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    Daily Dare: 2 Minutes Side Elbow Plank Hold, with EC
    Carbon and Dust: Chapter 15
    Back & Shoulders Challenge: Day 15
    Wall Sit Challenge: Day 15
    Horizontal Splits Exercises
    Walk: 1.8 miles, 26m42s, 4.0mph

    Walk! Started a little bit earlier than I had planned to beat the rain, and I just did it! Proud of myself, to be honest. Not too bad, today. Good wind most of the way. The new cul-de-sac has a bit of a hill I wasn't expecting, especially at the end of my walk. There's a street that curves off of the start of my route; it has a decent hill up and down, but it's in the beginning. I'm going to map it out, and if it's comparable to the cul-de-sac, I'll try that in 2 days.

    I'm going to have to just make note of when the gaggle is there, rather when it is not. As it was not again.

    I may be feeling this tomorrow. My knees are letting me know they're not best pleased by my newest addition.


      Daily Dare: 30 Cross Reach Sit-Ups, with EC
      Carbon and Dust: Chapter 16
      Back & Shoulders Challenge: Day 16
      Wall Sit Challenge: Day 16
      Vertical Splits Exercises
      Walk: 1.82 miles, 28m25s, 3.8mph

      Great walk! I was right about my knees yesterday. I was unaware of my shins also being displeased. So today's walk was a bit slower. Still, it was cool, there was a slight breeze, and there were almost no people. Wonderful.

      To my frustration, I mapped the side street and it is an exact half a mile. Great when I up to 2 miles; not so great when I don't quite need that much. I'll give the cul-de-sac another go tomorrow and see how I feel.

      I find it fascinating that I can tell how young a person is by how polite they are. Every person I have passed by that is older than my parents is polite. They nod, they wave, they say hello. Between my parents and myself, if they are a parent they will do the same, if they aren't (or just aren't out with their kids) we tend to share a nod and smile. But give me someone my age or younger? Sheesh! Is it insecurity? Is it arrogance? I could fall into the street and this one girl (18, if that, she lives right down the street from me) would continue walking. I wish I was joking with that!

      Ahem. It was, indeed, a wonderful walk today.

      7 weeks tomorrow! Hopefully I'll be able to get a good screenshot and update my avatar!


        JCU are you getting Liam today??? ❤❤❤


          Miss_Dada He's only 7 weeks! We still have 1 more to go!

          I'm hoping he's going to post another video today, because the one that's up is really short and focuses more on the Akita pup.


            JCU only one week to go!! I bet you have everything prepaired for him 💫💫💫❤❤❤🍀🍀🍀


              Miss_Dada So many things! We just got his collar, tag, harness, and leash today! We have toys and balls and chew toys. Still need food, treats, and bones.
              ​​​​​​It may be 2 weeks until he gets here (travel time permitting).

              Still, we're trying not to count the days. They will come soon enough! The first picture where I'm holding him, though? Oy. There are probably going to be tears.

              Now to start strength training so I can lift him when he's full grown!


                Daily Dare: 3 Minutes Calf Raise Hold, with EC
                Carbon and Dust: Chapter 17
                Back & Shoulders Challenge: Day 17
                Wall Sit Challenge: Day 17
                Horizontal Splits Exercises
                Walk: 1.8 miles, 27m48s, 3.9mph

                Great walk! Found an alternate to the lake and cul-de-sac! It comes out to exactly 1.8 miles, has small rises a few times, and is behind the busy roads, so it's much quieter! A really great new route that's nice and easy!

                A couple came down a side street in front of me, walking their dog. I thought I'd cross the street to get in front of them. Nope! They were walking a little faster than me! It was a first! 8 weeks of walking and I finally come across people who know a decent speed! Wild.

                There is a large brown dog, Labrador most probably, who I saw once just about 7 weeks ago. Despite looking, it's not been in it's yard since. (I think it's male, but I'm unsure.) So I was very surprised to be barked at nearly in my ear! Oh, they are beautiful! I didn't want to step into the lawn and pet without permission, so I just cooed a bit. I will definitely be stopping by to socialize Liam, though!


                  Daily Dare: 20 Raised Leg Push-Ups, with EC
                  Carbon and Dust: Chapter 18
                  Back & Shoulders Challenge: Day 18
                  Wall Sit Challenge: Day 18
                  Vertical Splits Exercises
                  Walk: 1.83 miles, 29m20s, 3.7mph

                  Oof. Well, I walked. I had a serious thought half a mile in to turn around. Glad I didn't, but ow.

                  The back of my left knee hurt when I was going into a split, which wasn't fun but isn't new. It's rare, but it does happen. Then I get a small pain in the front of my right knee when I was walking! Tomorrow is going to be interesting.

                  Yesterday my washing machine broke down. Today it was looked over and my dad is positive he can fix it, but he has to find and buy the part first. Today I used a laundromat for the first time in about 12 years. Pro: the people were all super kind! I was able to combine 2 loads and only had 3 to do, and I was able to do all of them at once! Con: the folding. All 4 loads at once. Once so got home, no less, because the laundromat wanted us to adhere to social distancing protocols. I had to use a bed. My poor, poor back.

                  Needless to say, there was mild sciatic pain when I started walking that has thankfully faded greatly. Again, tomorrow. Oy.

                  New picture! Not the best, but when Alan films in a group the screenshots are always hit and miss. Still, not too bad! 7 weeks yesterday!

                  Speaking of pictures: it rained and the sky was beautiful! And a rainbow!

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                    Daily Dare: 40 Infinity Circles, with EC
                    Carbon and Dust: Chapter 17
                    Back & Shoulders Challenge: Day 17
                    Wall Sit Challenge: Day 17
                    Horizontal Splits Exercises
                    Walk: 1.8 miles*, 26m00s**, 4.0mph

                    My watch! Glitched! As I was walking! And I didn't notice for more than half a mile!

                    *I assume, as I've walked this route before, that it totalled 1.8 miles. It may be off by .01 of a mile.

                    **I started my walk at 8:08 and finished at 8:34. Whatever the seconds are in that, I can't say.

                    Well! Other than that hiccup, it was a good walk! My back isn't perfect, especially in my sacrum, but otherwise it's been okay all day. My legs from the knees down are radiating a dull pain, but it only really got noticable when I was walking, so it should be back to normal in the next few days.

                    I took it easy today, and it seems to have helped. My dad was kind enough to rub my back yesterday, which helped immensely. I'll see if he's willing to do so again tonight.


                      Daily Dare: 20 Fly Steps, with EC
                      Carbon and Dust: Chapter 20
                      Back & Shoulders Challenge: Day 20
                      Wall Sit Challenge: Day 20
                      Vertical Splits Exercises
                      Walk: 1.74 miles, 27m22s, 3.8mph

                      ​Decided to forgo the hill today. Everything is feeling back to normal, but I wanted to make sure. I'll follow this back route again tomorrow and resume alternating with the hill on Saturday.

                      ​​Okay. How, when I walked this path three days ago, was it .06 miles longer? How? Same exact route!

                      I can only guess it was the stop I made to chat with a kindly gentleman who was walking his Shih Tzu. His full grown dog is smaller than my 7 and 1/2 week old puppy. She was also only slightly less than half the cost of my Tibetan Mastiff. SHE IS 10 TIMES SMALLER THAN HIM! IT'S HIGHWAY ROBBERY!

                      I actually had to call my Mom and rant about the absurdity. $1200 for a dog that is smaller than most cats. Wild.

                      I also apparently walked my fastest pace; from the looks of it, it was while ranting to my mother. 4.9 miles per hour because I was outraged at the cost of a dog. Huh.

                      In other news: Fly Steps are weird.


                        Daily Dare: 60 Seconds Squats, with EC
                        Carbon and Dust: Chapter 21
                        Back & Shoulders Challenge: Day 21
                        Wall Sit Challenge: Day 21
                        Horizontal Splits Exercises
                        Walk: 1.74 miles, 26m30s, 3.9mph

                        Copying and pasting from previous days works great. It's even better when you remember to change the days. What should have read Day 19 still says 17.

                        Great walk! Saw the big brown dog again, and a large black dog I'd seen only once before was out and about! I will be introducing myself soon.

                        Stamina wise, I think I'm up to 2 miles. Leg wise, not quite yet. There's just enough strain to let me know holding steady is a good idea.


                          Daily Dare: 40 Climbers, with EC
                          Carbon and Dust: Chapter 22
                          Back & Shoulders Challenge: Day 22
                          Wall Sit Challenge: Day 22
                          Vertical Splits Exercises
                          Walk: 1.62* miles, 27m45s, 3.5mph*

                          So, I restarted my watch app just now. I can only conclude that it glitched in some way. It has before, where it didn't count my steps properly, and my brother advised me on how to fix it. As it worked then, hopefully it will work now.

                          I restarted it because I walked the hill today, and it recorded .20 less of a mile than what I did 3 days ago. It also said my speed was 3.5, which I'm pretty sure it wasn't when I first started walking. The map that appears of my route is missing, too. Also, it says I climbed 7 floors today. No.

                          Other than that frustration, it was a good walk! Started later and forgot my headlamp, so it was pretty dark at the end. A lot of people were having get togethers.

                          My left leg was a bit tight earlier. My split did not go down as far as usual. As I didn't do anything different, to my knowledge, I'll keep an eye on it. I may have just slept wrong.

                          Ice cream! I'm lactose intolerant, so it's something I stay away from. Usually. I indulged today. Yum!


                            Daily Dare: 60 Seconds Plank Punches, with EC
                            Carbon and Dust: Chapter 23
                            Back & Shoulders Challenge: Day 23
                            Wall Sit Challenge: Day 23
                            Horizontal Splits Exercises
                            Walk: 1.74 miles, 26m08s, 3.9mph

                            Excellent walk! Started the darkest I ever have; I had to use my headlamp from the very beginning. There was one other person walking (NO. REFLECTIVE. LIGHTS. AT. ALL. PROTECTION, PEOPLE! SAFETY FIRST!), and a surprising number of cars. About 4 times what I usually see. One was really kind, though. They had their brights on until they saw me, and then they turned them off.

                            Can't say anything for the tightness in my left leg as today was horizontal splits, but the muscles around my coccyx are not happy with me right now, most especially on the left side. So I probably did sleep wrong and the muscles are just a bit tight. I'll keep an eye on it.

                            I think I need to look into new exercise pants. I like the pair I currently have, which I rarely wear, to be honest, but they gather sweat in the creases of my thighs like no one's business. It's getting a bit frustrating.

                            My watch seems to be back to normal! I'll check tomorrow, when I do the hill again, to be sure.

                            Reading through these posts for grammar errors is a blast. Stream of conscious writing has always been a struggle for me, but these come right out! I should try writing after exercising, see how that goes...


                              Daily Dare: 40 Scorpion Twists, with EC
                              Carbon and Dust: Chapter 24
                              Back & Shoulders Challenge: Day 24
                              Wall Sit Challenge: Day 24
                              Vertical Splits Exercises
                              Walk: 1.82 miles, 27m11s, 4.0mph

                              I preferred walking in 82 degree heat. Let that sink in.

                              Great walk! It's getting darker earlier, so there are less people around, which is wonderful! Those that are around (minus one man today) have dogs. Which is doubly great! There was one barking from their yard, and four being walked. And only one walker made me upset about proper lighting! Hooray!

                              My watch is fixed, too! So many exclamation points!

                              I went out to lunch and we stopped at the mall after, so I managed 10000 steps, which has happened twice in about 2 months. I'm working up to it, but my current goal is 7200 a day. So, I'm getting there!

                              It turns out I did indeed sleep wrong (my split went down as usual today, thankfully) and put something in my sacrum out. I got it back in, but it pinched, as these things do, so it is currently radiating pain. Which made walking fun! It'll hurt before it gets better.

                              8 weeks! Today! No new video, but no message from Alan, either. So, he's probably busy with another litter and I'll hear from him soon. But! 8 weeks! He'll be coming home so soon!


                                ​ Daily Dare: 2 Minutes Single Leg Hops on the Spot, with EC
                                ​ Carbon and Dust: Chapter 25
                                ​ Back & Shoulders Challenge: Day 25
                                ​ Wall Sit Challenge: Day 25
                                ​ Horizontal Splits Exercises

                                No walk today! Laundry (at the laundromat again) took care of most of my goals and exercising did the rest. My back is feeling loads better when I remember to take ibuprofen, but it's still hurting enough that I don't want to push it. Since I've got my steps, I think I can forgo walking just this once.

                                ​​​​​​​Here's to hoping tomorrow is better!