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    Getting started

    Hey bees!

    I'm new to the Hive: I completed the Foundation program about a year ago, but I didn't do a great job of motivating myself to continue to improve in all aspects of my life, and I fell off the work out wagon. I wasn't putting in much of an effort to eat healthy or practice healthy lifestyle habits, and so working out felt like more of a chore than a method of self-improvement. I've recently gotten to a point where I have found myself wanting to be healthier overall: slimmer, fitter, stronger, with a solid diet and a stable routine. My partner helps me stay focused and motivated, and now that I have a goal in mind, I want to seriously start working towards it. I started the Zero Hero program three days ago, and even over just the past few days I've noticed a marked increase in my energy and motivation.

    Day one:
    Zero Hero: Level III of the Zero Hero program involved completing 100 high knees. I did that in one go, and it felt pretty good. I actually felt like it was too easy, so while my partner was doing his workout, I went ahead and did 3 more sets of 100 high knees.

    Knee Rehab: I completed Level III of the Knee Rehab workout. I have a family history of bad knees, and dancing in college only made the issue worse for me. I started physical therapy last summer, but haven't been great about keeping up with it. The knee rehab work out actually includes all of the physical therapy exercises I was assigned to do, along with some others, so I've decided that as long as I'm sticking to Darebee programs, I may as well make it a daily thing.

    Etc: I bike as my main mode of transportation, so I completed an easy bike ride, approximately 20 minutes long.

    Day two:
    Zero Hero: I completed Level III of Zero Hero again. This strength day was a fair bit more difficult than the first. After day one I was strongly considering switching to a higher intensity workout. I may still do so, but I was much happier with the day two exercise.

    Knee Rehab: I only did two circuits of the knee rehab today. My knees were fatigued from biking, and I didn't want to stress them.

    Etc: Went on a longer bike ride today, about 45 minutes long.
    My partner does combat sports and I've had some minimal background with boxing, so we spent about 20 minutes drilling punches and kicks on the boxing bag.

    Day three:
    Zero Hero: Level III of Zero Hero again. Today was a leg day, which I have a much stronger foundation in. Level III again felt a little easy, and I completed five circuits with 30 second rests instead of 2 minutes.

    Knee Rehab: Because today's Zero Hero work out was a leg day that included many of the Knee Rehab exercises I find helpful, I didn't complete Knee Rehab for today.

    Etc: I completed today's Daily Dare (40 leg lifts), with one set of 10 reps between each circuit of Zero Hero.
    10 minutes on the boxing bag.

    Feeling sore today, especially since I was stuck in a car for a lot of it. Definitely a little stiff. I've definitely gotten a bit of a self-esteem boost after the first few days of Zero Hero--I expected it to be more challenging for me, and I've been pleasantly surprised so far. I'm still considering switching programs to one a little more intensive, but I'd like to see how this one advances. I don't want to get ahead of myself and bite off more than I can chew.

    Hello and welcome to the Hive

    I think it's great zero to hero is a bit easy for you. Just do what you feel you should do, there are plenty of great programs.

    As far as the knees go, look at your original physio exercises and maybe incorporate it into your routine to make it more interesting.

    Best of luck to you in your goals.


      Welcome! Glad you found your way back here, and I'm impressed you found High Knees easy!! I'd recommend you stick with the programme unless it REALLY doesn't challenge you. You get a cool badge, you see. And there is nothing stopping you from adding another programme to the one you are doing, or throwing in a few workouts and challenges. Lots of us do that sort of thing. May your journey with us be long and enjoyable.


        Thank you so much for your responses! I honestly didn't expect to hear from anyone, it feels good to know there's a community out there that's checking in!

        Day four:
        Zero Hero: Finished Level III of Zero Hero. I think I'm gonna stick with it and see how it feels, adding things in when I feel like I wasn't challenged as much as I would like.

        Knee Rehab: Went on another long bike ride today, this one was strenuous enough that I felt some pain in my knees. Came back and did some simple physical therapy exercises, then decided to rest it. Fortunately tomorrow shouldn't put too much strain on it, so I'll be able to rest again as well.

        Etc: Fairly busy day, didn't have much time for anything else, but the bike ride earlier was about an hour long and I felt pretty tired afterward, so I'll count that. Didn't get up to the roof to work on the boxing bag today.

        Happy Valentine's Day! Hope everyone had a lovely day, and if not, that tomorrow is better!


          I went to the beach today, so I'm tired and sunburned, but happy. We left at 6am and only just got back at 9pm, and I didn't have time to do a full exercise. Still had a great day though!

          Day five:
          Zero Hero: Didn't have a chance to do this today. Looks like I'll have to double up tomorrow!

          Knee Rehab: Climbed a lot of stairs today and started feeling it in my knees, so when I got back I did three circuits of knee rehab.

          Etc: Does splashing around at the beach count?

          Looks like I've got my work cut out for me tomorrow to get a solid workout in and make up for today!


            Bit of a slow day in the house today, but good! I got to chat with my mom and a friend back home, and my SO and I called his family as well. We've been stuck at home without work due to the coronavirus scare, so we're going a bit stir-crazy, and it's so nice to see familiar faces!

            Day six:
            Zero Hero: Completed Level III of both day five and day six of Zero Hero today, so I'm feeling a little proud of myself, ngl. Officially done with 20% of the program and feeling good! I even added some weight while I did the squats, and I was pretty worn out afterward!

            Knee Rehab: Did three circuits of knee rehab, a little fatigued but feeling good.

            Etc: 20 minutes on the boxing bag + pad work. No biking today.

            I'm feeling good getting in a solid workout after being lazy yesterday! Excited for the rest of Zero Hero, as well as whatever else I end up doing. Feeling motivated!


              Spent today getting ready to travel tomorrow! University is cancelled for two more weeks due to COV, so until work starts up again, we decided to kill sometime by visiting a part of the country we haven't seen before. So lots of packing and planning today!

              Day seven:
              Zero Hero: Again, found Level III quite manageable, so I completed the 120 high knees in one go, then finished two more sets of 50 high knees spaced between my knee rehab workout.

              Knee Rehab: Going up the stairs today I noticed a bit of pain in my knees, so I did three circuits of knee rehab. Might try doing this twice a day to see if that improves anything.

              Etc: Did a routine called Myrtl, which is supposed to help with lower back pain, with my partner since he has been experiencing some pain there recently, and I thought I would benefit as well. It actually eased a bit of the fatigue I was feeling in my knees, which was a surprise benefit.

              Hopefully I'll be able to be productive tomorrow! We'll spend the whole day either on a bus, plane, or taxi, so I'll definitely be wanting to get a workout in if possible.


                Sydalina Belate Welcome to the hive! Epic work on your thread by the way! Can't wait to see that Zero Hero Badge


                  Thanks BlackButler! Definitely feeling the love from the hive! Like I said yesterday, I spent all day today traveling, and I've only just gotten to the airbnb about an hour ago (its 10pm here right now). Feeling a little stiff from sitting still all day, but I hopefully will get a chance to loosen up a bit tomorrow and get some more progress done.

                  Day eight:
                  Zero Hero: Did Level I of the Zero Hero workout today. Apparently my core isn't my strong suit, who knew?

                  Knee Rehab: Did some stretches on the bus and the plane, but didn't do the full rehab routine.

                  Etc: Did half the Myrtl routine before we left the house this morning.

                  I can barely keep my eyes open right now, so I'm going to head to bed. Looking forward to a longer work out tomorrow, as well as exploring the new city!


                    Enjoy your trip and your training!


                      Hey friends! Had a pretty good day today, just wandering around the city. Absolutely gorgeous, and a pleasant break from the hot, humid floodplains we've been living in for the past few months. Felt pretty good with training today, too! Much more productive than yesterday!

                      Day nine:
                      Zero Hero: Did level III of the Zero Hero program for today. Actually felt like it was a little easy, so I doubled the number of lunges and climbers I needed to complete. I really felt it at the end of the 7th circuit, but I also felt really accomplished.

                      Knee Rehab: Did three circuits of knee rehab in the evening. Definitely needed after a day of walking up and down hills and stairs.

                      Etc: Felt like Zero Hero wasn't challenging me today, so I used the Darebee FitTap app to challenge myself. I got 80 squats as my challenge, so I spaced them out between sets of Zero Hero. Wow was I feeling shaky afterwards! Still a great feeling though.

                      Looking forward to tomorrow, seeing more of the city and hopefully not regretting going hard on the workout today!


                        Well, yesterday was a long day, and I ended up forgetting to post after my workout. It was a great day though! Definitely feeling the previous day's workout, and we ended up climbing up a fair few stairs, so those squats were really coming back to bite me!

                        Day ten:
                        Zero Hero: Did Level III of Zero Hero, which I started to feeling towards the end. I didn't end up waiting the full two minutes between circuits, which definitely contributed.

                        Knee Rehab: Did three circuits of Knee Rehab. Fortunately I didn't notice any pain yesterday despite all of the stairs we were climbing, which was great. Doing the lunges of Knee Rehab really killed me though. After all those lunges the day before, I felt pretty shaky finishing the workout!

                        Etc: No extra workouts, just climbing stairs all day.

                        Looking forward to today! We're going out to a coffee farm and visiting puppies, so it's gotta be spectacular, right?


                          Oof, really feeling my legs today! Somehow had even more stairs to climb today--I guess thats what I get for visiting a city in the mountains! It's definitely leaves me feeling accomplished after a long day of hiking, though.

                          Day eleven:
                          Zero Hero: So I admit, I actually wasn't able to complete this one. The exercise called for 3-5 minutes of a wall sit, depending on the Level. I got up to a minute and my legs just informed me that enough was enough. Looks like I'll be needing to give my legs a break for a little while.

                          Knee Rehab: This exercise was rough today. It focuses a lot on quad strength, which I am fresh out of today. I did notice my right knee starting to twinge toward the end of the day, so it's definitely necessary--just a little difficult, especially the lunges.

                          Etc: I didn't want to skip a workout today, despite how fatigued my legs were. I decided to use the FitTap app again and did the first three dares that didn't involve lower body strength. I ended up doing a short workout of 10 situps, 20 side kicks, and 10 pushups. Honestly, it totally wore me out.

                          Well, that was my day of...well, not rest, since I was pretty active during the day, but of minimized workouts. I'm still very sore. I wish I could say that tomorrow I'll get to relax, but my partner and I are going canyoning! Despite my fatigue and soreness, I'm super excited. We haven't gotten the chance to get out into nature in months, and it's refreshing to wake up every day and have the opportunity to wander around and exhaust ourselves exploring this region of the country.

                          I assume the majority of darebee users are in the Western hemisphere? So most of you will be waking up soon. Good morning! And if you're anywhere near where I am, sleep well!


                            I assume the majority of darebee users are in the Western hemisphere?
                            I don't know about that. I think most of the active hivers are from Europe and around... maybe not but there are definitely a lot.


                              I read too fast sometime, I thought you were going canoeing. Lol. I pictured ALL kinds for rowing exercise haha...

                              Enjoy your canyon trip! 🌝