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    What a cute doggo! What exercises do you use for vertical splits? I'm also working on my splits, but it's basically me just adding the splits into my cool down stretching, so I wouldn't mind something a little more robust...


      stongecat Hello! I'm currently redoing 30 Days of Yoga, so I don't always do the beginning 60 second leg stretches.

      60 seconds toe reach, as deep as I can hold it
      60 seconds sitting toe touch, opposite foot folded to knee, each leg
      20 seconds each, immediately following each other, each leg: ( for illustrations)
      1: deep lunge, hands braced on the ground (deep lunge minus twist)
      2: deep lunge
      3: pigeon pose
      20 seconds split, as far down as I can go, each leg

      It's been a long, slow progression. Two years in and I'm finally touching down in the split. Mind, it's taken me many different stretches to get to these, which have worked best for me. I would recommend paying attention to different yoga positions and going by what feels best to you.

      Best of luck!


        Thanks for responding so quickly! I actually do a lot of these already with my daily stretches, though not for as long. I've been working on my splits on and off for about 2-3 years, but I've hit a plateau recently. I'll have to up the times and see if that helps me get past my rut.


          stongecat You're welcome! You got me at a good time. My plateau was beat by my chiropractor, or at least it seems to have been. My best advice is to work it more often; get your muscles used to the moves. I hope you do beat your rut!


            Daily Dare: 10 Pop-Up Tripods*, with EC
            Ten: Day 12
            Homerun Challenge: Day 12
            Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 12
            30 Days of Yoga: Day 12
            Horizontal Splits Exercises
            Walk: 1.75 miles, 26m50s, 3.9mph

            *Did only 10 of these, as I figured 210 was a typo!

            Good walk! It would have been excellent, except I was a dummy. I got new pants (Calia by Carrie Underwood) and I absolutely adore them. That they come down my feet is spectacular. Not so much when I decide to tuck them into my sneakers. My feet do not love me. Next time they will be tugged up to my ankles.

            Decided to go back to an old love I let fall to the wayside: Welcome to Night Vale. My sister introduced me many years ago (when they were still in their first year, actually) but life conspired to pull me away. I need something to distract me as I walk, though, so here we are!

            Fourth appointment with Dr. Tyler today. It went wonderfully. I'll see him again in a week, but if everything is as good as today I'd be surprised if I see him any more than once a month.

            ​​​​​​Liam decided to start barking at our neighbors and then decided not to stop. Tomorrow is going to be fun if I have to train him to stop that insanity.

            2 days shy of 2 weeks difference:
            Click image for larger version

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            It's not too scale - he's definitely gotten bigger, but not that much. But you can see the maturation of his face, if nothing else. And yes, that is my new avatar.


              He's sooo adorable !!! I'd like to cuddle him so much !!! Such a Teddy Bear!!! Do you take him to your bed JCU ?
              and how is his walking, training on leash yet??


                Miss_Dada He is adorable! He's a brat on occasion, but he's also sweet and funny.

                We're working on getting him to sleep through the night, so I've been sleeping on the couch for the last few nights. Good news: he's slept 6 hours straight 2 days in a row. Bad news: it's 11-5. We're working on it!

                He still has shots for parvo, yet, so he hasn't left the house or back yard. I think I'll work him on the harness soon, but just to get him used to it at this point.

                I'll try to remember to comment in my daily posts how things are going!


                  Daily Dare: 3 Minutes Single Leg Balance, with EEC
                  Ten: Day 13
                  Homerun Challenge: Day 13
                  Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 13
                  30 Days of Yoga: Day 13
                  Vertical Splits Exercises
                  Walk: 1.85 miles, 28m39s, 3.8mph

                  Spectacular walk! Had to watch Liam by myself today (on the one guaranteed day that I will have to do nothing if I so desire) and it made me crabby. So I put off my walk. For a while.

                  But it was wonderful in the end! One couple, at the beginning, was it! And fewer cars than I was expecting, too. Really, a great walk. My back very lightly twinged, but only when I was focused on something other than walking. My headlamp strap was loose so I adjusted it and I felt it then, and also when I was checking something on my phone. When I was just straight walking, though? Nothing!

                  Why is it so hard to balance with your eyes closed? I looked like a newborn calf!

                  Liam only barked a few times, today! And only a few of those were at nothing! He was in a mood earlier and biting far more than usual. He tore my pants a little bit. I think he was off with only me around, too. Had a few accidents, but they were all in the back patio, when I thought he was still asleep. He can walk startlingly quietly for a creature his size. Weight check tomorrow! He gained 3 pounds last week. Curious to see what it is this week!


                    Daily Dare: 60 Seconds Hollow Hold, with EC
                    Ten: Day 14
                    Homerun Challenge: Day 14
                    Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 14
                    30 Days of Yoga: Day 14
                    Horizontal Splits Exercises
                    Walk: 1.80 miles, 26m59s, 4.0mph

                    Exceptionally spectacular walk. Whether it was the lack of light (I started unusually late), the cold (I had fun watching my breath fog), or the day (Mondays...), I was completely alone. I will admit to a bit of anxiety at the truly dark parts, especially the wood surrounded curve, but that passed easily enough. My headlamp is sufficient. I can't tell if I was sweating while walking, or it all appeared when I got home, but I certainly didn't feel it while I was out.

                    Liam! We're trying a clicker and a bottle of coins to curb Liam's biting. His barking is much better today, so that'll hopefully lessen in the coming days, too. He's got the landing down, but is still hesitant to climb the stairs. He was definitely curious, though, the two times he saw me at the top.

                    I'm waiting until he gets that down before moving back to my bed. He just hates being alone, and it's not a great imposition to sleep on the couch. I also want to give it a few more days to make sure he really can hold his bladder through the night.

                    He's got 'Get Busy' down, which is wonderful. He is also good about letting me know he needs out. And he waits so patiently at the door to be let back in. He either hits the screen door, bats at the glass (the way the cat does, which I'm pretty sure Liam learned from Casper), or whines. Or some combination of them. Any which way, I hear it and in he comes. 'Sit' and 'Come' are works in progress, but he's learning!

                    Weight at 11 weeks: 20.6 pounds. 4.6 pound increase from last week. I certainly felt it when I picked him up to weigh him!

                    My back! There were two moments where I twisted my hips slightly, just different enough from my normal gait, and there was a pinprick of feeling. But it really was tiny and went away immediately. It's getting better every day!


                      Daily Dare: 10 Swipers, with EC
                      Ten: Day 15
                      Homerun Challenge: Day 15
                      Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 15
                      30 Days of Yoga: Day 15
                      Vertical Splits Exercises
                      Walk: 1.83 miles, 28m02s, 3.9mph

                      Another stupendous walk! Adoring this cold weather! Felt a pain down my right leg when I started, but I stopped, cracked my back, and continued on. It hurt from the knee down for a minute or two more and then went away. Incredibly pleased that it was the right side. The left gave me absolutely zero trouble!

                      Starting to feel sleeping on the couch in my upper back. Not enough to be painful, but enough to be annoying. Heat and rubbing will be tomorrow.

                      Liam is being a puppy. Opened the dining room to him and it's going okay. When we first brought him home he used the dining room as a bathroom. He did go in there again today, but it was only the once.

                      We're getting serious with the coin bottle. His nipping is becoming a problem. A loud shake and a loud, firm no is working well. Now if only the kids will stop riling him up. All they have to do is enter the house and he's off like a shot.

                      Casper is an inside cat. He really needs to remember this. No matter how tempting the open screen door is. Kittens...


                        Daily Dare: 2 Minutes Leg Extensions, with EC
                        Ten: Day 16
                        Homerun Challenge: Day 16
                        Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 16
                        30 Days of Yoga: Day 16
                        Horizontal Splits Exercises
                        Walk: 1.75 miles, 27m38s, 3.7mph

                        Nice walk! It wasn't as cold, so it wasn't as spectacular. If my hands aren't in my sleeves for the first half of my walk, it's too warm.

                        Liam's vet visit was today! I almost thought I had a different dog! I did wake him from a nap to go, but car rides apparently disorient him, because he was quiet and still the entire time. I brought him home and he immediately perked up. Hopefully it'll go smoother next time. The last time he was in a car was when we were bringing him home, after all.

                        Still! He's healthy and is now microchipped! We need to buy nail clippers, but he didn't twitch when the vet tech showed me how much we needed to remove. He also didn't move or make a sound when getting his shots, and they said when they took him back for the microchip, it didn't bother him at all!

                        Now comes the fun of getting him used to my fingers in his mouth. Teeth cleaning for the win! My sister helped hold his head today, as I used a cotton round, and it... sort of worked.

                        No pain in my back! Mind, my knees are letting me know they don't love the high knees and butt kicks I've been doing, especially without my sneakers on, but my lower back is fine! (My upper really doesn't like me sleeping on the couch so much.)

                        I'll work on resizing some pictures and post them tomorrow. Puppy cuteness! (And comparatively is appropriate! The vet said he's not a little puppy, but his father is 160 pounds! He's only 21! He's tiny!)


                          Liam sitting so patiently for his treat!

                          Click image for larger version

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                          Click image for larger version

Name:	0914201604a_resize_57.jpg
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                          Liam and Dad playing.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	0914201853b~2_resize_4.jpg
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                          Liam... sitting still on the grass? Wild!


                            Daily Dare: 50 Climber Taps, with EC
                            Ten: Day 17
                            Homerun Challenge: Day 17
                            Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 17
                            30 Days of Yoga: Day 17
                            Vertical Splits Exercises

                            No walk today! Supper was very late and I was so caught up in a story I didn't realize! I didn't want to start my walk at 9, so I decided to just not take it.

                            Climber Taps are a lot harder when a puppy decides your hair is a new play toy.
                            For all that Liam is headstrong and very much still a puppy, he's ridiculously mellow about most difficult things. Shots? Microchip? Ears played with? Nothing. Nails clipped? He thought the clippers and my hand were toys, but once he calmed down, I clipped away. No problems at all. The only thing that's giving me trouble is the teeth cleaning. I will take intelligent and willful any day of the week.


                              Daily Dare: 40 Single Leg Bridges, with EC
                              Ten: Day 18
                              Homerun Challenge: Day 18
                              Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 18
                              30 Days of Yoga: Day 18
                              Horizontal Splits Exercises
                              Walk: 1.8 miles, 27m48s, 3.9mph

                              Well, the walk was interesting. Coldest walk yet, I wore a thicker jacket and thin gloves. Should have worn warmer pants, too. I'll also be wearing an ear warmer and a mask if it's any colder. The air hurt my throat especially as I started.

                              I'm glad I learned about Ruth Bader Ginsburg just before I started. I was able to walk out most of my fear and anger. Just what this means for the US is honestly terrifying. May she rest in peace.


                                Daily Dare: 2 Minutes Overhead Punches, with EC
                                Ten: Day 19
                                Homerun Challenge: Day 19
                                Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 19
                                30 Days of Yoga: Day 19
                                Vertical Splits Exercises
                                Walk: 1.53 miles, 24m11s, 3.8mph

                                Wonderful walk! Cold enough to necessitate an ear warmer, but not so much I needed a mask. I even went the last quarter mile without gloves!

                                So, today has been difficult. Dad's best friend, P, came to visit and brought his girlfriend, O, and her son, S, around to introduce us. Now, O is spectacular. If I didn't know P the way I do, I'd wonder how he landed her. (But he's more of an uncle than any of my parents' brothers, so I do understand what she sees in him.)

                                O got drunk with P and Dad (as they always do the first night P visits) and we got chatting. At 1am. I'm usually asleep by 12. I would have been angry, but O is just that awesome. We talked exercise and life and family and I really, REALLY hope it works out between them.

                                But that did mean I didn't go to sleep until just about 2:30. Dad should have relieved me at 6, as is usual, but, again, drunk. So I got up at 6, took care of Liam, ate breakfast, entertained both Liam and Casper, until Dad and Mom got up. At 7:30. I had my chiropractor appointment at 9:45, so I decided on a nap (7:50-9:05) and went on with my day.

                                Needless to say, I modified some things today: march steps instead of high knees in Homerun, and the same slowing of butt kicks (butt touches?) for Indoor Cardio. And the less said about how long it took me to do 10, the better. Though I really hated day 19 of 10.

                                After all of that, I took another nap! I totalled just under 7 hours today! Yay!

                                It's O I really feel bad for, though. She's been suffering a hangover all day.

                                Tonight should be better, and my brother may take my night shift and let me sleep in my bed. All night. With no interruptions. Wow.