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    Daily Dare: 2 Minutes Side Leg Raise Hold, with EC
    Carbon and Dust: Chapter 24
    Back & Shoulders Challenge: Day 24
    Wall Sit Challenge: Day 24
    Vertical Splits Exercises

    Today has been better! Only the slightest twinge when I got out of bed. It was a little more noticeable when I was moving about, but ibuprofen has helped again. I'm holding off on the walk again today. By tomorrow I really should be back to normal. I won't be meeting my step, nor active, goals, but needs must. Health comes first.

    Mat Hatter Peppers. Good! Slightly fruity, astonishingly sweet for a pepper. Imagine a bell pepper, but smaller, sweeter, and the slightest bit spicy. Yummy!


      Daily Dare: 2 Minutes O-Hold Pose, with EC
      Carbon and Dust: Chapter 27
      Back & Shoulders Challenge: Day 27
      Wall Sit Challenge: Day 27
      Horizontal Splits Exercises

      Excuse me a moment.



      So, my back is feeling worse today than it was yesterday, so I'm really hoping tomorrow is going to be great! Went grocery shopping and it was definitely stinging.

      Whatever the main tendon that is on the right of the right leg does not love me right now. It hasn't since the single leg hops. It's not a new problem; this has always been the case with my legs, the right specifically. Just something that is annoying.

      I may not be going for a walk today. Not only my back, but it's raining like crazy. The thunder and lightning were quite beautiful, just not something I really want to walk in. I'll note it if I do, though.




        Yay puppy so finally on Sunday i'm happy for you JCU wishing you that the little ,Boy, LiamπŸ˜‡is healthy,happy and you have a lot of fun with him!!! ​​​​​​​can't wait seeing new pictures!!!!!❀❀❀❀❀


          Thank you, Miss_Dada ! We're all so excited! I was telling my mom its like Christmas: we'll be counting the days and more excited than we need to be. It's a 2.5 hour trip one way, so I hope to be able to get some photos when we're in the car on the way home. I will be inundating everyone I know with pictures, no worry there!


            Daily Dare: 40 Raised Leg Circles, with EC
            Carbon and Dust: Chapter 28
            Back & Shoulders Challenge: Day 28
            Wall Sit Challenge: Day 28
            Vertical Splits Exercises
            Walk: 1.09 miles, 17m36s, 3.7mph

            First: ow. Second: that was pretty dumb. Third: I really, really doubt I'll be walking tomorrow. Fourth: there are a few chiropractors very close to where I live; I will be looking into them tomorrow.

            It was a walk. Good breeze. A few kids on bikes. It was.

            Didn't actually go down into a split today. I did all of the other exercises as usual, just didn't push it. I was feeling the lunges.

            Guess who didn't set a timer for the ibuprofen? Guess who went half an hour over? Yeah...

            New picture! It's not much different than the previous, but it's only for two more days. TWO!

            Pumpkin. Muffins. If you have any like of pumpkin, try one. It was so delicious. Tender, not very sweet, and the perfect accompaniment to a strong black tea (and presumably coffee). Yum!


              Daily Dare: 40 Bridges, with EC
              Carbon and Dust: Chapter 29
              Back & Shoulders Challenge: Day 29
              Wall Sit Challenge: Day 29
              Horizontal Splits Exercises

              So, I modified the exercises in Carbon and Dust a bit: halved the march steps and lunges, and omitted the jumping lunges entirely. Did figure out that doing reverse lunges with my left leg back is the one exercise I really can't do right now.

              Found a chiropractor! Turns out Saturdays aren't a great time to find one... Still, come Tuesday I'll be seeing one. One firm I contacted said they weren't seeing new clients for another 2 weeks! Honestly, 3 days is nothing compared to that!

              I used heat last night, at the advice of my Dad, and it really helped immensely. I should have thought of it earlier! Does nothing for the nerve pain, but it does relax all the muscles down there that are upset with everything.

              The purity of a child's laughter... I've mentioned my cousin who is 2. Well, my cousin's granddaughter is visiting with my cousin and she is about 1. And the sound of her giggles? Truly, there are few better sounds.

              Tommorow! Leaving at 11:30! Meeting at 2! Puppy! TOMORROW!


                Have a safe journey JCU you'll be mommy tomorrow β€β€β€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«



                  I get to sit in the back and admire him in the trunk (SUV). Will I be playing as well? Yep! Honestly, the fact that I don't have to drive is a blessing. My attention would not be on the road, at all!


                    Daily Dare: 20 Superman Stretches, with EC
                    Carbon and Dust: Chapter 30
                    Back & Shoulders Challenge: Day 30
                    Wall Sit Challenge: Day 30
                    Vertical Splits Exercises

                    Finished! Carbon and Dust was fun! I quite liked Back & Shoulders as well. Glad I did, but I did not like, Wall Sit. Now I get to figure out next month!

                    Modified several things again. High knees alternated with march steps. Back didn't love either of them. No burpees of any kind, so those push-ups became squats.

                    Got through 10 climbers and my back went, "Nope!". So that didn't happen, either.

                    The burpees at the end became squats and jump squats. Couldn't go down and push myself back up right now. Tuesday!

                    It is 10:48AM.

                    Deep breaths!


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                        Look at those eyelashes!



                          oh my godness He's so beautiful amazing sweet puppy !!!!❀❀❀ so SO LOVELYYYY!!!! I can't express myself over here enough !!!!
                          Amazing !!!
                          Congratulations on completing Carbon and Dust JCU and 3 Challenges ui uiii pupppyyyyy!!!!! Look at his furr and those big paws !!!! So sweet !!!! ❀❀❀❀ πŸ˜‡


                            Miss_Dada ​​​​​​​​​​​

                            He's so precious! So soft and fluffy! He hasn't quite mastered walking yet, which makes the yard a fun experience, but he is plenty curious!

                            Now comes the training! Oy.


                              Daily Dare: 20 Up & Down Planks, with EC
                              Horizontal Splits Exercises

                              Splits exercises were modified today as I played with Liam. I'll do better tomorrow at working out during his down time.

                              This training a puppy is reminding me exactly why I don't want kids. If I'm having this much anxiety over getting everything right (which it will inevitably not be) with the help of my family? I would not survive a child. At all.

                              Not to say he's not wonderful! Truly, a joy. Tibetan Mastiffs are protectors. I kept Liam in my room last night as his crate wasn't finished until late and he was in no way happy with it. When my Dad came to get him at 6 - as we had agreed on - Liam woke me with his quite barking. It was almost a growl, it was that quiet and low. Once Dad got close enough, Liam smelled him and it was okay, but in the dark with only a little back lighting?

                              Pity anyone who tries to break into this house in even just another few months, let alone a few years.

                              He's a smart boy (figured out how to open the door that had been slightly cracked, went out the patio, into the backyard, where he proceeded to go to the bathroom) so house training him should go quickly enough. 12 weeks won't be here soon enough, though. Getting up at 2 to take him out is going to get old really fast.


                                Daily Dare: 2 Minutes Jumping Ts, with EC
                                Ten: Day 1
                                Homerun Challenge: Day 1
                                Indoor Cardio Challenge: Day 1
                                30 Days of Yoga: Day 1
                                Vertical Splits Exercises

                                Chiropractor! If you have back pain, try it! I feel so much better. In technical terms, I was diagnosed with Lumbo-Sacral Dorsopathy. Instead of my vertebrae sitting on top of each other, the bottom was pulled away and twisted to the side. So he adjusted that and it feels absolutely amazing. I could probably go for a walk today! I'm not going to. But I could!

                                New program! I like it so far! There were a few second breaks between the circuit, but they were very short!

                                I also really like the challenges. Just enough to get my heart racing, but not so much that it's uncomfortable.

                                Redoing the Yoga Program. I can't wait for the new one!

                                Vertical Splits! I was able to go all the way down on the lunges! I was able to go into the actual splits! Chiropractor!

                                Puppy... Well, he's a puppy. Crate training isn't going at all. We need to properly introduce him to the crate. I don't actually know if we're going to use the crate at all, to be honest. So long as we can train him to stay in one place (family room) for the night, and that we don't have to be in the room, he'll be fine. Only one accident today! He woke up when he should have napped for at least an hour, so we were off our game. Still, only one accident! On day 2! (And a half...)