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    Yeah, people in general don't really know how to wear masks correctly and effectively unless they work in care or medical.
    Many people keep them under the chin and pull them up (again, hooking the fingers under the mask) when they enter the shop
    Since we wear masks to protect others, I think this one is ok though - provided we take some care when pulling it up and down. Other than that, completely agree.



      That quote is is much too fitting, HellYeah

      I think the biggest problem with people and masks is what Amirsh (being uncomfortable) and what Belerith (not knowing how to wear masks) are saying. It's also a problem that masks still aren't widely available, and when they are they can be expensive. And I still guess some people feel safer with masks and gloves and completely forget the reasonable approaches (keeping distances and don't touching the face). It's weird. Maybe the government should have printed flyers with explanations and put them into the letterbox of every household, I've read other countries are doing that.
      And regarding hooking the fingers under the masks, Belerith, that was mostly a complaint because they touch surfaces with their fingers and then their face to adjust the mask. It would be funny if it weren't so sad.

      Fremen maybe the mother thought the child was safe, with all the rumours that children can't get infected or won't have symptoms or the like (ignoring that children still can be carriers and spreaders). Or it was just classic human stupidity.

      Well, we'll see how it'll go in the next weeks


        Okay, I've come up with a plan for the next month (hopefully) and it consists of finishing the challenges I'm working on and then taking up new ones, 30 Days of HIIT and probably a re-start of 60 Days of Cardio. (well, guibo94 came around the corner with Hero's Journey, so maybe I'll do instead of HIIT or whatever, I'm not sure yet). I still have a bit of time to consider my options. Maybe I'm doing some random workouts to bridge the time until the 1st of May.

        I've also planned a different kind of experiment starting next Monday to find out how I spend a typical day. I have a few things I do routinely every day (coffee, doing dishes, doing challenges, more coffee, writing for two hours, eating, more coffee, writing for two hours) and there have to be a lot of hours during the I can spend constructively. There are still some things I want to do, but I 'can't' find the time for that. I'm pretty sure I have at least four hours somewhere, but they keep eluding me. So, for next Monday, I'm going to prepare a plan with fields for every hour and I'm going to write in every hour what I've done. I'll do that for one week, then I'm going to analyse all of that, and then I'm probably going to hang myself out of shame.
        Should be a fun endeavour

        And after reading Nevetharine telling about her building her stories, acting them out and even talking in character to herself, I was reminded of my own stories and characters, and I got a tiny bit jealous. Because I obviously can't plan my stories. Instead, my characters do whatever they want and bully me the whole way through. Every night when I close my writing program I stare in horror at the screen and wonder why no one is doing what I want them to do and how the f*ck I should ever salvage the mess they've brought themselves into. I feel like a Game Master who has lovingly crafted an engaging campaign for his players only to get it smashed to pieces in the first hour of actual gaming.
        On the other hand, it's fun and I have no idea where all of that is leading to.

        Anyway, here's my brief status update.

        Today I did:
        - Upper Body Light Challenge Day 20
        - Iron Core Challenge Day 20

        Song for today is Morimori Atsushi - MiLK, which is a pain to play in Muse Dash but a pretty good piece of music all around.

        Hope you all had a peaceful Saturday


          Best of luck with your plans.
          I have started reading Nevetharine 's book but I stopped, like I stopped everything else. It's great and when I'm feeling better I'll get back right into it.


            Thanks, Amirsh.
            I'm sure Nevetharine would be happy to read that

            I'll keep my fingers crossed for you tomorrow and keep you in my thoughts.


              Completely unrelated to everything, but I l like cheese and sometimes I buy soft cheese that's close to the expiration date, because it tastes better when it's older. Some days ago I bought some French soft cheese that was fairly expensive prior to being reduced because of it's closeness to the expiration date. Today it was two days overdue and I decided to finally try it.
              It was still very firm and completely neutral in taste. Calling it 'mild of taste' would be an exaggeration.
              Cheese can be pretty disappointing sometimes.


                Whaaat? Nihopaloa Amirsh You guys are reading my book? (Which one?) That's so awesome!

                Nihopaloa , I've planned out Prince of Daegon from start to finish. Created character profiles and everything. Laid out what will happen in every chapter.

                But well, it's already changed drastically from what I've originally planned, although the outline of the story is still the original.

                I just go with it. If the universe beams me down a plot twist, I take it whether I've planned it or not.

                The only thing I try not to do is to become the Grim Reaper and kill everyone off.

                Generally though, my mind's come up with the backbone of the whole story before I ever start writing, in like, 30 seconds of mind-film. And I have to expand a ton on that and fish out what actually happens in between the really epic scenes. (Because that's all I get when I exercise)

                I also find that, I intend for my story to be heroic and bright and most of it turns out to be dark and horror-ish only with a heroic ending. maybe that's a psychological thing


                  Nevetharine Mother


                    Yeah, I was gonna come back and say oh it must be that one, because Nihopaloa doesn't have the whole Prince of Daegon yet.

                    I just woke up...


                      Should be a fun endeavour
                      Sure sounds like it has the potential to be really enlightening!


                        Extremely chill Sunday. I have prepared a few sheets of hourly schedule templates for my little experiment, practised a bit playing the bass and struggled with writing my 'more serious' story. My 'not so serious' stories successfully smashed the 100,000 words yesterday and I still don't know where all of this is going.

                        I had a lot of fun today learning about dial tones, ringing tones and busy signals and spent too much time reading about those (I just wanted to know how the ringing tone is called in German and English). And I finally ordered an English copy of Dune. Initially my plan was to order it at the local bookstore, but they only allow payment via ec-card or credit card and I don't have any of those. So I had to order online. Can't wait for it to arrive (which will probably on Thursday)

                        Here's my status update for today:

                        Today I did:
                        - Upper Body Light Challenge Day 21
                        - Iron Core Challenge Day 21
                        - Yoga Week Day 1 (it was a spontaneous thing, no idea if I continue)

                        Today's piece of music is Apocalyptica feat. Nina Hagen - Seemann. It's a cover and while in the original Rammstein's Till Lindemann sings in a higher voice, Nina Hagen (one of Germany's more... eccentric singers) sings the song in a pretty deep voice (and fantastically rolls her Rs.)

                        Hope you all had a nice weekend and I wish you a great start into the new week


                          Originally posted by Nihopaloa View Post
                          Hope you all had a nice weekend and I wish you a great start into the new week
                          And you!

                          This all looks great, Nihopaloa. In UK English, it's common to call the "busy signal" "engaged", as in "the line is engaged" which is probably archaic from when actual operators handled calls for phone users.

                          Thanks for the Nina Hagen memory, her 99 Red Balloons (Luftballons) was a massive hit - number 1 in the charts I think - when I was a kid, but this is a new side to her work for me!

                          I saw a "treated" cello player supporting Steve Albini's Shellac in Cardiff a couple of years ago: Helen Money. I thought she was great - very inventive!


                            Colin Well, it's a new side since Nina Hagen didn't sing 99 Luftballons, that was Nena (who coincidentally is from Hagen)


                              Oh no! Ha! I thought her sound had changed a lot! I still found the piece interesting.


                                Very interesting video, thanks Colin. I have to say I got intrigued for a moment with you talking about Nina Hagen and 99 Luftballons. I thought that would have sounded very interesting
                                And thanks for the clarification regarding the busy signal. Very helpful.

                                My hourly schedule experiment is going nicely today and so far it doesn't look as unproductive as I thought it would. Which is nice. I also was shopping for groceries today, with a scarf in front of my face, which wasn't even half as nice. But it worked, so I'll probably stick to that instead of buying expensive masks.

                                And because nothing excited happened today (apart from some family stuff that was blown out of proportion by my brother, probably) here's my status update:

                                Today I did:
                                - Upper Body Light Challenge Day 22
                                - Iron Core Challenge Day 22
                                - Yoga Week Day 2
                                - 100 Push ups Week 1 Day 1 (again) 2/3/2/2/4

                                And it's another cover today, this time it's Metallica's One played by one man and his guitar, and some live recorded loops at the end. Here's Mike Dawes - One who's my favourite fingerstyle guitarist.

                                Hope you all had a good start into the new week