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    Day 731

    ​​​​​​​​ Programme:
    - Day 11 30 Days of Change Rowing and cycling again, and an actual real walk!
    ​​​​​ Medito - Day 3 of Loving Kindness.
    ​​​ 30 Day 100 rep leg challenge, Day 13

    Day had been a bit disrupted by an unplanned trip to the shops, then the hardwired fire alarm went off and I couldn't stop the darned thing! Wore the noise-cancelling headphones while I worked on it. The cover said "Slide to remove". Yup, only for some reason there was a screw in place that stopped it sliding! Took a while to notice that. Meanwhile, I'd nearly pulled the whole thing off the ceiling. The cats had run away in fear. Finally managed to get the thing open to change the battery (that was the whole problem - why couldn't it just have discretely beeped or something instead of shrieked like a banshee?!). So all that took about an hour. I think my hearing has returned to normal now... Then waited for the boy to come back from a sleep-over before starting dinner, and then when he did come home, he'd forgotten to bring back his (only) shoes, so the parents had to return to where he'd left them and return them for us. So not a really productive day - full of alarums and excursions.


      Day 732

      ​​​​​​​​ Programme:
      - Day 12 30 Days of Change Did the plank jacks and climbers on the sliders because it's fun. And they are one of my pieces of kit.
      ​​​​​ Medito - Day 4 of Loving Kindness. My usual voice wasn't doing this one, and I must confess that the woman who led this meditation didn't have a voice/accent that appealed to me. But the session did end with a lovely ringing bell that was quite beautiful. I could certainly listen to that again!
      ​​​ 30 Day 100 rep leg challenge, Day 14. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?


        Day 733

        ​​​​​​​​ Programme:
        - Day 13 30 Days of Change
        ​​​​​ Medito - Day 5 of Loving Kindness. I am glad that this is the end of LK. This voice was a bloke who sounded both tired and bored. Tomorrow I begin the 30-day Challenge!
        ​​​ 30 Day 100 rep leg challenge, Day 15. Ouch, 100 of these...
        Workout with Marcy. Chest presses and leg curls. I'm really liking how these leg curls make my hamstrings feel. I'm even wondering if they are up to increased weight. Might give it a go next time.

        I've been seeing ads for running/walking things which reminds me of WorldWalking which I've been using for a couple of years now but more accidentally than deliberately. Because my steps are recorded via the FitBit and automatically added to my WW step bank, all I have to do is click on "Add to Walk" and whichever walk I'm on, I move further along. I'm rather passive about it and sometimes only add my steps after a few months. But I decided that I don't want to be so passive about it, but choose walks of a particular length and challenge myself to complete each within X day/weeks/months. And as it's just steps, I don't even have to go out for a walk, just stay mobile throughout the day and clock those steps. My current new resolution.


          Interesting, I use World Walking for really big projects. I have never thought of using it on the smaller scale like that. I am interested to see how it works for you.


            Day 734

            ​​​​​​​​ Programme:
            - Day 14 30 Days of Change I know not strictly shadow-boxing, but I did the first set of this on the heavy bag (ticked another off!). Man, weren't the other sets easy compared to five minutes on the bag!!
            ​​​​​ Medito - Day 1 of 30-Day Challenge.
            ​​​ 30 Day 100 rep leg challenge, Day 17.
            Crawling. After reading stuff and watching a few videos such as this one, I decided that, from time to time, I might incorporate a bit of crawling in my day. The hall is at least 7m so I did a few crawls through the day. My son showed me how he could do commando crawl and therefore obligingly cleaned the floor! There are so many different sorts of crawls I shouldn't get bored. Quadrupedal movement certainly takes it out of you, doesn't it? Phew!
            Walking. I decided to walk Turin today - or rather, start it. It's not a long walk, something around 20,000 steps, I think. Started it around midmorning so I didn't get the whole day's steps in, but I'm giving myself three days to get through. I'm generally aware of how many (or few) steps I take throughout a day, but this makes it a little more conscious. A goal will do that for you.

            Having a really loud thunderstorm right overhead at the mo. I don't want to go to bed and miss it, but it's very late and I must. I love thunderstorms. Wow! I'm surprised you didn't hear that one on the other side of the world. Actually, perhaps you did...


              I’m sure someone heard it over here! We are just shrouded with so much fog I can’t even hear the dogs bark!


                Day 735

                ​​​​​​​​ Programme:
                - Day 15 30 Days of Change Today's pieces of equipment used were the treadmill (because it was still raining with a bit of thunder when I woke up this morning and it was warm and humid, ugh!) and the medicine ball which I used during the sitting twists. Another couple ticked off.
                ​​​​​ Medito - Day 2 of 30-Day Challenge.
                ​​​ 30 Day 100 rep leg challenge, Day 18.

                And that was it for the day. Apart from a lot of reading, and a bit of tea drinking.


                  Day 736

                  ​​​​​​​​ Programme:
                  - Day 16 30 Days of Change
                  ​​​​​ Medito - Day 3 of 30-Day Challenge.
                  Exercise of the Day Because...well - plank!
                  ​​​ 30 Day 100 rep leg challenge, Day 19.


                    Day 737

                    ​​​​​​​​ Programme:
                    - Day 17 30 Days of Change
                    ​​​​​ Medito - Day 4 of 30-Day Challenge.
                    ​​​ 30 Day 100 rep leg challenge, Day 20.

                    Ah, the gods must have been having a good chuckle up their sleeves at me yesterday. Around mid-morning I noticed that I only had about another 4,000 steps to do to finish Turin and I thought I'd get that done well before dinner. Suddenly, my Fitbit died. So I got another one this morning. True, it's already superseded, but at half the price of its successor, I'll manage somehow. Anyway, didn't quite clock up that 4,000 steps from when I got the new thing up and running, so tomorrow I guess I'll finish Turin. This thing is way flasher than my old one and I've got to get familiar with it. It's also about twice the size which is great in a way because I can see the time, but I don't really like a big thing on my wrist. I mean, it's not Big big, just bigger than what I had.
                    Oh, and today I used the hand exerciser that my son kept putting to its maximum that I can barely move!

                    I suppose I should also 'fess up. Yesterday on Duolingo I found myself in the top 5 of the Obsidian league, looking at returning to the Diamond league. So I did a bit and then suddenly I was number 2. Then the former number 2 did some lessons and I was number 3 again. So I did a bit more and was number 2 again. All day this continued. It was (for me at least, I can't speak for the other bloke!) a bit of fun. Finally, I got bored and decided if he was so keen to be number 2, I'd let him. I came in at number 3. But my competitive streak got the better of me. I really didn't mean to let it and I did, albeit finally, manage to stop. Some habits are just really hard to break...


                      I'm sorry about your old fitbit and the data loss.

                      Great work on Duoling


                        Day 738

                        ​​​​​​​​ Programme:
                        - Day 18 30 Days of Change
                        ​​​​​ Medito - Day 5 of 30-Day Challenge.
                        ​​​ 30 Day 100 rep leg challenge, Day 21. Such a simple move, but phew!
                        Workout with Marcy. It's been a while and I didn't want her to think I was neglecting her. 3x10 Chest presses.


                          Day 739

                          ​​​​​​​​ Programme:
                          - Day 19 30 Days of Change
                          ​​​​​ Medito - Day 6 of 30-Day Challenge.
                          ​​​ 30 Day 100 rep leg challenge, Day 22.
                          Walking. With the new FitBit, completed my Turin walk (around 20,000 steps) yesterday, then today I finished strolling around Stratford Upon Avon (a dawdle at just over 12,000 steps) and I have embarked on a foot tour of Moscow which is, I think, about 14,000 steps. Should finish that tomorrow.


                            Day 740

                            ​​​​​​​​ Programme:
                            - Day 20 30 Days of Change
                            ​​​​​ Medito - Day 7 of 30-Day Challenge.
                            ​​​ 30 Day 100 rep leg challenge, Day 23.
                            Walking. Almost gone through Moscow.
                            Equipment used - hand gripper. I've been forgetting to add these things in, but today, something I read reminded me to use the grippers again so while I was watching the teev, I squeezed. I reckon exercising while being able to watch the television is ace.

                            When I returned to Taekwondo training last November, I found it difficult to keep up. I thought it was just from a lack of training due to the lock-down. Finally, at the end of November, I went to a doctor. Various tests and he referred me to a cardiologist who got back to me today with an appointment in mid-April! Have to hope there's nothing crazy going on there, hey?! I figure that one of three things will happen before that appointment: 1 - I pop my clogs (so I won't need to keep that appointment - unlikely outcome, fortunately); 2 - I get better (so I won't need to keep the appointment - preferred outcome); or 3 - I get used to it (in which case, why keep the appointment?) Anyway, I reckon you can say that vaccinations + mask + social distancing + hand sanitiser = not good enough. You can still end up asymptomatic and find yourself dealing with Long Covid. I, for one, am... unimpressed. I keep pushing, though, because nobody said not to. Today I managed to run (albeit back to my initial slow pace) for a whole 12 minutes before I had to do a bit of walking again.


                              Sorry to hear about your health issues, but that is good progress on the running.


                                Wow, having to waiting three full months for a cardio appointment ? Mind you, I am fairly sure the same could happen here (remember how I had to beg and whine and wheedle and plead to get an appointment with the hospital cardiologist + the IRM that would make it meaningful after my decompensation...), but still it irks me. Some medical issues must be taken in time, even if probability is it will be all right.