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    Nice tree!


      Day 856

      ​​​​​​ Better Arms Day 21
      ​​​​​ Splits app. Day 21 Intermediate.
      ZR5k training. Wk5, workout 1. This week's workouts go: 5min walk, 5min free-form run; 30sec walk, 1min run, 6 heel lifts x 8; then 10min run, 5min stretching, 10min run. I didn't stop for the stretching - I do my stretching after the run workout - instead I just did a slow walk until it was time to run again. Running was hard today. Not physically (well, not more so than usual!) but mentally. I was bored today. I really must put up a picture or perhaps get running video playing on YouTube again. That yellow wall is so dull! Part of me was saying that I wouldn't do all the running today - I mean, I didn't have to, it was "free-form" so I could walk some, right? Then that other part of me kicked in and said, "you what?! You just keep going until they carry you out in a box!" So I did. It wasn't so bad, just today, my mind wasn't in the right place for it.

      Did my constitutional duty today and voted. Fingers crossed.

      Been checking out more hills and mountains hereabouts. Think I'll try another one tomorrow if the weather doesn't turn sour. It isn't forecast to, but you know weather forecasters!

      Oh, and I did 10 more flights of stairs last night before bed. One extra, just in case.


        Day 857

        ​​​​​​​​ Better Arms Day 22
        ​​​​​​​ Splits app. Day 22 Intermediate.

        It was a lovely day today but I spent the morning and early afternoon getting stuck into a craft project (great reveal later when I'm finished ​), but I simply had to get outside. Went for a walk around the golf course and through the scrubland - in total, about 7k. Great to stretch my legs. I think Friday's hill climb wearied my legs more than I thought, which was perhaps why yesterday's running was so difficult. My legs were still sore/tired today but the walk did wonders.
        And I wonder why autumn isn't everyone's favourite time of year - where there are colour-changes, of course!
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        And some 'roos in the scrub.
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          Wonderful pictures!

          For me in Europe, of course, kangaroos are very exotic animals. It would be amazing to stumble upon them in the wild!


            Montserrat Around here, we don't stumble upon them, we trip over them!!


              Great photos!


                I love autumn!! 🥰. I love Roos!! 😍. It’s so cool you get to trip over them and get fantastic pictures!!


                  I love autumn too, my favorite season! Lovely pics!


                    Autumn is also my favorite time of year! And 'roos! nice.


                      Day 858

                      ​​​​​​​​ Better Arms Day 23
                      ​​​​​​​ Splits app. Day 23 Intermediate. Today I wondered if I should be doing different stretches, considering I tend to do this programme after running, so I checked out another app for a post-running stretch but it had the same stretches as this one, only fewer because there wasn't an emphasis on achieving the splits, and it was because of that much shorter, so I'll stick with what I'm doing.
                      ZR5k training. Wk5, workout 5. Today's run was much better than Saturday's. Maybe it was because I hadn't slogged up a mountain the day before so my legs weren't as tired; or perhaps it was because I had got myself better prepared and had something to watch. So while I was doing my running training, I was also going through Clifton Gorge which was very pleasant. I had to find a video that was the right length and this one was a mere 10 seconds longer than my training - excellent!

                      I have been thinking about this 5k training. I've run my 5k (got the badge to prove it!) and I don't really need to do it again, but I do want to continue running and improve my speed and endurance. So, to that end, I think I'll stop before I get to the 5k, and move to interval training. On the ZR suite, there are three runs already set up and, as I have a subscription, I can add my own but I don't think I'll need to. The interval training is walking, jogging and running, and are generally about 25 minutes long. That's long enough to build my running endurance, I reckon, given that I'm not aiming for long distances. Not sure when I'll stop the 5k training. Perhaps I'll go all the way through but not stress about getting the 5k at the end. And I've got a list of mountains to climb (please, don't break into song here, no matter how much you want to!) around here. I've printed off a list and I want to check them off. This should be a good time of year for doing that.


                        Day 859

                        ​​​​​​​​ Better Arms Day 24
                        ​​​​​​​ Splits app. Day 24 Intermediate.

                        Taekwondo training. Some running and a few relays. Five exercises - jumping jacks, pre-squats, switches, "spider-pigs" and push-ups - 30 seconds on, 30 seconds rest. Partner stretching again. Then we faced our partners and did 20 instep kicks, then 20 more, then another 10, and 10 more for good luck. Then we did some punches, sternum and face, which was good because we haven't done any punching for a while. Next was a punching/blocking drill. Partners in horse stance, facing the same way. One person punched out to the side toward other person who did an inner block. First person then turned 180° in horse stance, moving forward, and punched with other hand, while other person rotated backward and blocked. I found this quite easy because that sort of rotating is something we drill in poomsae, but my partner found it easier to go forward than backward, which is natural enough. Now more kicking drills: Grabbed a pad and held it around knee height (I kept creeping upward which annoyed my partner!) for partner to kick alternate leg in a kind of skipping motion. Several laps of that, each person. Next drill was turning kick, then put the kicking foot down in front but at the same time bring the back leg in front of it, so essentially you've taken a step forward but can kick with the same leg again. A bit of co-ordination involved here, but I did it quite well - even when the GM was watching! Finished with more cut kick drills, both moving forward and moving backward in counter-attack.


                          Day 860

                          ​​​​​​​​ Better Arms Day 25
                          ​​​​​​​ Splits app. Day 25 Intermediate.

                          Poomsae training. Apparently there had been training last week but nobody told me, so I missed going through patterns 7 and 8. Oh, darn it... Today there were only four of us and the coach. A cosy intimate little group. We were up to Koryo. The coach said that we'd worked this a lot last term during Mastery so he reckoned it wouldn't take us more than 20 minutes to go through it today. Ended up taking the whole class because he really went into fine detail. It was brilliant! Rather than tell us that we should be in an L-stance, or how to do sonnal maki - because we all know those things - the coach taught us the proper preps, and the exact position to be in to generate the right torque, and even when to move our eyes (it might seem strange, but where the eyes look is enormously important. After all, when you think about it, it's always good to keep your eyes on your opponent, wherever they may be. But you never, ever look down!). We'd do a station and then drill it five times or so before moving on to the next station. Finally we split in twos and did the pattern for our partner who commented and criticised, and then we retaliated - I mean, likewise commented. Finally it was up against the wall for kicking practise. Side kick, 10 each side x 2, then we had a breather, then did 3 es s-l-o-w-l-y. Five count straightening the leg to a side kick, and another five bringing it back in. Three was plenty!! Then another 10 es normal speed. It was so good to get back to poomsae. I have missed it, and in normal class it's all just been sparring, sparring, sparring!

                          So here, finally, is that little project I've been working on for the last few days. I enjoy Zombies, Run! and I am (we all are) that silent protaganist, Runner 5. A few days ago, while I was stretching, I was listening to the Zombies, Stretch! episode, and Jody was helping Ed knit a hat for his little daughter, and I thought, hey, there's an idea. Only, I'm rubbish at knitting, but I can crochet. So...
                          Click image for larger version  Name:	20220525_122246.jpg Views:	0 Size:	660.5 KB ID:	855578
                          Even got a bit adventurous with the formatting! So there's the doll; then there's the completed Runner 5 wearing the backpack; kitted up and ready to go; with backpack, one of the items that Runner 5 always collected (a bottle of water) and the axe which is Runner 5's weapon. My eldest daughter decided the pony tail, but I separated the strands to make it look fuller. I even put velcro on the backpack so that it could be used. The Lad wanted me to put on a face, but Runner 5 is everyone and anyone. True, this one has brown hair and a pony tail (so not anyone in this household!) but I thought a face would ruin it. My daughter vetoed a visor, though... But I'm very fond of that axe! Now I've got someone to keep me company when I'm on that treadmill. I was wondering what I would do next when my mum responded to the picture I sent her, asking if I could make her one!


                            Love it!


                              I love it - great job!


                                That's so cool! Well done!