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    Wow, huge congrats on all of those accomplishments! What a crazy day!


      Amirsh, HellYeah, Silent Wolf, Lady_Nicholson, Io6, Chris Lee Bear, Joe76, Lord Ynwa, Fremen, WSMC27, Nebulus, VacTom and Belerith, thank you all so much, you awesome Bees!
      Your support means so much to me and keeps me going, it always feels like a big party whenever I finish something thanks to you!
      (But I'm going to keep the Cardio out of my name, Fremen. I still don't like it )

      After yesterday I decided to take a 'break' today and just did Hero's Journey and the monthly challenge. I got a bit fidgety throughout the day, to be honest, over the past month I somehow got used to get up every 30 minutes from my chair to do a challenge or a programme, or whatever, and I really missed that today. Tomorrow I will get into the full routine. I just have to find a good time slot where I can stuff the 30-40 minutes of Cardio Go every day. I think I'm going to try doing before I have the first meal of the day, see how it goes.

      There was another thunderstorm today, with quite a lot of rain and a lot of lightning. I was watching it for some time from my bedroom window and enjoyed the fresh air. Until my mid-twenties I was scared during thunderstorms (there always was that gnawing fear at the edge of my mind that this would be the last thunderstorm, basically the thunderstorm to end all thunderstorms, and that the world will end. I'm not joking) but today I enjoy them very much. Here's my (short) status update for today:

      Today I did:
      - Hero's Journey on Level 1 (two times push-ups to failure per set, the second mini-set was abysmal: 11-2/8-2/7-1/6-0/6-1. Still, 11 at the beginning is very satisfying)
      - Punches & Squats Day 17

      That is all.

      Hope you all had a great day


        Congratulations on all of you achievements


          That's interesting about the thunderstorms. I pretended I wasn't afraid because other kids really showed it. And after a short while I just wasn't. Same goes for vaccines. I wonder if that's why I developed a fear of people. Being scared of thunderstorms sounds a lot more reasonable.


            Congrats on your new achievements!


              I hate thunderstorms so much. People around me think I'm weird for hating them, my parents and sibling love them (my mom especially) and my spouse is practically a would-be storm chaser but they really freak me out. I think I'm just sensitive to how loud they are out here and I get jumpy with loud thunder. Also we live in an older house with thin walls and giant trees outside so it makes me nervous. Also no basement. I'm sure in a more insulated space I wouldn't mind it as much. Thankfully our pets couldn't care less so at least it doesn't stress them out!


                The only reason thunderstorms bother me is the change in air pressure, it gives me a terrible headache that usually lingers for a couple of days. I also get bothered if I'm at too high an altitude. But strangely not as bothered by flying (or at least I wasn't last time I did, but it was about 12 years ago)


                  Thank you, Mrsteapot80 and sleep_twitch! And thanks for that awesome cheerleading squad

                  Interesting how different thunderstorms feel for different people. Or fears in general. You were afraid of vaccines, Amirsh? And I think I would still be afraid of thunderstorms if I had a lot of high trees outside, Lady_Nicholson. I calm myself with the knowledge that there's a really high building one street further from our house that will probably get all the lightning bolts
                  I think if I would try to make a list of fears I had in the past or still have, it'll probably have aliens (past), god's wrath (past), spiders (still a bit), thunderstorms (past), mind control (still a bit) and nuclear warfare (past) on them. One of my most irrational fears, though, is that the fridge breaks. No idea why, but every time I go into the kitchen and the fridge is silent, I fear the worst and open the door in ten-minute increments to check if it's still cold until it makes a sound again.

                  On a completely different note, today I made the astonishing discovery that getting out of bed one hour earlier than usual gives me one hour more to spend during the day. Amazing. Here's my status update:

                  Today I did:
                  - Cardio Go! Day 1 (before the first meal! Go me!)
                  - Splits Day 1
                  - Knee Push-Ups Day 1
                  - Hero's Journey Day 18 on Level 1 (I was extremely hungry by that time and had not much strength. Thanks to my karma, I had to refrain from using my right arm for the next two hours)
                  - Punches and Squats Day 18
                  - 10,000 Half Jacks Day 1
                  - Office Challenge Day 1

                  As announced yesterday, I've started my new schedule today. Felt pretty good.

                  Anyone here who likes listening to Synthwave? I listen to this mix very often when writing one of my stories and I really love the nostalgic mood it puts me into. It also makes me want to watch Back to the Future again.

                  Hope you all had a marvellous day


                    I do like your amazing discovery 😁😁


                      I... completely missed you starting a new thread. But you're doing great, it seems!


                        More belated

                        HAPPY BADGES!

                        I'm glad Bob and Brad were able to help!


                          You were afraid of vaccines
                          No, the other kids (not all of them) where, so I decided I won't be. The same I did with thunderstorms. Both thunderstorms and vaccines could have been experienced in class so everyone got a pretty good view on who reacted how.

                          I'm glad Bob and Brad were able to help!
                          Yeah, those guys are funny and helpful.


                            Originally posted by Nihopaloa View Post
                            I'm going to take a moment to celebrate myself because for the first time ever since I started training with Darebee almost two years ago I did a complete programme on Level 3!
                            - Good Morning, World! Day 30 (COMPLETE)
                            - 1 Minute Cardio Day 30 (COMPLETE)
                            - Wall Push-Ups Day 30 (COMPLETE)
                            - Hero's Journey Day 16
                            - Punches & Squats Day 16
                            - Power Walk Day 30 (COMPLETE)
                            - 60 Days of Cardio Day 60 on Level 3 (COMPLETE):
                            Wow, just wow... I know I'm a little late but I am so impressed! Round of applause to you! Kudos! Congratulations! I don't know what else to say because accomplishing all of that is amazing! I now have huge respect for you


                              Hey, welcome back, Mianevem I'm doing very well at the moment, thank you!

                              And thanks for your congratulations, Colin! And the armada of Totoros

                              Amirsh it's an interesting take on fears to decide not having them. Although the fear of vaccines I don#t really get. Was it the same as it is today, with people fearing kids would get autism or something different? I remember that I had to get vaccinated one day as a child, and as soon as the doctor said I had to get a needle in the butt I went totally crazy and tried to run away, making a mess of the office until my mother caught me and held me in place. I still have the scar of the messy injection from back then

                              hc0381 thank you so much for the fireworks and your kind words! Not to belittle my success, but those were all level 2 challenges and a level 2 programme. I'm still miles away from completing Dragon Week, for example, so I have huge respect for you for claiming that badge first


                                Aaaand, another day done. Cardio Go was a bit hard today, doing it on an empty stomach and with a calorie deficit. Cutting seems to proceed better than expected, on the scale and in the mirror. Still, I did eat closer to my maintenance today, with 90% of my estimated intake. Usually I keep between 74% and 81% but I thought I indulge myself a bit today.

                                Lying on the floor in our... uhm... computer/music room where we spent the majority of the day in, I got an excellent view of the dust gathering on the floor and the paths we usually take getting from one room to the other. Our flat gets dusty extremely quick (clean today, have dust again in one hour) but this was very interesting. I spent some time crawling from room to room to inspect the dust paths and from my observations I deduct that we seem to use only a quarter of the floor in most rooms. There's a maybe 40 cm wide path in the hallway that connects all our four rooms and it's amazing that we appear to not stray from that path, ever. The kitchen has basically one cross going through it. It's all very fascinating (and I have to sweep the floors more often, obviously). Here's my status update for today:

                                Today I did:
                                - Cardio Go! Day 2
                                - Splits Day 2
                                - Knee Push-Ups Day 2
                                - 10,000 Half-Jacks Day 2
                                - Hero's Journey Day 19 on Level 1 (technically I could have done level 2 or maybe even level 3 because I didn't get exhausted at all and not even the squats affected me in the slightest, which was all very, very weird, but I had the workout ill-timed and dinner was ready)
                                - Office Challenge Day 2
                                - Punches & Squats Day 19

                                I have to admit, I dislike doing punches somewhat I have the feeling everyone likes doing them, but I think they're boring and uninteresting. Still better than High Knees, though.

                                I wish you all a splendid start into the weekend, have a good one! <---- There's a heatwave announced here for next week, so have a glass of Ayran today. It's very refreshing when it's hot outside!