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    Oh...good luck and healing vibes


      Day 741

      ​​​​​​​​​ Programme:
      - Day 21 30 Days of Change
      ​​​​​​ Medito - Day 8 of 30-Day Challenge.
      ​​​​ 30 Day 100 rep leg challenge, Day 24.
      Walking. Finished up Moscow (after 15,000 steps) at the Cathedral of the Archangel. It seemed appropriate then, to set off for Rome (another 15,000 steps). I should finish this tomorrow.

      Got my booster shot today. No funky bandaid (I like the ones with smiley faces) but I did score a cola lollypop!

      Thanks, CaptainCanuck Six months ago, the idea that I could run (no matter how fast or slow) for 12 minutes was ridiculous, but now part of me is saying, "Well, at least I managed 12 minutes!" As Bruce Lee once said, ""if you always put limits on what you can do, physical or any thing else, it'll spread over into the rest of your life. It'll spread into your work, into your morality, into your entire being. There are no limits. There are plateaus, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. If it kills you, it kills you. A man must constantly exceed his level."
      PetiteSheWolf Around here, getting an appointment with any specialist generally involves a wait of 3-6 months. But you should try for a pædiatrician! One time I called in March and could see one in November!
      Thanks, mavie


        Congrats on the booster!


          Day 742

          ​​​​​​​​​ Programme:
          - Day 22 30 Days of Change
          ​​​​​​ Medito - Day 9 of 30-Day Challenge.
          ​​​​ 30 Day 100 rep leg challenge, Day 25. Must confess that this is not as much fun as I had hoped it would be.
          Walking. Bit of a slack day today so only got to the Circus Maximus, with about 2,000 steps to go. I'll get to the end tomorrow.

          For about the last week, I've had a broody chook. Faced with such a desperate and determined desire to be a mother, I was driven to locate and obtain some fertilised eggs for her. Got them this afternoon and, despite her crankiness toward me when I went to the nesting box (on the upside, though, she didn't peck me!), I popped them under her. In three weeks', let's see what we've got! These eggs are from a mix of breeds so it could be interesting. I think I'm probably more excited than she is now!!


            Day 743

            ​​​​​​​​​ Programme:
            - Day 23 30 Days of Change
            ​​​​​​ Medito - Day 10 of 30-Day Challenge.
            ​​​​ 30 Day 100 rep leg challenge, Day 26.
            Walking. Finished up with Rome and embarked on a tour of Berlin, which is 17,000 steps. I've done all the shorter routes that would take me more than a day so from here all the routes will get a little longer. At the moment, I only want to do the ones that will take me two or three days (of normal walking - not really slack days!).
            Workout with Marcy. 3 sets of bicep curls using lower cable. Then I did some preacher curls. They are new to me but as I have an EZ curl bar salted away somewhere, I decided to give them a go. Interesting. After that, I did 3x10 lat pull-downs. But they seemed a little easy so I increased the weight and did another set of 10. I increased the weight again and did another 10. Later this afternoon, I increased the weight again and managed a set of 5. I think that particular weight is about my 6RM (I could possibly have squeezed out another) so I'll save that for when I want to do specific strength work.

            I have just finished reading The Art of Expressing the Human Body which details Bruce Lee's training. As far as a work of literature is concerned, I wasn't impressed. There were repetitions and things that didn't make sense no matter how many times you read them. There was a lot of pictures, but they were all black-and-white and not labelled. In most cases, they bore no relation to the text they were near. As a record of Bruce Lee's training it was very interesting and inspiring. The back of the book talked about "easy to follow training routines" but I'm not sure which book that reviewer had been reading. There were SO many, and in a number of cases, reference to exercises that needed but didn't have explanation (unlike the multiple and length descriptions about how to do a clean and press!). For me, there was actually too little about his actual martial arts training. But he had a Marcy circuit trainer - much flasher than my little home gym, but still! His strength training routines were interesting and I can see myself adapting them (I can't do them as-is because I don't have, for example, a shoulder press or an incline bench) and using what works for me. Bruce would have approved - he was very much for discarding what didn't work and focussing only on what would improve what he wanted to improve. Perhaps I might also look again at pull-ups. I haven't done anything like that for so long I seriously doubt I'd be able to do any sort of dead-hang even! But Bruce had a major focus on forearm strength and grip strength, and a pull-up requires good grip strength. And I can tell myself that anything I do based on Bruce's training recommendations has to be good and move me in the right direction because he was a brilliant martial artist! (Interestingly, he never did burpees...)


              I read that book too and found it boring, he seemed more interested in Bruce Lee's bodybuilding training, but it was interesting to read how Bruce Lee was extremely curious about any training that could improve his fitness


                Yes, Fremen totally agree there. I guess, though, now that I have Marcy, I am a little more interested in using weights, and as Bruce was not interested in gaining bulk, his weight-training approach may be one I'd like to follow.


                  Day 744

                  ​​​​​​​​​​ Programme:
                  - Day 24 30 Days of Change
                  ​​​​​​​ Medito - Day 11 of 30-Day Challenge.
                  ​​​​​ 30 Day 100 rep leg challenge, Day 27. Seriously one of my least favourite exercises.
                  Walking. Got to the Berlin Zoo today. I like zoos. Think I'll spend the night there.

                  Been doing my usual thinking thing. Read in another thread that someone said he tended to do a training plan, and I thought, hey, that's probably just the thing for me right now. I've done them before, but this time I have another goal. I want to do some strength training, allowing for appropriate recovery time, so three times a week, as well as ab work (Bruce did that daily) and mobility. Of course, also squeeze in some MA training, because that's what this is all about! So I selected a few ab workouts - just the ones that don't have sets because I want to be able to do them maybe twice a week each and if I have to do them too often, I'll tire of them, but if they don't have sets, then I'm good to go. I could always just do supersets, I suppose, but I like to use what's there if I can, and there are enough to suit. I know that from next week, when both my girls start high school, things are going to be different. Having neither of them here during the day is going to be a huge change. I'm sure they'll get used to it; I'll have to do the same. It might take some time though and there may/will be teething problems, but if I have a plan to follow, then half that battle's won. I've got this week to pull things together. When I finish 30DoC, I won't do another programme (unless it's really really tempting!) but will work on a structured training plan. What, structure - from me? Yeah, I can do that sort of thing. For this week, though, I'll try a few things out, see whether or not I like them, and then see if I can stick to the plan for a bit. Tonight, for example, I again spent some time squeezing the hand gripper to improve the grip, and I'd like to include that sort of incidental and unscheduled but still focussed exercises in the plan. What happens with formal MA training (which should recommence next Tuesday but who knows?!) will also have an effect. Meantime, though, I'm just enjoying myself looking at all the things I can/am going to do.

                  Oh, and here's a little tidbit about everyone's favourite exercise - did you know that the original burpee as invented by Royal H Burpee was only a four-step thing - bend down; jump out to plank; jump back; stand up. To be done only 4 times to measure a person's fitness. Mr Burpee thought that it was dangerous to do it more often. I wonder who decided to add the push-up and the jump... Knowing this, though, I don't hate ol' Royal so much anymore, because I quite like the original burpee!


                    When I was a kid, they called that form of “burpee” a squat thrust. I don’t ever hear that term anymore, though….🤔
                    Whoever added the rest of it had a suicide wish🤪😂


                      Day 745

                      ​​​​​​​​​​​ Programme:
                      - Day 25 30 Days of Change
                      ​ Medito - Day 12 of 30-Day Challenge. Just didn't get around to it today.
                      ​​​​​​ 30 Day 100 rep leg challenge, Day 28. Kinda be glad when this is over. And my legs look nothing like hers! Think another two days will make much difference?
                      Walking. Finished Berlin (about 17,000 steps), and started Prague (some 15,500 steps).

                      There's another Ask Me Anything. I love these things! I just wish I could remember all the questions I have so when I have a chance to ask them, I can! I normally forget, though, or can't phrase them in any way that makes me look even somewhat more intelligent than pond slime. So I love reading other people's questions because often at least one of them is a question I would have liked to have asked, and they are all interesting.


                        I have the same problem, forgetting the questions. I should write them down maybe


                          Day 746

                          ​​​​​​​​​​​​ Programme:
                          - Day 26 30 Days of Change
                          ​​ Medito - Day 12 of 30-Day Challenge. Just didn't get around to it today.
                          ​​​​​​​ 30 Day 100 rep leg challenge, Day 29. Well, yesterday really blitzed the inner thigh; today it was the glutes. Ow. Even AJ had to take a break with this one!

                          I've been making yet another plan for the coming period. No specific duration determined, guess it depends on how it all goes. But I'm happier with this plan than I have been with my others. Primarily because it's not too ambitious! That's always been my problem - wanting to do too much and ultimately just overwhelming myself into a kind of paralysis. But this time, there is a 7-day plan, and one of those days is a play day. I never really get enough of those - you know, the sort of day when you just muck around, trying things you've not done before, still physically but not solely. The exact structure of this day is totally elastic (and I thank CaptainCanuck for providing this word!) and this contributes to the elasticity of the whole week. I intend to start this new plan next week, but I am still being elastic - I know that next week is going to be a bit hard, what with school resuming, and training as well, so I will do my best to follow the plan but not get too bent out of shape if things fall over.


                            Day 747

                            ​​​​​​​​​​​​ Programme:
                            - Day 28 30 Days of Change
                            ​​ Medito - Day 12 of 30-Day Challenge. Just didn't get around to it today - again.
                            ​​​​​​​ 30 Day 100 rep leg challenge, Day 30. Phew, glad that's over. I didn't enjoy this as much as I had hoped I would. Perhaps it was just the number of reps, perhaps it was something else. Still, few things are without at least some redeeming feature! There were exercises that I simply didn't like, and others that didn't do anything for me other than just tire my legs. But then there were some that I liked - not because they were particularly fun but because (and here comes that masochistic tendency so many of us here have!) they hurt! By which I mean I could really feel them working my muscles, specific parts of my legs, like the inner thighs a couple of days ago and the glutes yesterday, and I thought that if I want to do something that hits those parts of me, those are pretty good exercises to choose. So I'll pick the ones I liked and note them down, and keep them for future reference.

                            So did I miscount (as I have done previously) with 30DoC? Nope, I just couldn't get a run in today but I could do a walk. What with school starting on Monday, this was about the last time outside weekends and school holidays when I could take my girls to the tea shop and enjoy scones and jam and cream, washed down with tea. So that's what we did today, and after all that, well, a run simply wasn't an option!
                            Training is still supposed to recommence on Tuesday next week. Better get the uniforms ironed. A couple of years ago, I took a photo of the uniforms ironed for the start of term, and they were all white! This time, they'll actually include school dresses!




                                Congrats on making it through that 30 day leg challenge. I did that one last year, and agree: it’s a doozy, after a while. I liked it in the beginning, and then came to loathe it in the final “leg.” But, you’re right: there are some redeeming and effective inner thigh and glute exercises that she has tossed in. Sadly, my legs did not look like hers at the end of a month, either!