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    One Step @ a Time

    Hey all, I go! I’m rather excited/nervous to start a program. The workouts have come up on my Pinterest so I was excited to find the website. It seems to have a lot of tools that will help keep me accountable..which is exactly what I need!

    I have about 50ish pounds to lose. Which on my 4’11 body shows more than it would a taller person. What can I say, life isn’t fair! LOL I want to try not to focus on the numbers so much as building strength, getting healthier, and accepting/feeling good in my body. The weight has come on over the last (almost) 3 years. I quit heroin and meth and picked up the junk food! I am Prediabetic and am working on cutting out sugar and processed food.

    I am going to start out at a snail's pace. As well as being just out of shape, I have fibromyalgia and back problems (spinal fusion in 2008). So my workouts will be carefully picked and sometimes adjusted. I have to be especially careful with my knees and lower back. Hopefully I can slowly strengthen them and minimize pain and be able to do more. If anyone has been through this and has advice or workouts to point me too I am open to learning!

    Well, I think that’s basically my intro. In my next one I’ll probably put my starting weight and measurements. Thanks for reading!

    Welcome to the Hive, Rosebud Here you'll find workouts at diferent levels. Start at level 1 and work up from there. You'll also find suggestions on how to adapt exercises. And of course, the Hive is full of Bees happy to encourage you, support you, and offer suggestions should you need them. Welcome to the start of your journey! May it be long and enjoyable.


      Rosebud welcome to the Hive and Darebee.

      You will find lots of workouts and programmes here. If you're looking for something to ease yourself in with then Foundation Light would be a good choice and then move on to Foundation. If you're not sure what you can and can't do speak to a medical professional.

      When you take your measurements, take some photos of yourself too as sometimes it's only when you look back at photos that you can see the difference.

      If you're looking to lose 50 pounds then also consider trying to be generally as active as you can during the day. I don't know your job and obviously you know what you can do with your health issues but try to do the best you can. If you can walk plenty or even go for a swim that will help.

      Try to sort out your calorie limit for a day too. You can track your food intake on My Fitness Pal if you set it to maintenance mode. Don't whatever you do log calories from exercise in there as you don't want to eat them back. Big tip I got from my PT too, whatever your daily calorie limit, think of it as a wage. You spend calories as you eat, however most people are paid over a week as a minimum and not a day. Therefore if you want to go out for a treat or a meal one day a week then saving some calories from other days towards that is fine over a weeks average total calories e.g. your weekly calorie wage.

      You can find a calorie calculator here.

      If you are going to be doing Darebee each day as well as walking then use 1.4 as your activity level. Whatever the figure it gives you, knock 15% off and then you've gotten a calorie deficit. When you appear to stop progressing as your weight has dropped, you will need to redo this step. That is progress.

      I see you are trying to sort your diet out, well done on kicking heroin and meth; that is no easy process. If you've got the willpower to do that, then you have the strength to lose weight too.

      Good luck and keep us posted.




          Rosebud Welcome to the hive! I look forward to your journey