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The Beginning of the Journey

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    The Beginning of the Journey

    I am new here!

    I really hope Darabee can help me start a healthy life
    anyway so I have a questions tho

    How do you like track your daily dare does it do it automatically when you click on them?

    Anyway I hope y'all have a great day and I cant wait to continue posting

    Welcome, nice to see you. DDs are tracked by yourself. Keep a training log so you can see what you've done. When you've reached 50, claim your badge.


      Ok I will keep that in mind Thank you TopNotch


        VenusLove18 Welcome to the hive! Good luck on your journey


          Thank you so much BlackButler for your support!


            Today I finished:

            Daily Dare ( With Extra Credit)

            FACE the DAY workout

            CENTERED workout

            Day 2 of 30 Days of change Program

            I forgot to say yesterday that I:

            Finished Day 1 of 30 Days of change

            Daily Dare ( with EC)

            Thanks for all your support


              VenusLove18 Welcome to the hive! Keep it up!


                Thx you so much for your support @AgilePhoenix


                  Today I did

                  The Daily Dare

                  Because Cake workout

                  Day 3 of the 30 days of change program

                  Iwent to the Gym and did Treadmill
                  I burned 134 Calories
                  I walked 1.42 miles




                      Today I didn't do much you know busy schedule

                      Daily Dare with EC

                      Day four of 30 Days of change

                      I have a question: Should I start a challenge and if so which one would you recommend?

                      Should I start another program if so which one do you recommend?

                      Thx you for your support


                        What do you want to develop? Look through the list of challenges and select one or more that you'd like to do. If you need to relax before bed, then perhaps the meditation. If you don't drink enough water, try that one. If, like me, you suck at running, do a running one. There are so many. I'm sure you'll find at least one that's the perfect fit for you right at this moment.


                          I am happy to follow a 30 day program that inspires me and then add one or more challenges to complete the program or because it is something I feel like doing at that time.
                          I realized that varying between programs and challenges helps me a lot to continue to train constantly and it only works well if I choose what I really want to do in that period


                            Ty for all for your replies
                            TopNotch and Fremen

                            I will consider your suggestions Ty and TopNotch I think I am going to have to do the water and running challenge cause I hardly drink water and I stink at running to


                              My Digital Workout Journal ( Day 5)

                              Daily Dare ( EC)

                              2 Minute Warm-up

                              Day 5 ( 30 Days of change)

                              Cool Down ( Recovery Workout)

                              Day 1 of Meditation Challenge

                              Then I went to the Gym and did abdominal Crunch and Treadmill