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    Day 11
    Chest and Shoulders (light) - (level 1: 3 sets)
    Because Cake - (level 1: 3 sets) Because potato chips.

    Touch your Toes (day 11)
    Wall Push-ups (day 11)
    Knee Push-ups (day 2)
    From Walking to Running (day 7). Used Zombies, Run again, but found the Supply missions which are however long I want them to be. Did 15 minutes (3 min walk, 2 min run) on Decoy Duty. Got caught by zombies today because my acceleration wasn't enough - needs to be 20% increase! Dropped the run from 6mph to 5.7mph - not a huge drop but enough to enable me to keep going longer.

    Usual weights, 50 sit-ups.

    DD with EC (#11).

    Feeling energetic today. Must have been that spinach and kale smoothie I had this morning! Anyway, jumped back on the treadmill, and did 20 minutes of a Fuel Run - 2 minutes walking, 2 minutes running, rinse, repeat. No zombie chases this time.


      Day 12
      Chest and Shoulder (light) - (level 1: 3 sets)
      Chair Abs - today's random pick. Difficult because I couldn't find the right sort of chair... Seemed to work my thighs more than my abs. Perhaps it was the chair...

      Touch your Toes (day 12)
      Wall Push-ups (day 12) - 2:12 - 1:52 - 1:30
      Knee Push-ups (day 3)
      From Walking to Running (day 8). Supposed just to do a 15-minute walk, but I turned on The Walk, and ended up walking for 55 minutes! Oh well.
      Finally returned to Poomsae practice. I've been pretty slack for the last 5 or so weeks, so all I did was patterns 1-3 x3 and pattern 4 x1. Only one word for them really - or rather, two - pretty appalling! Better get more regular with them. Unless, of course, fusion of patterns has become the latest gold standard, whereupon I'm right up there!

      Usual weights, 50 sitting twist with medicine ball.

      Also decided to join The Pushers to help me achieve my 50 in a row. Today was day 1, week 1. I'll keep a chart, stick it up in the work-out room, so I can do push-ups whenever I feel like it and still easily record them. Only need to do 35 this week. That's do-able - even for me.

      DD with EC (#12)


        TopNotch looks like you're working hardkeep going !! I noticed:
        In the mail today came my push-up rack board. Had fun trying push-ups in every position. So much kinder on the wrists.
        I checked what it is on Google looks like fun!!

        I bought myself PUSH UP BARS recently and I am happy about it. Very good support and variation for push up hold(grips).
        PS: I look forward to seeing you in ,,We are Fighting. ..,, Thread, someday as you dropped by


          Day 13
          Chest and Shoulders (light) - (level 1: 3 sets)
          Firebrand (level 1: 3 sets). Wow! I never before realised how hard butt kicks are on the calves!! Guess I never really thought about what they affected other than just 'legs', but now I'll think about them in a whole new way...

          Wall Push-ups (day 13)
          Touch your Toes (day 13)
          Knee Push-ups (day 4)
          From Walking to Running (day 9). Again used Zombies, Run, but this time, as I only had to do 2mins walk then 2mins run, rinse, repeat a total of four times, I just went on a supply run. Ammo, as it happens. I will turn the chases off during the supply runs to make it easier to keep to the timing. I'll turn them back on for the missions, just to add a bit of spice!

          Also, as my aim is for 50 full push-ups in a row, I've joined The Pushers. But I shan't double-dip. I shall record only my full push-ups, not the knee push-ups I do for the Knee Push-ups challenge. How noble I am!

          My regular training will start again soon, and I thought I'd better get a jump on it by resuming kicking and punching, so I join the We are Fighting... Started small with just 200 punches and 50 kicks. Stay tuned though!
          DD with EC (of course).


            I noticed that doing a little workout every day (Pushers & We are Fighting) helps a lot on long distance, also because it's all extra training if you already do something else


              Absolutely, Fremen That little bit extra can make all the difference. Again and again we're told that if we just rely on our formal training sessions, we can't really expect to improve much. We've got to work at home, too, and towards the end of last year, I had a bit of an epiphany and I suddenly felt, not just knew in my head, what I was working to achieve. That kind of scared me, making me realise how much I had to learn to get where I wanted to get, and how hard I had to work. Not scared off, but it was a sort of awakening. It was, I admit, a cool sort of moment when the words we had heard so often and that had mooched around in my head, suddenly moved into a deeper - psychic? soul? - part of me and my whole being understood what those words meant - that we are working towards our black belt from the first moment we tie on our white belt. And of course, from the black belt on.


                Your words remind me of the 4 h and 30 min of Aikido black belt exam with my Japanese Master no other black belt exam has given me so much satisfaction in my entire life
                That Master who is no longer there was a very particular person, if you asked him a few questions about something you didn't see in practice he would always answer you: shut up and practice, well after so many years of martial arts I can say that it is really everything there: shut up and practice


                  Day 14
                  Chest and Shoulders (light) - (level 1: 3 sets) Last day with this workout. Deceptively easy but I feel it has made a difference. I like a workout like that - one that just sort of creeps up on you. Tomorrow we start a new week-long workout.
                  Surgebinder (level 1: 3 sets) - random workout of the day.

                  Wall Push-ups (day 14) - 4:06 - 2:18 - 1:43. Got new workout clothes today. Must have had an effect because PB on wall push-ups! It is good to be able to measure improvement like this. Every second day, I can see if I've become stronger.
                  Touch your Toes (day 14)
                  Knee Push-ups (day 5)
                  From Walking to Running (day 10)

                  Done 10 push-ups for The Pushers even though I only have to do 5 each day this first week. I can do 10 so I will do so, and when I can do more than 10, I'll do that too. As long as I get the minimum number performed - which in the first couple of weeks I should be able to do. After that, though...

                  Had enough energy left over for 300 punches and 40 kicks to add to We are Fighting. ..


                    Originally posted by TopNotch View Post
                    As long as I get the minimum number performed - which in the first couple of weeks I should be able to do. After that, though...
                    It is a common problem


                      Day 15
                      Classic Abs (level 1: 3 sets) - the workout for the next seven days. I quite enjoyed it. Done legs for a week, then upper body, and now abs. I think cardio will be next.
                      Reviver (level 1: 3 sets) - the random workout. Felt like I needed a reviver after that! Never been overly fond of High Knees but wondering if this workout is putting me off completely!! Nah, not having done it just once. Good thing it's not the workout I chose for the week.

                      Wall Push-ups (day 15)
                      Touch your Toes (day 15)
                      Knee Push-ups (day 6)
                      From Walking to Running (day 11). Went on another Supply run for this one - 5 minutes walking, 2 minutes running, x4. On the treadmill, of course. This time, the 2 minutes running wasn't so hard. Gosh, perhaps I'm getting fitter. Or maybe it's still the new workout clothes... Tomorrow is a 15-minute walk and the day after I'll have to run for 3 minutes! Now, that will be a challenge. But I'm sure I'll be up to it. .

                      Yesterday I'd compiled a workout playlist and today was the first time I used it. My first song was CCR's Run Through the Jungle, followed by Def Leppard's Slang. Things proceeded nicely after that, though rather randomly. Unfortunately, the theme to Chariots of Fire kicked in just as I started my period of walking! It ended very well, though, with Billy Joel's We didn't Start the Fire, which was only slightly slower than my final running speed. I enjoyed it very much. It was interesting to note how much effect listening to music had while doing otherwise fairly dull activity. Anyway, I feel a day has been wasted if you haven't learnt something new, but today wasn't wasted! I found out that, while playing the drums when on a treadmill run is a perfectly doable thing (hmm, could we have a workout featuring treadmills and air drums?), it is really difficult to play the air guitar! Your balance just gets totally shot!

                      DD with EC (#15). I forgot to list yesterdays.

                      Did my 10 push-ups for The Pushers, and another 40 kicks and 250 punches for We are Fighting. ..


                        Congrats on the new PR.


                          Day 16
                          Classic Abs (level 1: 3 sets)
                          Combat Light (5 sets) - with EC! Only a level 1 workout but did it fast and hard and was quite out of breath and sweaty by the end of it! Must say, it felt gooood. This also gave me 300 kicks and 300 punches for We are Fighting. ..
                          Wall Push-ups (day 16) - 3:45 - 2:11 - 2:07.
                          Touch your Toes (day 16)
                          Knee Push-ups (day 7) With my knee push-ups, I'm moving in more towards a close grip and quite slowly.
                          From Walking to Running (day 12). Only had to walk for 15 minutes today so I did it in new shoes and they felt pretty good. The walking app was waaayy too long for today's walk, so I just put on the playlist (will have to compile another soon so it doesn't become boring) and walked at 3.8mph/6.1 kph (my old treadmill was bought in Mexico, lived some years in Europe and now is down here. So it's in miles which is a little inconvenient but a little inconvenience is cheaper than a new treadmill!).

                          Did my 10 full push-ups, so I've met my weekly quota for the first week with The Pushers, but as I said yesterday, 10 full push-ups in a row is my current minimum.

                          DD with EC (#16)

                          Got myself a hand gripper. Had one years ago at uni but someone wandered into my room and nicked it! So I've finally picked myself up a new one. While reading Darebee posts, did 100 each hand.


                            And here we are at
                            Day 17
                            Classic Abs (3 sets) with EC.
                            Fast lane (level 1: 3 sets). Chose this one because there weren't any specific abs exercises and I already had Classic Abs on the list. Not that I have any objection to abs exercises.

                            Wall Push-ups (day 17)
                            Touch your Toes (day 17)
                            Knee Push-ups (day 8)
                            From Walking to Running (day 13). Another supply run. The first 3-minute run was quite difficult, but the second was tolerable. The third, I just thought, "it's only 30 more seconds..."! Still, I did it, 2 minutes walk then 3 minutes run x3. Admittedly, the run was only at 5.5 mph, but the most important thing is that I keep running, and at a consistent pace - and faster than the zombies! I can try to get faster later if I like, but right now I'm working on running and endurance - though I'm sure some people would laugh at the idea of a 3-minute run having anything to do with endurance! Well, to those people I say, bah! I would like to be able to keep going for longer and I'm sure one day I shall, but right now, 3 minutes is pretty good for me!

                            Managed to squeeze out 11 full push-ups today. Now, I have been told different things about doing push-ups: one school says you should do your maximum a few times a day; the other days you should do slightly less than your maximum - from 1/2 to 3/4 - lots of times per day. Which, I wonder, is the better way of building up the number of push-ups one can do consecutively? Unfortunately, I don't think one person can try them both and then compare!

                            100 each hand with the hand gripper.

                            DD with EC (#17)

                            200 punches and 20 side kicks for We are Fighting. ..


                              Hey, congrats on your 15 days! (Sorry I completely missed that earlier.)

                              3 minutes running can definitely challenge your endurance if you are pushing yourself to go hard for that time. Usain Bolt's 200 metre PR is slower than 2x his 100 metre PR, meaning that the fastest human on the planet is challenging his endurance on an event that takes him less than 20 seconds to complete. Given that this is true for an elite runner, the rest of us can certainly lay claim without any shame to challenging our own endurance on a 3-minute run when we are working hard enough that challenging our endurance is in fact what we are doing.


                                Day 18
                                Classic Abs (3 sets) with EC. Really enjoying this one.
                                Me Time (level 1: 3 sets) LOADS of punches from that for We are fighting..., being 1278! And then add the 200 from the DD.

                                Wall Push-ups (day 18) 6:04 -2:32 - 1:27. The first time broke my recent PB. This cannot continue because staring at a wall for 6 minutes+ might be great if you want to meditate but otherwise it's dead boring!
                                Touch your Toes (day 18)
                                Knee Push-ups (day 9)
                                From Walking to Running(day 14) Went on another supply run. One of the things I like about using Zombies, run is that it keep a log of my runs so I get my January statistics - how far I've "run", average distance/time, pace. Of course, it can't tell when I've walked but that's okay. It's just good to see that I, a non-runner, have so far this month, run a total of 20.62km, with an average run of 2.58km.
                                Made my first post on The Pushers, having completed the first week. Actually have done more than 35 full push-ups this week because of my daily minimum 10, and then however many others I manage to squeeze out through the day. I am sure I'll be keeping a more careful count as I go further along!

                                DD with EC (#18)

                                Bit of an arm-heavy day today. See how they are tomorrow...
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