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    Day 24

    Super Buzz (3 sets).

    Upper body light (day 4)
    Wall Push-ups (day 24) Hold again = 1:57 - 1:11 - 1:02
    Touch your Toes (day 24)
    Knee Push-ups (day 15)
    From Walking to Running (day 20) Today I had to walk for 15 minutes, so I incorporated it in my brisk walk to pick the little lad up from his second day at school. Went a couple of minutes the other way and then went to the school. Got there in 14 minutes and 47 seconds, so the other 13 seconds were in the walk home! The second half of the walk, which was lightly uphill, I had the lad on my back. That certainly made it a good workout!!

    day 6 Foundation Light This is really light. I know it's for those who haven't really exercised and I said that I had started it to encourage another person. Unfortunately, that person has not continued, but I started it so now I'm kind of stuck doing it until it's done. I'm sure that, although my fitness level isn't so low, it's now wonderful so I'll be getting some benefit even from something that appears easy. I've been doing it at a fairly high intensity, but still only on level 1 because that's what I started on and it wouldn't seem right to change now. Yep, that's my personality!
    day 6 <Totals> A Jacks day today!

    DD with EC (#24).

    Tonight was the resumption of regular training, after a 6-week break. Phew! We were started off gently. Gently? Hah! Spent the first 25 minutes doing running drills. See, I knew that running exercise would come in handy! Was pleased that when we had to do two sets of 10 push-ups, I could do them! The sit-ups, leg raises, scissors, and push-outs were fine, too. A few punches and kicks to add to We're Fighting...


      Day 25

      Super Buzz (3 sets).
      Need to add another workout - this one looks lonely.

      Upper body light (day 5)
      Wall Push-ups (day 25)
      Touch your Toes (day 25)
      Knee Push-ups (day 16)
      From Walking to Running (day 21) Today was easy for me. What's all that about then?! After last night's training when we did so much running, I found myself today looking through other running programmes. And after I swore I'd not do another running programme!! But I know it's done me good and I want to retain that good, even increase it. Crazy, I know, but there it is! 8 weeks... is a likely candidate.
      No Salt Just because...

      day 7 Foundation Light
      day 7 <Totals> Today's push-ups more than covered the number of push-ups I need to do this week for The Pushers. Also gave me 200 punches to add to We're Fighting...

      DD with EC (#25).


        Day 26

        Super Buzz (3 sets).

        Upper body light (day 6)
        Wall Push-ups (day 26) Holds - 2:16 - 1:16 - 1:03
        Touch your Toes (day 26)
        Knee Push-ups (day 17)
        From Walking to Running (day 22) ...or maybe
        No Salt (day 2)

        day 8 Foundation Light
        day 8 <Totals>

        At training tonight, in the Novice class, I was the senior belt so led the class through the stretches. It felt funny to be the focus of attention!. The second class gave me more kicks and punches, so that was 120 kicks and 50 punches for We're Fighting...

        I forgot yesterday to put in my push-ups but I have gone well past this week's requirements, with about 130 push-ups (not including the knee push-ups I'm doing for the challenge) to add to The Pushers.

        DD with EC (#26).


          Day 27

          Super Buzz (3 sets).

          Upper body light (day 7)
          Wall Push-ups (day 27)
          Touch your Toes (day 27)
          Knee Push-ups (day 18)
          From Walking to Running (day 23)
          No Salt (day 3)

          day 9 Foundation Light
          day 9 <Totals>

          DD with EC (#27).

          My FitBit claims I have walked over 21,000 steps today. Just for fun, at the little lad's school playground, I surprised myself by doing two chin-ups. Maybe another day I'll try a pull-up...


            Originally posted by TopNotch View Post

            I surprised myself by doing two chin-ups. Maybe another day I'll try a pull-up...
            Appetite comes with eating


              Originally posted by Fremen View Post

              Appetite comes with eating
              Yes, but if I eat too much, I'll never be able to pull myself up! It was quite exciting, though, because I hadn't known I could! Hmm, what else can I do...?


                Great work! I'm jealous as all get out, my hand creaks just from hanging


                  When I bought the pull-ups bar after fixing it I tried to get up ... without success, not even a single pull-ups
                  A couple of years later I was doing about ten pull-ups


                    Fremen Maybe you put it too high. Did you try it at about nose height?! But seriously, how high should a pull-up or chin-up bar be?


                      In my experience the ideal height of the pull-ups bar is one in which in the Dead Hang you don't touch the ground with your toes, making it easy to grab the bar from the ground and you don't have to bend your legs when do pull-ups not to touch the ground.


                        Happy burpee day!
                        My son and I did 15 full this morning. No one should burpee alone
                        I'll see if anyone is interested in burpeeing with me later!


                          Day 28

                          Super Buzz (3 sets). Last day of this one. I like having one workout that I do for a week.

                          Upper body light (day 8)
                          Wall Push-ups (day 28) Holds - 3:13 - 1:37 - 1:26
                          Touch your Toes (day 28)
                          Knee Push-ups (day 19)
                          From Walking to Running (day 24)
                          No Salt (day 4)

                          day 10 Foundation Light
                          day 10 <Totals>. Okay, so those burpees weren't so bad after all. My mistake, I think, was that I jump my feet to land between my hands, and from that position, I find it impossible to jump backwards. I did the first five like that and quite exhausted myself. So I had a break and watched the Darebee video and saw Neila landing her feet around the half-way mark. I did that the next time, and even managed to do 15 in a row. Okay, I don't think that the "50 in a Row" is right there in my foreseeable future (unless you're related to Nostradamus!) but I did my 60 today and - guess what? I survived!!

                          DD withOUT EC (#1). Well, some days you just can't. I can live with that. Just... Total DD = 28.


                            Woohoo for the 60!


                              Day 29

                              Six O'Clock (3 sets). Giving this one a go for a week.

                              Upper body light (day 9)
                              Wall Push-ups (day 29)
                              Touch your Toes (day 29)
                              Knee Push-ups (day 20)
                              From Walking to Running (day 25)
                              No Salt (day 5)

                              day 11 Foundation Light
                              day 11 <Totals>.

                              SUCH an arm day today! I really ought to have the most enviable shoulders after today!! Let me just check... Oh, yeah!! And thanks to <Totals>, I have another 100 punches to add to We are fighting..., plus 200 speed bag punches I did just for fun, and 60 push-ups to add to my weekly count for The Pushers - I don't count the wall push-ups I had to do which was another 100... Phew! I SAID it was an arm day today!

                              DD with EC (#28) Total DD = 29.


                                Day 30

                                Had an appointment with an osteopath this morning and that threw all my times out today. Got to have a lovely lie-down though! Well, maybe not quite...

                                Six O'Clock (3 sets).

                                Upper body light (day 10)
                                Wall Push-ups (day 30) - 2:45 - 1:10 - 1:01
                                Touch your Toes (day 30)
                                Knee Push-ups (day 21)
                                From Walking to Running (day 26) As my times were contracted today, I wasn't sure how I'd fit in the 1min walk, 4min run x3 so I decided to run to the school when picking up the little lad. Turns out it's about a 4min run to the school gate, so I ran around the outside for a while and then around the almost-ǥrassed area. Tried to do a dead hang from the monkey bars but these are for little children so I had to bend my knees! Did a slow chin-up just to show off!
                                No Salt (day 6)

                                Two Challenges completed today - two new ones begin tomorrow.

                                day 12 Foundation Light
                                day 12 <Totals>.

                                The Elite sparring and poomsae classes recommenced tonight. Doing them back-to-back (one hour of sparring followed by 1 1/2 hours of poomsae) was hard, especially with all the running and fitness drills, but it was good to be back! May the sweat run!! I let it be known that I intended competing in the Pan Pacific Masters Games in November. No idea how many punches and kicks I did - only cut kick drills in sparring, and then after warm-up and strength training in poomsae we did patterns. Did only about 32 push-ups in total.

                                DD with EC (#29) Total DD = 30.