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    Agility Congrats


      congrats on finishing Agility!


        Congrats on Agility!🥳😎


          Thanks, Fremen Mianevem VacTom HellYeah stephenphillips42 DorothyMH As always, acknowledgement spurs me on!

          Day 326

          ​ day 28 Daily Push-ups
          day 27 Dead Hang
          day 2 Easy Core This monthly challenge seems just the ticket!

          day 5 Fighters' Codex Ran out of time today.

          day 2 Advent calendar
          days 1 and 2 Advent calendar - Upperbody I'd missed this one yesterday but then I read Julian4077 's thread. Thanks!

          Poomsae training. Warmed up with a few laps on ball kick and side kicks, then we sat down and had one of those awkward, uncomfortable chats - awkward and uncomfortable because they make you think and question yourself. About our goals. With the break coming up, we can do nothing and completely lose where we are now; we can just tickle along, maintaining ourselves; or we can continue to train. In the first scenario, when term begins again next year, we'd have to work to get back to where we are now; in the second, we are in the same place as now and have to work to improve; and in the third, we have not only maintained but also improved and now we can continue to get even better. That big question: why do you train? determines which scenario we each choose. And then the next thing is, how best can I continue to train/maintain myself (slacking off doesn't really require planning!)? So a fairly quiet night externally but internally - oh my!


            Congrats on agility


              I like the idea of having formal reflective sessions at training TopNotch . The standard "you only get out what you put in" talk is fine, but focusing on each individual would build a layer of accountability.


                Io6 Indeed. It puts the onus on us to determine exactly how much we are willing to put in. We can bring our own training plans or suggestions to the coaches for feedback, but they (quite rightly) say that they won't give so much time to people who aren't trying to help themselves. But trying to identify only a couple of things that need improvement - well, there's the rub!


                  Thanks, Silent Wolf

                  Day 327

                  ​ day 29 Daily Push-ups
                  day 27 Dead Hang
                  day 3 Easy Core

                  day 5 Fighters' Codex

                  day 3 Advent calendar
                  day 3 Advent calendar - Upperbody

                  day 1 Splits app (intermediate). Thought I'd better get back to some focus on flexibility. The hamstrings are still a bit buggered but they're getting there.

                  Taekwondo training. Did some different warm-ups today, which were a bit of fun. Started off doing jab-punch with a slide forward and back. Then added a squat before and after. Then added three jumping jacks and a burpee at the beginning. Phew! Outside again with the Mastery lot. Wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to practice. I guess I'm a bit practiced out right now, though I stil forget which whatever is which. Did a couple of patterns, a couple of complexes, a few self-defences. Grading next Thursday then the Mastery demonstration the following Sunday. I'll be glad when it's over!

                  E came over again this morning and we worked on patterns. First I watched her do some of hers and critiqued, then she gave me a dose of my own medicine and punished me with my grading pattern!


                    Belated congrats on Square 1 and Agility!


                      Thanks, Whirly

                      Day 328

                      ​ day 30 Daily Push-ups
                      day 27 Dead Hang
                      day 4Easy Core

                      day 6 Fighters' Codex

                      day 4 Advent calendar
                      day 4 Advent calendar - Upperbody

                      Poomsae training. Possibly the last for the year. Again, it was working with a partner, doing your grading pattern, getting commented on, watching your partner's pattern, commenting. Then doing the pattern in front of the whole group. While I was doing my pattern, a coach came up and asked if I needed help (why? Did it look that bad??!) I said that I knew the pattern, just wasn't very good at it (self-deprecation here). So he watched me, stopping me at almost every move and correcting me. I didn't really think it was that bad, but his corrections made it very much better. Now I just have to remember and implement them. Then I did it with three others in front of the group and it wasn't too bad. Watched other people do their patterns. Then did Koryo (just for fun) and that wasn't good! Then side kicks against the wall and a quick spot of stretching.


                        Ha! Being watched by a group can be hard.
                        I reckon that when anyone asks you "do you need help?" The answer is always "yes"!
                        You sound like you took the opportunity and built from it, that's awesome.
                        I say this as someone who spent last night getting owned by a lot of people and (apart from feeling a bit beaten up today) am really pleased. I've got a couple more moves I can use on others...after they worked so well on me!


                          Io6 , you make a good point. I feel the same, you never stop learning and bettering yourself. TopNotch My instructors refer to it as refining rather than correcting, and I get it a lot!


                            Julian4077 "Refining" - I like it. Mine don't "correct" per se, just show a better, more accurate way of doing things!
                            Io6 Yep, being watched by a group is hard; being watched by a group of black belts is worse! Fortunately, the feedback you get from the latter group is incredibly useful so it makes the pain bearable.

                            Day 329

                            day 28 Dead Hang It's not the grip that I have the greatest problem with - it's getting my hands in a position where they don't hurt! Yep, I'm a right wimp. I could probably hang around all day (okay, perhaps a slight exaggeration) if I could just get my hands more comfortable.
                            day 5 Easy Core

                            day 6 Fighters' Codex

                            day 5 Advent calendar Ugghh, these are killers! There was absolutely NO focus on correct form with these puppies today!! I was lucky to get through them.
                            day 5 Advent calendar - Upperbody But this one was fun.

                            It wasn't Life that stepped in today and prevented my doing Fighter's Codex - it was Technology. Or rather, the lack thereof. My internet went down (again...) and I simply could not remember the 9 exercises of today. I remembered the first two and then there was a complete blank. I did not, however, waste this time. After last night's "tutoring" fresh in my brain, I worked on my pattern. And again. And again. And then just that station. Again. And the top station. Etc, you get the drift. And I felt it was better. Not as good as it should be, but way better than it was.

                            Yesterday when I was walking the children to Brigades, we experienced a singular phenomenon. We felt drops of water, and at first, we thought it was raining but there was a big blue cloudless sky. Drift from someone's sprinkler? - but we were walking through the park. Then we saw it - a fine spray drifting down from some of the gumtrees. Not all, just a certain type. We'd not experienced this before. It didn't seem nearly hot enough for the trees to have been sweating, but hey, I'm not a tree - what would I know?! Nature keeps revealing something new to us - the owl across the road; the bats that have colonised our Chinese elm; now sweating trees. Eh, what a wonderful world.


                              I try to always download the program pdf as a backup. Though I don't always remember.

                              Sweating trees sounds interesting, maybe they were doing burpees beforehand?


                                For your hands on the bar? I had that problem too. First, I took off my wedding band. Next, I wear thin sun gloves, mainly cuz my hands sweat (pathologically). And, finally, don’t “dead” hang. Instead, hang “actively” by using your core and ALL the rest of your body, as if you were doing a *hollow core* on the floor. This actually reduces the pull on your hands. In my experience. I learned this from the Athlean-X guy.