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    The cookaburra looks cute!
    I also can't see the first 3 pictures 😔


      Very cute cookaburra indeed.

      Same here with the remaining pictures, I can´t see them. Perhaps it is planned as a little teaser so that we may return here ...


        Lady Celerity NancyTree TheLibrarian I've uploaded those pictures again - let me know if that fixes it.

        Day 826

        50 push-ups. It's about time I started implementing this part of my plan. Not so many full push-ups and mostly incline, but I hope with practice, the number of the former will increase and the number of the latter decrease. On the plus side, though, regardless of what sort of push-ups I did, I did a total of 50 in one go. One day, that'll be all full push-ups and I'll claim that badge. It's good to have a goal.

        Had to go shopping today so I did an episode of The Walk (as every step counts) and that was rather exciting - the episode, not the shopping! - and made those 2000+ steps a little more interesting.

        The Lad wanted to play with the agility ladder, so dug that out and untangled it (again! How can it be that every time I put it away, I do so neatly and carefully, yet when it comes out of the bag, the tapes are all twisted around?) and did some hopping and jumping on that.


          Pictures: fixed.

          i like the first picture with the path.

          Thanks for re-posting.


            Very cool pictures!


              Lady Celerity That song popped in my head, too!

              I don't think I've er seen a picture of a kookaburra before... Thanks for sharing!


                Yes I can see the pictures now! Thanks!
                That path looks likea nice running route!


                  Day 827

                  ZR 5k training. Week 1, workout 2. Same as before - 15-sec run drills, and a final 10-min free-form run. I took the Lad with me as he promised not to slow me down, but even at my speed, he couldn't keep running. We did the first three minutes and then he had a stitch so we walked a bit. I'd gone a route I'd not done before which required our crossing a road, so I said we'd walk to the road and run from the other side. He kept walking for a bit, though, so I ran a few rings until he could do the last couple of minutes. Then it was about only 5 minutes of walking to get back home. He didn't do too badly, considering he tends to dash all over the place but never actually needs to show sustained effort.

                  The rest of the day was quite busy and I think I hardly got to sit down and the step count's about 14,000, with 47 flights of stairs..

                  School's back mid-next week so it should be easier to become more regular again.


                    Day 828

                    Basic burpees x 20. I don't like burpees. I don't think I'm alone here. But the basic burpee (as originally designed by Mr R Burpee back in the 1930s) is a useful creature. Just four simple movements - down-out-in-up - get the blood pumping, the heart rate rising, upper and lower body working. I reckon I can incorporate them into my routine and reap the benefits. No need to add push-ups - they'll be elsewhere. As for a jump - well, no need to become reckless here!

                    My plan is coming together nicely, but I realised I have to change my running days so I'm not running when I have general training. Can't help it but I will have to run on a poomsae day but if I do it in the morning, it should be all right. I've been playing with a few things, thinking and trying them out (like today's burpees), adding and subtracting. Identifying my major goals has been most useful because that has meant I can design a programme that allows me to focus on those, as well as give me leeway for a bit of other fun from time to time.

                    Spent some time today watching the Worlds in Korea. Our lad didn't win his round but you've got to have a certain sort of something to be selected to represent your country in anything, hey? His opponent, though - well, his first pattern I thought wasn't so good, but his Taebaek! Poetry in motion. Inspirational.


                      Soo, i finally catched up on your thread. A lot happened meanwhile. First of all i wish you a very belated Happy Birthday.
                      Then your first dan deserves a lot of celebration. You can be very proud and it was and is great to follow along your journey.

                      It's also great that you are running outdoors now and take pretty pictures.
                      I really like the energy i sense from your writing. Keep it going and thanks for sharing.


                        Thanks, mavie on all counts.

                        Day 829

                        ZR5k training. Week 1, workout 3. As I am currently able to do this training in the real outside world, I find I run faster when doing the 15-second runs (after all, it's only 15 seconds!), but I tank out pretty quickly with the final 10-minute run. I make the first three minutes but then I have to walk for the next couple until I get back to running (shambling) for the last 5. I don't know if it's because I start off faster than I can maintain or what. Oh well, good thing it's free-form!
                        Walk. After the running training, I was still some way from home (deliberately, let me add!) so I had me a pleasant walk in the fresh air and sunshine for another 2.75k.

                        Was tidying up the Lad's room this afternoon. I do this very uneconomically in order to get loads of steps and flights of stairs - and I like the challenge of moving about his room without stepping on bits of Lego! So after all I have done today, I clocked up over 14,000 steps and some 52 flights of stairs (which does include the inclines I traversed during my run).

                        School returns next week, after ANZAC Day (Monday), and training recommences on Tuesday.


                          Day 830

                          - Standing Mobility Ah, this felt good!
                          - Breathing Workout
                          I wanted something just simple and relaxing today. I'd done a lot of relatively slow walking - strange how tha makes me feel more sore and tired than a long fast march!

                          So, today is the Great Reveal!

                          It has taken me some time to work out what it is I really want, what I hope to achieve, and devise some sort of plan to get me where I want to be. Don't get me wrong; I love doing programmes and challenges, but too often I get distracted by them, make them more the focus of my workouts than they ought to be. That really must change.
                          So what is it I really want? Where should my focus be?

                          Obviously (to me, that is!) on things that will help me improve my martial art. I never thought I'd be one of those people who would willingly go for a run. Admittedly, it is still difficult, but I recognise that this is something I'm actually going to have to work on. I need to improve my cardiovascular fitness because martial arts (regardless of which one you do) is a whole body exercise. It's exhausting when you really work at it, and you simply have to have stamina, and a lot of that will come from CV work - not just running, but also cycling and rowing. Cycling will give the old joints a bit of a rest, and rowing will work the upper body a bit more.

                          Other than CV, what else do I need to work on that is not specific to Taekwondo? Mobility and flexibility. For mobility, I'm looking at primal/natural movements; for flexibility, I'll just turn to the fav splits app with a few follow-alongs thrown in for a change.

                          I also need to increase my strength, but this doesn't mean I'll just be hitting Marcy big-time! This is where isometrics will come in, both yielding and overcoming. I'll do some overcoming isometric followed by the dynamic exercise. Yielding iso I'll do whenever but still in a programmed sort of way. Push-ups are also a specific focussed exercise. For both strength training and CV, I'll toss in something like basic burpees, or a workout that catches my attention.

                          Sometimes I really just have to take my own advice. Recently, someone asked something to which I suggested following a training plan, and that is what I realised I was making here, but in an awkward sort of way. Darebee's Training Plans are so varied; is there one that would nicely fit my aims and help me with my organisation and programming? Of course there is!

                          I found that the Assassin Training Plan was just perfect! There are the three days each week for High Burn (aka CV). The ZR5k training I'm doing has three running days each week - on days 1, 3 and 6. By starting the Training Plan on Day 6, that fits perfectly. The casual training days are available for the other things I have mentioned, as well as a load of Taekwondo-specific drills. For these, I'm still thinking I'll choose one and do it for a while, to the exclusion of all others - kind of immersion training. I've drawn up a lovely list of them. But wait - there's more! The Training Plan also has a scheduled combat day. Sweet - a perfect excuse - er, I mean reason to practise with my arnis or katana/bokken.

                          I tried to schedule my running so that it didn't co-incide with a training day, but as I'll be training again four days in a row, it wasn't possible to avoid every running workout, so on Wednesday I'll have to run first thing in the morning as I'll have Elite Poomsae in the evening. At least this is a later class than general training.

                          As it stands right now, this is my Plan:
                          Monday - ZR5k training
                          Tuesday - Primal movement; Taekwondo General training
                          Wednesday - ZR5k training; Elite Poomsae
                          Thursday - Primal movement; Taekwondo general training
                          Friday - Combat; Elite Poomsae
                          Saturday - ZR5k training; strength/isometrics
                          Sunday - Play Day! - strength, fun with Marcy
                          The splits app is also to be followed every day.

                          One of the important things about this plan is that it is not too full and not too rigid. I have previously had the tendency to over-populate my days, looking at what I've programmed and deciding that it all looks a little light, so I put in something that looks good to my eyes without thinking how it will be to my body and my goals. So this one is deliberately non-specific in some ways, allowing me to throw in this or that, or toss out this or that. Additionally, as there are no days to tick off (except for the running and that is a little flexible) if something comes up and I miss a day, no big deal. I just continue, knowing that I don't have to catch up that day (unless it's the running). This allows for Life to happen.

                          The other important thing is that I think this plan actually fits my current aims - at least for the next 7 weeks until I finish the 5k training!


                            Sounds like a good plan!


                              Sometimes it's good to reorganize your training ideas, it keeps neurons flexible


                                Day 831

                                ZR5k training. After the 10-min warm-up walk, 1-min walk, 30-sec run x 5, then 10-min free-form run. I had to do this on the treadmill again today. When I got Marcy, I had to move the treadmill across to make way for her. As a result, I no longer get to peep sideways out of the narrow window, so my view now is just plain light yellow paintwork. Stimulating...

                                Nothing else happened because I was just busy all day, mostly getting the girls ready for school on Wednesday. They have to wear their winter uniform these next two terms, so the pleats on the skirts had to be unpicked at the bottom, and then I insisted they ironed the skirts and shirts - how would I know how to iron pleats? - but an unironed shirt is an abomination (unless I have to iron it!). Then they had to iron their dobok and gi (respectively). And I had to iron my own dobok because...well, children! But I think we're ready. Melted Easter eggs have been removed from blazer pockets and pencil cases, books labelled, masks washed. Tomorrow is the last morning for sleeping in.