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    Almost a full year! That's so impressive and something to be proud off


      Almost there!!
      ​​​​​And that does sound like a lovely tea!


        Day 363

        ​​​ day 15 Fighters' Codex
        ​​​ day 12 Ironborn Incentive to do fast-up-slow-down with the leg raises when the kitten was waiting to chew on my ankles!
        ​ day 7 30 days of Yoga

        day 8 Easy Cardio
        day 7 Negative Pullup
        day 8 Office-Friendly Posture
        day 8 Flexibility
        day 8 De-stress


          Ah, kitten-improved exercises... Just wait until the little one understands it is very funny to jump on your back during planks (and knead your lower back of course), or tries to swat your ankles in downward dog!


            Day 364

            ​​​ day 15 Fighters' Codex
            ​​​ day 13 Ironborn
            Click image for larger version  Name:	20210109_233208.jpg Views:	0 Size:	284.4 KB ID:	758247
            ​ day 8 30 days of Yoga

            day 9 Easy Cardio
            day 7 and 8 Negative Pullup
            day 9 Office-Friendly Posture
            day 9 Flexibility
            day 9 De-stress
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              Go, kitty! You've got this!


                Aaaawwwwwww that's so cute! The weight is bigger than the kitty!


                  Day 365

                  Now, nobody get excited by the number of days there. You see, I started in a leap year, so I actually have to complete 366 days to get a whole year, to get to the final day of my first year which will be 11 January. And that's tomorrow. See you all then.

                  ​​​ day 15 Fighters' Codex
                  ​​​ day 14 Ironborn
                  ​ day 9 30 days of Yoga

                  day 10 Easy Cardio
                  day 9 Negative Pullup
                  day 10 Office-Friendly Posture
                  day 10 Flexibility
                  day 10 De-stress

                  You know when there is a biggish and tedious chore you have to do but you keep putting it off? Yeah, well, for me that's folding baskets full of clean laundry. So I decided to plug in my ear buds and do a Zombies, run! Home Front workout while doing it - made it WAY more interesting.
                  M06 Phil Cheeseman Edition which had me doing (in addition to folding washing and dancing to music) jabs, sit-ups, sideways shuffles (touching the ground at each side "as though to pat a kitten" - but I couldn't because she was just sitting on the bed watching me with a bemused cat expression), and arm stretches.

                  And in honour of Fremen I shall add a quote to my thread to harmonise as best I can with his. The quote of the month shall be

                  "If you don't try, you forfeit the opportunity." Frank Sonnenberg


                    Fireworks are prepared for 366 days of ACTION!!!


                      Ha! Thanks for the warning, I'll keep the fireworks too


                        For a moment I was tempted to start with the congratulations in advance ... who knows how many I would have brought with me


                          I'm pretty sure your next post will begin with "Day 366" and a list of workouts will follow, so I'm here to be the first to congratulate


                            Now, Mianevem you may be right, but you jumped the gun. And I noticed when I went to change my profile, that it was "365 days" but comes up as "1 year" on the avatar!

                            Day 366

                            ​​​ day 15 Fighters' Codex
                            ​​​ day 15 Ironborn
                            ​ day 10 30 days of Yoga

                            day 11 Easy Cardio
                            days 10 and 11 Negative Pullup
                            day 11 Office-Friendly Posture
                            day 11 Flexibility
                            day 11 De-stress

                            Oops, nearly forgot! This is the result of your Duolingo inspiration, CaptainCanuck I can do most anything if pushed, it seems!
                            Click image for larger version

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                            "What would you have? Your gentleness shall force
                            More than your force move us to gentleness."
                            William Shakespeare, As You Like It
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                              1 year congrats