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    Renee's 2020 Life Log

    I am excited to try this Darebee Hive out...hello everyone My name is Renee and am hoping to use this site to elevate me on my fitness/life journey.

    Quick background--
    Started Weight Watchers, lost about 20 pounds, but realized I needed to work on the psych part
    Stopped WW, went to therapy for a year or so while exercising off and on. This was major and really helped. I was diagnosed with PTSD and underwent EMDR therapy which really changed my life for the good.
    Started using Aaptiv app-- FELL IN LOVE! It challenged me and focused not on weight loss, but on just being stronger and feeling better. I was doing their walk to run program, their meditation program and a strength training program and really enjoying it. Went to the gym like 3-4 times a week and LOVED it.

    Then Aaptiv sold out--now the app sucks and is focused more on quick fixes and weight loss. The programming has totally changed--they got rid of many programs without any notice. Truly was AaptivGate. Also referred to now as Craaptiv.

    I'll be honest that I mourned the loss of the OG Aaptiv app. A lot of us did and we all joined a fbook group to commiserate and try to find something similar to OG Aaptiv. I tried a few different apps, but nothing really brought the same magic. I was in a funk. And I may still be in that funk! But I'm hoping to drag myself out and also hoping that this space will be helpful with encouraging me actually *do the thing*.

    I also started with NerdFitness and I like the fbook group, but I don't love how the workouts are set up. It's just so clunky and not user friendly--UNLESS you pay like $200 a month for coaching--which is *not* going to happen.

    So-- with no further ado! My recent big wins!

    Sunday night I meal prepped. It was the simplest meal prep, but it helps me to eat healthy and not spend money during lunch. Made some chicken, rice, beans, veggies and through it together. Made enough for 3 days.

    Monday I went on a walk during my lunch break-- walked for 40 minutes while listening to an audiobook (thank you Libby app!) and hit my step goal. I have recently lowered my step goal to 6,000, but yesterday I got over 8,000.

    There we are! 2 big wins so far. I am trying to take this slow and steady so I don't burn out.

    I want to start the Iron Born exercise plan. I have printed out the materials and just need to start.

    Thanks for listening if you took the time!

    seymour1003 Hi Renee! And welcome to the Hive It's good to have you here and congrats on the wins!


      Good luck and good you are here.


        Welcome to the Hive, Renee! Congrats on hitting your step goal and on your meal prep! Preparing your own food is no joke in our age of fast food options everywhere and never-enough-time to do things for ourselves, but it is a huge help in the quest to eat healthfully, as you've noted. You'll find lots of resources here on DAREBEE to help with your home cooking, healthy eating, and fitness goals. I look forward to reading about your progress with IronBorn.


          Welcome to the hive seymour1003
          Good luck to you...


            seymour1003 I have never done Weight Watchers, but I have had friends and family who have done it. The major drawback that I can find from WW is that its focus lies mostly in weight loss, which is not always the worst thing, but also generally not a perfect indication of health.

            What I find is so good about this site and this community, is that it exists to promote fitness as an end goal, and because of that takes a pretty open viewpoint towards fitness as a whole. No one that I have met on this site will discourage anyone else from trying to get healthy, only they will suggest ways to have a safer and healthier approach. This effectively makes Darebee compatible with any other fitness regime (not too mention being pretty great just by itself), whereas a lot of others have the mentality of "We are all you need".

            If you check into people's check-in threads you will thus find a wide range of experience and goals, which I think is much more what fitness is about. There are people training for 1k and people training for marathons. There are people doing their first pushup and people trying to break the world record for pushups. There are people trying to lose 150 pounds, and people trying to gain 20.

            All of this is to say welcome, and this is a great place to get healthy.


              seymour1003 Welcome to the hive! You will love it here If you ever need any advice we are all here to help out Good luck on your journey


                seymour1003 welcome to the hive . I never did WW but I am in slimming world. As CaptainCanuck said weight loss is good but (in my opinion) not the best way to get "healthy" as you can be (in my case) 70kg and be unhealthy. I prefer to focus on how well I perform in the gym and in life "exercise" like walking long distance and climbing hills without getting breathless (I have asthma). There is also the mirror, are you happy with what you see?
                I look forward to seeing your progess, and good job thus far .


                  Welcome to the Hive. Darebee will certainly help you with your fitness and lots of other things relating to a healthy lifestyle. Keep us posted on your progress.