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    Whats in the chapter 53? Struggling to write cohesive project reports? no but im just interested XD and awesome about no vac side effects, and also on the workouts as always

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  • TopNotch
    Day 588

    📌 Daily Floss
    📌 Counting Victories
    📌 Breathe Easy

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​ Programmes:
    - Chapter 53 Age of Pandora ​ Thought of while doing this workout today!
    - Day 3 Total Abs Bit of a rest day today, with just flutter kicks.
    ​​​​​​​​ Challenge:
    - day 21 Re-center
    ​ Workout:
    - Hand Tendons This was a nice one. I liked the way my hands felt after it - kind of energized yet relaxed, if you get me. Definitely on my do-again list, and easy enough to do anywhere and anytime.
    ​ Walk for an hour. This is about a 5k walk with half of it a bit rugged. Listened to episodes 5 and 6 of Zombies, Run! Despite my playlist being on shuffle, I think my phone has a penchant for certain songs because they always seem to come up. Some 26 songs and yet I seem only to get about 6 of them with remarkable frequency!

    Thanks, all. Surprisingly, and happily, I had no side effects from the vaccination at all. I had heard that if you'd had an side effect with the first, you'd get it again and worse with the second, so as I had had a very sore arm the night and day after the first, I was anticipating something worse. My arm was sore after the vac yesterday but not really so sore, and it gave me no problem in the night (despite the fact that I tend to sleep on that side) and nothing much today, so that's all good.

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  • Silent Wolf
    Congrats on being vaccinated! And I hope your lockdown goes well and things can get back to normal again soon!

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  • Mamatigerj
    I hope your side effects will be nil.

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  • stephenphillips42
    Hooray for the second vaccine!

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