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    Body transformation goal

    New year, new me. Time to make a change and stick to it this time!

    hi everyone. I’m Claire, Im British but I’ve been living in Italy almost 10 years. I’ve got two kids under 3, so I’ve practically no time for myself never mind the gym.
    2020 is to be my “finally getting fit” year. But this is something I’ve started many times in the past and I soon I burn out by being too ambitious and setting unattainable goals.

    I came across DAREBEE the other day and it looks great. The Hero’s plan looks like a good way to start, I think I should be able to fit that in around naps and nappy changes, hopefully! 🤞

    glad to have found this free resource, it looks amazing and I can’t wait to get started and discover it all. Hope I’ve picked the right plan to start with.
    Anyway thanks and nice to be a part of the DAREBEE community. Have a great day


    There is some logic in the statement that if you have time to get out of shape then you also have time to get into shape. All it takes to start is 5 minutes a day. You don't need a gym, you just need to keep going.


      nice, welcome!!

      DAREBEE is fantastic...lot's of programs and individual workouts to choose from.

      Our daughter has '3 under 4" ...they keep getting older, faster, hungrier LOL

      Congrats and YES you can make enough time I bet - wishing you well on your journey!


        Welcome, opening your own training log to share with others is a great way to start, it is easier to stay motivated if you are not alone