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    Daily Dare: 30 Plank Jacks, with EC
    Ten: Day 2
    Homerun Challenge: Day 2
    Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 2
    30 Days of Yoga: Day 2
    Horizontal Splits Exercises

    So. I shifted on the couch last night and my back cracked. Right where it had been adjusted. Now there is some pain again. Still, that's why I'm supposed to go back three more times. One adjustment is very rarely enough. It does mean I probably won't be walking today, though. I'll see how I feel after my shower.

    Im really loving Ten. It's the perfect blend of cardio and stretching; it's very easy to keep the circuit without breaks.

    Yesterday, the puppy decided he wanted to join my exercises. My brother was on hand to play with him so it worked out fine. Today, he was very curious, but when I ignored him but to give him a few pets, he grew bored and fell asleep. Success! If there are other people in the room it will be interesting to see what changes. I'm also going to try with the TV on tomorrow.

    When he's tired, but doesn't want to go to sleep (sound like any baby you know?) he pouts like this before settling down.

    Click image for larger version

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    I introduced him to a dog "jerky" today. He loved it. I'll be getting him some bully sticks later today.

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      Meet Arzy. He doesn't quite know what to make of this new animal. Or this new house. Or these new people. He especially doesn't know what to make of this new animal's barking. It is very confusing.

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      This is Liam consumed by his bully stick. He didn't care one whit about this new, confusing creature in his midst while chowing down on that. Of course, bully sticks don't last. And so the barking is repeating. Ad nauseum. Also in the picture is a new Kong chew toy. So far, Liam has shown no interest. We'll work on it.

      The washing machine is still broken, so I'm going to the laundromat again tomorrow. I am looking forward to it. One new baby animal was difficult enough. Two? Oy. I dread early morning barking. Here's hoping Arzy won't make himself known between the hours of 10-5.


        So sweet puppy boy I enjoy your photos and writing a lot JCU I can imagine your life is upside down these day,right ? A looot of work !! I know what it is, I used to have a puppy too... ( labrador retriever), before 4 other breeds of dogs...

        Are you going to learn him to stay out in a kennel? ( if you have this garden or so...)

        Or do you keep him in ?πŸ•πŸΆπŸ˜


          Done with EC


            Thank you, Miss_Dada! He is indeed a lot of work. We had finally reached a stable routine when we added the cat. What fun! I'm actually writing this as he eats - more than he has in a day. Very happy to see it!

            We're going to start working on separation soon. He whines and cries when he's left alone. He needs to learn that we're coming back.

            We have a crate for him, but introducing him to it is slow going. The yard is fenced in, so he goes out and wanders it once a day or so. I do tend to keep him indoors right now, but that's more because he's a puppy who sleeps a good portion of the day away.

            I started writing this while he was eating. He progressed to the backyard for a potty break, barked at a loud bird, found the one corner that I don't know what is in it, stole the towel I was cleaning his paws with, came inside to enjoy a bully stick, brought the stick outside, and is now struggling with it there. All in the course of 20 minutes or so.

            And now I'm being ignored entirely. Good? Its debatable who has worse separation anxiety right now, to be honest.


              ​ Daily Dare: 2 Minutes Elbow Clicks, with EC
              ​ Ten: Day 3
              ​ Homerun Challenge: Day 3
              ​ Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 3
              ​ 30 Days of Yoga: Day 3
              ​ Vertical Splits Exercises


                Daily Dare: 50 Sitting Twists, with EC
                Ten: Day 4
                Homerun Challenge: Day 4
                Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 4
                30 Days of Yoga: Day 4
                Horizontal Splits Exercises

                So very, very glad I decided to redo the Yoga Program. At this time of my life I really need even just a few minutes of peace. I did expect Liam to be curious and potentially cause problems. He slept through my entire routine. Casper, on the other hand? Most of the yoga positions today did not lend themselves to petting.

                Oh, Casper. His name was supposed to be Arzy but there was conflict on it and my Dad put the whole thing in my brother's hands. Since he is almost entirely white, curious as anything, more silent than any cat has a right to be, and the sweetest, friendliest little thing, he decided on Casper (the Friendly Ghost).

                I used to dislike chores. Leaving the house to interact with people? No thanks. Now, I'm pretty much counting the hours on when I can leave. I forgot how much I revile responsibility. I also forgot how much a family effort falls on my shoulders. I'm going to be instituting quiet time. Mom will be in charge of the puppy. It'll be good for all of us.

                Finally got a new washing machine yesterday. They could have delivered it, but it would have taken up to 3 weeks. It took some finagling (we took a door off its hinges and removed the box to fit it through the doorframe) but we got it in and installed. No more laundromat! On one hand, no 2 hours free; on the other, 30 minutes at a time, 3 times, and I'm only downstairs. It should help?

                I'm starting him on stairs later today. That'll be fun...


                  Daily Dare: 40 Squat Hold Side Bends, with EC*
                  Ten: Day 5
                  Homerun Challenge: Day 5**
                  Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 5**
                  30 Days of Yoga: Day 5***
                  Vertical Splits Exercises

                  Chiropractor! Second visit! So much cracking! I feel so much better; I'm going to do everything possible to not misalign my back again. Two more visits to make sure everything is good.

                  *Didn't go down as far as usual on these; Dr. Tyler worked my obliques a bit to help my hip stability, so I didn't want to overdo anything.

                  **I did both of these outside, not at all stationary. Liam had some energy to burn, so I did both of these while chasing and being chased around the yard. That was fun!

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                  ***These two. (Sorry for the quality; resizing hasn't been great for my pictures lately.) I was finally able to get them to stop - well, Casper anyway, Liam chewed his bully stick and my mat pretty equally - and was able to do the routine. Brats, the both of them. I didn't want to disturb Liam's sleep, so I waited for him to wake up. I'm going to risk his sleep next time.

                  Speaking of sleep: I have been getting more, total, than I have in years. These interruptions, though? Take last night: I slept from 11-1, from 1:15-4.20, and from 4.50-8.45. 9 hours total, yet I'm yawning like I had 5. I can not wait until he can hold his bladder through the night. I've already lost 3 pounds. I really can't afford to lose any more.

                  It is my sincere hope to get out for a walk today. I'll post if I manage it.


                    Walk: 1.09 miles, 18m17s, 3.5mph

                    I walked! I walked! I am so happy I almost have no words.


                    There's still some pain, but it's a duller ache, like a muscle unused to work. I took it slower, with shorter steps. Even with the pain, those shorter steps sucked. I loathe walking with anything but my full gait. It actually started to hurt in my thighs and knees. Still, my endurance doesn't seem to have been affected by the pause.

                    I am definitely planning on walking tomorrow, but I will wait and see how I actually feel before adding it back to my routine.


                      Daily Dare: 2 Minutes Bicep Extensions, with EC
                      Ten: Day 6
                      Homerun Challenge: Day 6
                      Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 6
                      30 Days of Yoga: Day 6
                      Horizontal Splits Exercises
                      Walk: 1.1 miles, 19m40s, 3.3mph

                      Well, it was a walk. Glad I did it, but I felt it. It's not too bad, but it's still noticable. That definitely affected my pace, but I think my lack of distraction did as well. Since starting, I've listened to music and comedians both. I think it does keep my pace up. I've not used anything the last 2 days because my walk has been my escape from the house. I'll see about adding it back tomorrow.

                      I woke up on the 21st in a strange position that put my back out. It was in no way helped by my weighted blanket. So it's not a surprise that I felt a twinge this morning. I also haven't taken any ibuprofen today, either. I am not taking the walk back out of my routine, though.

                      I exercise first thing every Sunday so it doesn't interfere with family lunch. That meant both beasties were asleep when I started. Liam woke enough to look at me, yawn, and go back to sleep. Casper ignored me entirely. It was much nicer than yesterday.


                        Daily Dare: 2 Minutes March Steps, with EC
                        Ten: Day 7
                        Homerun Challenge: Day 7
                        Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 7
                        30 Days of Yoga: Day 7
                        Vertical Splits Exercises
                        Walk: 1.09 miles, 17m25s, 3.7mph

                        Nice walk! I started at my usual time before I stopped and I needed my light from the beginning. That was a bit jarring! My back is stinging, but I didn't think I'd be walking when I woke up. Exercising really relaxed and opened up the muscles. Distracting myself did indeed help my pace. I hope it'll be even better tomorrow after my visit.

                        I discovered last night that Liam can hold his bladder for 5 hours, but he can't make it outside on his own. He got as far as the carpet in the patio, some 3 feet from the door, before he just couldn't help himself. If he should not wake after 4 hours again, I'll carry him out myself. At least my couch is comfortable? It's not been too bad sleeping a few hours downstairs before carrying Liam up with me until 6. Here's to hoping Mom walking around at 5 to get ready for work won't disturb him too much...

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                        Sleeping puppy! Also puppy with his bully stick. He gets one a night and seems to be learning that it precludes bedtime. It's been a week! Things are definitely getting better.

                        Bonus Casper!
                        Click image for larger version

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                        He quite likes Dad. Of course, he also just loves that seat. He claimed it his first night and hasn't given it back yet.


                          Daily Dare: 2 Minutes Uneven Plank, with EC
                          Ten: Day 8
                          Homerun Challenge: Day 8
                          Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 8
                          30 Days of Yoga: Day 8
                          Horizontal Splits Exercises
                          Walk: 1.75 miles, 26m43s, 3.9mph

                          I'm Back!

                          Third visit with the chiropractor. When I started my walk my left knee and ankle twinged a bit; I twisted my ankle while playing in the yard with Liam. But there was nothing at my back. Only at about a mile in was there any pain and it's really more a muscle being used for the first time in a while. I'm back!

                          I thought it when looking over my schedule for the day and I certainly felt it after: today's daily dare + day 8 of 10 + day 8 of yoga = sore arms.

                          It certainly left more leg energy for the puppy! Poor baby didn't like the heat today. He perked up as it got cooler, but he napped most of the morning and afternoon away.

                          I really can't wait for the hill tomorrow. That'll be the real test!


                            Daily Dare: 40 Raised Leg Circles, with EC
                            Ten: Day 9
                            Homerun Challenge: Day 9
                            Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 9
                            30 Days of Yoga: Day 9
                            Vertical Splits Exercises
                            Walk: 1.86 miles, 28m55s, 3.8mph

                            I did not step on 3 toads tonight! Thank you headlamp!

                            The things you forget when you stop something for more than a week: wear an exercise shirt, especially if you think you don't need one; DON'T wear a jacket, even if you really, really want a pocket; there will always be monumentally stupid people out in the dark; conversely, there will be someone more prepared than you whom will surprise you with their reflective vest.

                            Other than an uncomfortable sweat, this was a truly spectacular walk. The most basic of discomfort in my back - more of yesterday's muscle soreness - and my left ankle is still upset from the twist, but otherwise no pain! And the hill was easy? I honestly wasn't expecting that.

                            I had stalled a little on my vertical split: I could press my left leg forward until it touched the ground, but I couldn't get my right leg to sit directly behind it. My hips would shift and I would be straddling the ground rather than sitting flush. Apparently there was more out in my sacrum region than I was aware, because I can go down now! If we weren't in these Covid times I'd hug Dr. Tyler!

                            (As an aside: I strained something in my right leg about 5 years ago and then again a few years later. It made pressing down into anything with that leg forward very painful. So I'm still a few inches off on a vertical split, right leg forward. But I'm getting there!)

                            Puppy was awake when I came back from my walk and is very frustrated that he can't climb the stairs yet. The whining!


                              Daily Dare: 40 Sit-Up Punches, with EC
                              Ten: Day 10
                              Homerun Challenge: Day 10
                              Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 10
                              30 Days of Yoga: Day 10
                              Horizontal Splits Exercises
                              Walk: 1.74 miles, 26m07s, 4.0mph

                              Too few people use proper safety techniques. It is very frustrating.

                              Great walk! Hit my target speed with only mild discomfort in my legs. My back twinged the littlest bit at the end, with the last bit of incline. It was bugging me a bit earlier, during grocery shopping, but I stretched and it was much better.

                              I liked day 10 of 10 much less than I thought I was going to. I obviously need to work my glutes a bit more.


                                Daily Dare: 50 Side Bridges, with EC
                                Ten: Day 11
                                Homerun Challenge: Day 11
                                Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 11
                                30 Days of Yoga: Day 11
                                Vertical Splits Exercises
                                Walk: 1.82 miles, 27m59s, 3.9mph

                                Late supper tonight, so I decided to walk before rather than after. Good walk! There are a lot more people than when it's dark. Discovered two absolutely gorgeous dogs, though. I would be very surprised if they are not pure bred German Shepherds. Stunning creatures.

                                Their Dad was telling me of a dog park in the next town and that I would want to wait until Liam was bigger, but it's a brilliant place to socialize him. I didn't want to get into the whole Tibetan Mastiff thing because I had only just started my walk, but I do really wonder what he thought my dog's breed was. By the time his parvo shots are done Liam will be close to 30 pounds (if he continues to gain 3 pounds a week). How big does he think a dog should be before going to the park?

                                Speaking of Liam! Puppy's first bath today! He didn't love it, but also didn't hate it. He was mostly confused. So it went well! He lost all of his floof and hated the sound of the hair dryer, so he's still a bit damp.

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