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    Thank you, Whirly15, Chris Lee Bear, Amirsh, HellYeah, Silent Wolf, VacTom, Nevetharine, Colin, Fremen, Illéa and guibo94! You're all awesome!

    Chris Lee Bear
    Hope you find good headphones 😊
    Are you in a band or playing just for you?
    I'm not in a band, I'm just at the beginning of my journey, but this time for real. I bought a bass 18 years ago and never really played, but now I'm practising more seriously.
    I've bought studio headphones two weeks ago to practise with my amp, but it's borked so I was looking for a new one and tried to get a mini amp you can plug into the bass and then you plug your headphones into that, but, yeah, that wasn't successful.
    I've bit the bullet and ordered another set of headphones today, ones with the amp BUILT IN. Which should make practising even more comfortable. Now I just have to play the waiting game until they arrive


      Ah, the well known waiting game. I hate it. 😅😅

      Playing one or more instruments is really nice 😊


        Congrats! Collecting them all?


          Thanks, Belerith Sometimes I'm a bit of a completionist (although I ignore the nutrition challenges because I don't care for them. Too restrictive for my tastes)

          Today was one of those days where I (again) played with the thought of just skipping HIIT and Cardio but did them anyway. Go me. I'm afraid, though, that tomorrow would probably be a day where I'll really skip, on account of getting up early (for me, anyways) and thus not getting enough sleep. But who knows, maybe I'll do it anyway.
          The mechanic who's doing maintenance on the stoves comes tomorrow, again (he still has to work on two of them, after wrecking the one in the living room). I so hope it's going without a hitch, but I have a bad feeling when it comes to the stove in the kitchen. Keeping my fingers crossed.

          On a not so nice note, my husband called my traps (trapezoids? Those shoulder muscles at the neck?) monstrous today By the looks of it, those seem to be muscles I'm good at building fast. Hooray.
          On a nicer note, my husband also told me my butt looks much better, firmer and better shaped Things are looking up.

          Here's my status update:

          Today I did:
          - Good Morning, World Challenge Day 3
          - 1-Minute Cardio Challenge Day 1 (1min jumping jacks)
          - Wall Push-Ups Challenge Day 1
          - Power Walk Challenge Day 1
          - 30 Days of HIIT on Level 1
          - 60 Days of Cardio on Level 3
          - 100 Pushups Week 2 Day 3 5/6/4/4/7

          Pretty good all around.

          Today, I had Maximo Park - Sandblasted And Set Free on rotation in my head. Listening to it my husband suddenly said "Is this a song about British tourists in Spain?" because of the line "Balconies like diving boards" and the stupid joke that British tourists always fall from balconies during holidays in Spain because they don't have balconies at home.

          Anyway, hope you all had a super nice day


            Iron Coooooore! Way to go on both Challenges!


              You're on roll now! Putting those trapezoids to work, haha! I am not sure what the actual name of a t"rap" is but that reminded of a scene from Anchorman where Ron is working out in his office trying to impress Veronica and making up funny names of his muscles.


                guibo94 Trapezius, the superhero cape muscle!

                Click image for larger version  Name:	the-trapezius-muscle-is-part-of-the-upper-back.jpg Views:	0 Size:	205.3 KB ID:	688771

                Also, I love that scene from Anchorman...
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                  I haven't posted yesterday because I was incredibly tired and worn out I even thought that I would just skip on my workout and chalk it up as a rest day, but then I've read your post guibo94
                  You're on roll now! Putting those trapezoids to work, haha!
                  and at least got up to do the 30 Days of HIIT. So thanks for the motivation! I don't know Anchorman, though

                  For some reason, I get super tired when I have to wake up early-ish with the help of an alarm clock and stay that way for the rest of the day. It's not that big of a problem when I wake up after four hours and can't go back to sleep, but sleeping, idk, five hours and then waking up the alarm... doesn't work. Maybe because around one hour before it's time to get up I drift along in a weird half-sleep state that's not restful anymore, because I'm basically awake, but not awake enough to actually get up, drifting in and out and fearing the ringing of the alarm. It's exhausting and weird.

                  But on the good news, my stoves are now all ready for the next cold season and I'll probably never see the mechanic who did it again (which is kinda sad, but also kinda good).

                  Here's a short status update for yesterday when I did:
                  -30 Days of HIIT Day 7 on Level 1
                  That's it.

                  Today I woke up with a kink in the side of my neck, which makes it hard to turn my head to the left side (didn't have that in a very long time). Still managed to do my challenges so far, though.

                  And, surprisingly, my amp-headphone-thingies arrived! That means I can finally start practising the bass in a super easy to set up and comfortable way . Just plug in the headphones, switch them on and I'm good to go! All with one cable and nothing else. I'm super happy.


                    Anchorman was a comedy with Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, and Steve Carell from 2000s. Here’s a clip of that scene from that movie...


                    Donald Trump reminds me a lot of Ron Burgundy

                    glad to hear that you powered through HIIT yesterday too!!!


                      Have fun with your bass
                      I'm looking forward to play my drums again (and finally learn to play the bass that stands directly next to me )


                        Thanks, Chris Lee Bear. Drums would be something I'd like to learn, too, but I fear I have no room for them at the moment Tried to play the bass a bit today, but my shoulder hurt too much, so it's something for tomorrow, I guess.

                        And despite those neck-shoulder issues I managed to do almost all of my scheduled workouts for today (with the exception of push-ups, those will be done tomorrow, hopefully). Nothing much happened today, so here's my status report:

                        Today I did:
                        - Good Morning, World Day 4
                        - 1-Minute Cardio Day 2 (Butt Kicks)
                        - Wall Push-Ups Day 2
                        - Power Walk Day 2
                        - 30 Days of HIIT Day 8 on Level 3
                        - 60 Days of Cardio Day 37 (I think) on Level 3

                        HIIT was cardio, too. I seem to get the hang of cardio, despite not liking it

                        I wish you all a wonderful weekend <--- this time it's a good old banana milk. Tastes especially well over cornflakes (it's better enjoyed in a bowl then, though)


                          My neck is still a little bit off, so my bass has to wait until tomorrow. This reminds me, Chris Lee Bear, do you play in a band? Meant to ask you the last time but totally forgot.

                          Managed to get some quality (or quantity?) writing today and have to restrain myself from starting a third piece of writing
                          I also finally got started with Mandarin, after roaming the internet for weeks to find the perfect plan to get started (see, Fremen? What I could have already achieved in all that time!). Of course, I didn't find one, so today I decided to just start with something, anything, and begun grinding the vocabulary of the first test for Mandarin (HSK). I think I'll get a good batch of characters, vocabulary and phrases under my belt and then get started on grammar.

                          Workout-wise, I succeeded with everything scheduled for today, so here's my status update:

                          Today I did:
                          - Good Morning, World Day 5 (I'm bad at Jumping Jacks after waking up)
                          - 1-Minute Cardio Day 3 (1min March Twists)
                          - Wall Push-Ups Day 3
                          - Power Walk Day 3
                          - 30 Days of HIIT on Level 3
                          - 60 Days of Cardio on Level 3
                          - 100 Push-Ups Week 2 Day 3 5/7/5/5/8
                          - Breathe Easy Workout

                          Pretty good all around.

                          Hope you all had a wonderful and sunny Saturday
                          Last edited by Nihopaloa; May 9th, 2020, 09:59 PM. Reason: Edit: Added a late night Breathe Easy Workout


                            Atm I'm not playing in a band.
                            Don't have the time or room right now.
                            Maybe in two or three years, who knows? 😁


                              Nihopaloa I'm still deciding what to study online


                                Originally posted by Fremen View Post
                                Nihopaloa I'm still deciding what to study online
                                Too many things to choose from or just no idea? (I know both cases )

                                Soo, I kinda bonked my left knee yesterday. During the first jump lunge of 60 Days of Cardio I felt a short but subtle pain, but after that, nothing for the next 69 jump lunges. Two hours later when I went down on the left knee it suddenly hurt, but that subsided as well and another two hours later when I crouched down it started to hurt again. Still does today when I crouch. It doesn't bother me when walking, doing jumping jacks, sitting cross-legged or even when I'm fully crouched, it just hurts in mid-motion going from standing up to crouching down.
                                I guess I'll go easy on it for today (have to find a substitute for reverse lunges later) and treat it with Kytta ointment.
                                Sucks, tho.