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    Lol, there's always someone who's going to own you TopNotch . There are plenty of situations where I know I'm likely to have my arse handed to me. But you still give it a crack, if you don't try you don't learn.


      Io6 You're such a bully, you know that, right? Sorry, did I write "bully"? I meant, of course, "motivator"!! Check it out then!


        Woohoo! Good job, you can motivate me! One day me and my shitty rotator cuffs will join you.


          In order to build strength, you need to increase intensity (or weight) and sets, but not reps, whereas for endurance training, you keep the intensity low and increase reps. Pretty much what HellYeah had advised (and what I'd variously learnt here on Darebee), and it was nice to learn more of the science behind it.
          This is so interesting. I'll try to keep this in mind! Thanks for sharing!

          Ehm, by the way, did someone say "chocolate bread"?


            Io6 It is also time to log your pull-ups! Now! Your shitty rotator cuffs are welcome, too.


              Tasting my own medicine TopNotch ! Consider me 'motivated' also HellYeah ! I'll log my tiny numbers weekly.


                Io6 If we add your tiny numbers to my tiny numbers, we might get to double figures, hey?!


                  I like your thinking TopNotch !


                    Day 107

                    1000 Push-ups (day 26)
                    Calves of Steel (day 27)
                    Iron Core (day 27)
                    Walking to Running - Rats! Just after I'd told myself off and all about slacking! Got up this morning and my right calf felt a bit sore - like it was about to do something I really wouldn't like. So I decided to treat it gently, and so far it's been all right but it still feel a bit odd. I managed to do everything else but thought running would just be a bridge too far!
                    Chair Rows (day 18)
                    Bruce Lee (day 14) 360 kicks, 360 punches and 80 push-ups. Wasn't sure how my calf would stand up to all the kicks but I went a little slower than usual and all went well. I keep saying that I have to start this one earlier in the day so as to get all the kicks in, and I'm really going to have to start doing that, given that, on the last day, I'm to do 1000 kicks and punches! I don't think that's something I'll be doing in just one hour!! At least, not if I want to be walking again!!

                    day 8 Vitality
                    day 8 Zero Hero

                    DD with EC (#106). Total DD = 107.


                      Healing vibes for your calf


                        Gandhalfit I can feel it already. But I'm not getting on that treadmill at this time of night!!


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                          I tried to make Anzac biscuits! They're very tasty, but I miscalculated how much space they'd need. Thanks for the inspiration! ^^


                            Belerith They look very good!

                            Day 108

                            1000 Push-ups (day 27)
                            Calves of Steel (day 28)
                            Iron Core (day 28)
                            Walking to Running (day 19) My calf seemed fine today - no lingering anything from yesterday. Must have been Gandhalfit 's healing vibes!!
                            Chair Rows (day 19) 12 - 9 - 8
                            Bruce Lee (day 15) 400 kicks, 400 punches and 80 push-ups.

                            day 9 Vitality
                            day 9 Zero Hero

                            Hermit This for the Knight Training Plan. I really enjoyed this one, though I did full push-ups rather than knee push-ups. I was obviously feeling energetic!
                            Also did 3 sets of pull-ups - 10 - 10 - 10 - since I now have to join the grown-ups on Pull-up Progress!!

                            DD with EC (#107). Total DD = 108.
                            Last edited by TopNotch; April 28, 2020, 10:41 AM. Reason: Forgot to put in my workout.


                              Day 109

                              1000 Push-ups (day 28)
                              Calves of Steel (day 29)
                              Iron Core - not today
                              Walking to Running (day 20)
                              Chair Rows - not today. It's raining and so my bar and surrounds were wet. I really must get a screen up on the deck for inclement weather.
                              Bruce Lee (day 16)

                              day 10 Vitality
                              day 10 Zero Hero

                              Bit of a busy day today so I didn't have time to do all my workouts which was a shame. Tomorrow is forecast also to be wet (so might not be able to get to the bar again) and then Friday we're going for a maximum temperature of 7 degrees! Hey, Autumn, where'd you go??! I did, though, find time to introduce my girls to a TimTam Slam. For those who don't know what a TimTam is, it's two thin rectangular chocolate biscuits with chocolate filling between, covered in chocolate. For a slam, you bite off a little bit of one corner and a little bit of the opposite corner, dip it in a hot beverage (tea is my choice) and use the biscuit (very quickly) as a straw. Then, before the whole thing falls as a soggy mess into the bottom of your cup, you "slam" the saturated biscuit into your mouth and it's so soft you don't even have to chew it. Yum! I made them stop at 2!! I think this counts as Life Skills, right?
                              Click image for larger version

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                              DD with EC (#108). Total DD = 109.


                                Now who's doing food porn?
                                HellYeah in my opinion it is a skill to develop that deserves a workout