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    Milkman's Isolation Log + anything extra


    This is my first proper log, so bear with me! I don't have any major rules so this is pretty casual. I will be doing a 30 day extreme fitness period, where I will be doing 3 programs. This log is not one of the 30 days though, just to clarify. At the end of my 30 days, I want to have the figure that I have always wanted to see. The programs I will be doing are; Strength Protocol, HIIT Advanced and Cardio Trim. I will be aiming to do lvl 2 on each of the workouts each day. If I have time at the end of my 30 - 45 minutes of absolute hell, I will do some grade 3-5 ABS workouts. It is pretty straight-ford, but isn't easy. I will need quite a lot of will power and motivation throughout this 30 day period.
    To be able to do 50 push-ups in one go

    To be able to do 300 high knees in a row

    To look physically muscular and fit

    To lose around 10 kgs of body fat

    To eat healthy food throughout those 30 days.

    Any motivation and advice are welcomed calmly. Just so you know I have been a member of darebee for a while so please don't say "Welcome" etc.


    You can do this! It can be difficult at first, but one you get into the habit, it comes rather easily. Best of Luck!


      I generally don't like to broadcast stuff for other websites or apps, as it takes away interest from Darebee for anyone reading, but as there is not really an overlap in this case, I will say that the app on my phone that I use for pushups has really motivated me to make it part of my regular routine. I was used to doing 80 chest presses at the gym twice a week as part of upper body day, but since losing access to a gym I swapped this out for pushups, aiming for 100 per day. I am stronger now for it, plus it is nice and it makes your phone part of your personal gym.


        Shield-Wolf and CaptainCanuck

        Thank you for your support and for sharing things fitness-wise.

        I forgot to say this but I will be starting on 30/03/2020 NZ times.

        Thank you Darebee and stay fit!!



          Cardio Trim: day 1, unlock 2
          Strength Protocol: day 1, Extra Credit N/A

          Cardio Trim: Got to 5 circuits. Also from my 2nd circuit up I was doing 30 high knees instead of 20.

          Strength Protocol: Muscles on FIRE!! my triceps were numb after that workout. Great results for me!!

          30 Days of HIIT Advanced: N/A. I didn't have enough time after 30 minutes of other workouts.

          Armour Abs: Good results waking up this morning. Abs were sore and showing a tiny bit when flexed. Coming back for more today!

          Push-ups: 65 from Strength Protocol.
          High-knees: 240 from part 1 of Cardio Trim
          Jumping Jacks: 420 from circuit Cardio Trim

          I was too tired last night to log in so I'm doing it this morning.

          Stay FIT people!!


            I know how it feels to try to log when you're tired, I have spent an hour just trying to write out what should have take five minutes. Lol! Stay Strong my friend!