ! I had read a few articles online, and one thing that stood out was using an older dog to help show the way. That's why I climbed the stairs myself. It seemed to work a bit, as he made it up to the second stair that way!

                  ​​​​​​I will definitely try the leash tomorrow. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!


                    Daily Dare: 40 Butterfly Dips, with EC
                    Ten: Day 24
                    Homerun Challenge: Day 24
                    Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 24
                    30 Days of Yoga: Day 24
                    Horizontal Splits Exercises

                    No walk! I get costochondritis when I'm sick (which always makes coughing more fun) and though I'm not feeling that bad - outside of some ear wax and a slight build up of mucus - my chest is letting me know that I will be feeling loads worse in the next few days. That'll be fun with a puppy!

                    I didn't have any caffeine today, either, which helps nothing. Before Liam, I drank a rare glass of Earl Grey (Rishi only, please trust me on this), but since? It's at least a glass of caffeinated tea a day, and usually one with a higher content (Numi Pu-erh, the smoothest pu-erh I've had yet).

                    I didn't get to stair training with Liam today. Grocery shopping happened later than planned which neatly cut into his active time. Tomorrow, though! I'm free all day and I will be working with him!


                      Oh Dear, JCU sending you healing vibes
                      take some medicine and rest up Hope you feel better soon!! 🐕🙂


                        I was is in the bathroom, so I learned all of this after my shower:

                        Liam is waiting at the bottom of the stairs for me, pouting. Is it heartwarming to know I'm his favorite? Yes, yes it is.
                        I sit down in the family room and Dad tells me he lost the dog. He looked and looked for him, to no avail. Then he went upstairs. Where was Liam? At the foot of Mom and Dad's bed.


                        The trouble you've given us, and you follow me upstairs? And don't let me know?!

                        Dad had to carry him back down, understandably, and they couldn't get him to do it again. But he did it! He did it!


                          Thanks, Miss_Dada ! Tons of vitamin c, even more water than I already drink, and soup. Ramen, specifically, for the salt. Sudafed and Benadryl if it comes to that. I may increase the zinc I already take, too.


                            Daily Dare: 30 Seconds Push-Up Hold, with EC*
                            Ten: Day 25
                            Homerun Challenge: Day 25
                            Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 25
                            30 Days of Yoga: Day 25
                            Vertical Splits Exercises

                            *This is, by far, my least favorite exercise. I don't like push ups in general, and then you ask me to hold it? I have phantom pain in my arms just now, four hours later!

                            I doubt I'm walking today, but if I do I'll post it later.

                            Liam! Miss_Dada ! I put him in his harness (he's more resigned to it than anything), put treats on the stairs, and up we went! It was only three steps, but that's one more than yesterday! And! He turned around and walked down again! Progress! We'll try again tomorrow and see if we can't get up another step or two. Thanks so much for your advice!


                              You're welcome JCU 😊 I'm happy it's working! I know animals do anything if they are hungry 😋 especially doggos🐕🧡😇 Also, for treats,I used to use normal granulated dog food ,which I used to give to my dog. I used to wear it always by me( in a small hip bag) which was handy for training.
                              I wouldn't be afraid to pull him a little, on the stairs.
                              He knows how now,so he will make only progress. Good job!! 👍

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                                Miss_Dada We have a hip bag for that exact reason! Easy to clip on and forget, basically. It's also nice to keep out of reach of hungry mouths! The only problem with trying to pull him up the stairs is that more than 25 pounds makes me a bit lopsided, which causes my balance to falter. Learned that the hard way today!

                                Still, Dad said he was whining because he got to the third step following the cat and got stuck. So we're learning! Even a single step a day is only going to take us 2 weeks to be absolutely sure he has it. Which... now that I write that, means 2 more weeks of the couch... Let's hope it doesn't actually take that long!

                                Love the gif, by the way! Adorable!