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    Ooh, I love dead bugs, Io6 ! (That does sound kinda weird...) My stability ball had a slow leak so it's long gone but I'm sure I've got another in a box somewhere. Looks like time to pull it out.

    Day 423

    day 15 Back and Core

    day 21 Flex Hang
    day 8 Walk and Run
    day 6 Good morning

    Took the childen out bowling today. Didn't go so well but then I'd (unfortunately) expected that. It wasn't too bad. In trying not to play my best (because I don't think parents should play games competitively against their children until the latter are adults), and endeavouring not to be obvious about it, I ended up whacking the outside of my knee with a bowling ball. Ow! Who knew that would hurt so much?!

    Played around with hip flexor stuff and bridges and such. Really ought to make a proper list of these things so I don't forget them and so I can rotate them to keep from getting stale.


      Ouch for your knee!


        ouch, hope the knee is good today!


          Originally posted by TopNotch View Post
          Ooh, I love dead bugs, Io6 ! (That does sound kinda weird...)
          I'm sure no one would prefer live bugs


            Hope your knee is okay!


              Thanks for the love, Anek PetiteSheWolf sunpetal

              Day 424

              day 16 Back and Core

              day 22 Flex Hang
              day 9 Walk and Run
              day 7 Good morning

              Taekwondo training. We were certainly worked hard tonight! At one point, my HR hit 95% of my max! Now, I'm not thatunfit!! After warm-ups (running relays, jumps, 360 degree turns, push-ups, pre-squats), did punches (mid-section, upper, mid-section double) but this time we had to call it before doing it. Then kicks - instep, turning, down, and axe. Much faster than usual, hence the elevated HR. Then straight on to patterns - 1 through to Koryo, once by call, then by own count (aka together). Not even a breather tonight. The person who took us through our patterns was one of our Poomsae coaches, and he liked that the Poomsae people (there were four of us) were distinguishable from the others. When the class was (finally!) over, I felt that I hadn't really enjoyed it, but on the way home (only 5 min drive on Tuesdays and Thursdays) I realised that part of me had, not just because I had been worked hard (normally am) but because I felt it had been harder than usual and I had survived! I am, however, completed buggered now.

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                Day 424

                day 17 Back and Core

                day 23 Flex Hang
                day 10 Walk and Run
                day 8 Good morning

                Poomsae training. Patterns - 2 x 4-Koryo. Drills - knife hand-punch, stepping to the diagonal; 180 degrees long stance rotation; side kick, upper station of Koryo. Block drills, slow then fast - lower, inner, upper, outer (in L stance). Finally a spot of PNF stretching against the wall.


                  Day 425

                  day 18 Back and Core

                  day 24 Flex Hang
                  day 11 Walk and Run
                  day 9 Good morning

                  Strength/rehab work:
                  - bridges x 50
                  - tiny steps x 50
                  - dead bugs x 20
                  - [forgot to rediscover my fitness ball - remember tomorrow!]

                  Taekwondo training. Running. Lots of running. Too much running! Okay, so not kilometres and kilometres, but only a few laps (8 or 9 or so) around the gym/basketball court, but that's more than enough for this li'l black duck. I started at the back and hey, I finished at the back! Consistency is important. But when it comes to running, I don't care that I finish at the back - I only care that I finish (but not too far back!), and I did - without much huffing and puffing which did surprise me. It's not the lungs that give out - it's the legs! They need to be stronger. After that, some punches, then push-ups, pre-squats, burpees (my fav!), and lunges. Cut kick drills to iranian with partner, then back side kick drills. I'm getting better at them. Finally patterns - 1 through to 8 x 2. Grading is in a few weeks' time, so we've got to get them happening.

                  The impingement in my right hip was giving me gyp at training tonight. Might have to see the physio again about it; it's been a while.


                    Day 426

                    day 19 Back and Core

                    day 25 Flex Hang
                    day 12 Walk and Run
                    day 10 Good morning

                    Strength/rehab work:
                    - bridges x 50
                    - tiny steps x 50
                    - dead bugs x 20
                    - Played around on fitness ball a bit, just to get used to it again. Proper stuff tomorrow.
                    - 2 mins on little stepper - which had been sitting ignored in a corner until I stumbled upon it and thought, why not?

                    Poomsae training. Partner work, kicking on paddles - snap kick low and high, back spin kick, jumping kick. Patterns, but this time made more exciting by messing with the order (!), so it went 4, Koryo, 5, 8, 6, and 7. Yep, the OCD in me struggled. And for a bit of fun, we were to choose a section from one of those patterns and use it in a self-defence demonstration. Knowing the pattern is one thing; working out how someone would attack you to drive you to respond that way is a whole other thing! Interesting, and generated some laughter.

                    CarbonaraTamara Damn, girl, you made me blush when I read what you wrote on the Motivation thread. Who knew my cow would have had such an effect? I suppose you've reminded me that although what we write here is for ourselves, what we say, the struggles we have, the strategies we employ to get where we want to be, our improvements and our confessed failures, all have the potential to encourage others. I know that I certainly have learnt a lot from other people's threads and suggestions therein, and I have been supported by comments on my own thread.
                    Miss_Dada assured me that this is a cow, and if you look at the black things as its ears, yeah, I guess that's so. But I always saw the black things as eyes and claimed this was a frog, and that can be so too.


                      Oh, glad to know it was you that had the cow! Thanks for making me think, I think! <-- is it a cow, or a frog? It's whatever you want it to be.


                        Day 427

                        day 20 Back and Core

                        day 26 Flex Hang Ouch.
                        day 13 Walk and Run
                        day 11 Good morning

                        Strength/rehab work:
                        - bridges x 50
                        - tiny steps x 50
                        - clamshells 10es
                        - Fitness ball stuff - damned rolly thing... I think I spent more time falling off it than actually exercising!

                        Today was one of those surprisingly productive days. On the way home from training last night, I decided it was time for me to clean out the inside of my car. So, of course, today I did everything but that! And I even swept the back steps and the patio under the deck. Got more of those little Victories done, and it felt good.

                        And after not having done any for a while, I actually did the DD yesterday. And forgot to log it!


                          Day 428

                          day 21 Back and Core

                          day 27 Flex Hang
                          day 14 Walk and Run
                          day 12 Good morning

                          Strength/rehab work:
                          - bridges x 50
                          - tiny steps x 50
                          - clamshells 25es with resistance band
                          - backward lunges x 20
                          - lateral walk with resistance band - 10 steps each side x 2 for 4 sets
                          - punches with resistance band - 20es
                          - Fitness ball stuff - forget that! Must have a defective ball because it seems to deflate as soon as I look at it (I have that effect on some people, too!)

                          What happening with the weather? Yesterday we had 30 degrees, today barely crept up to 15!


                            How is the flex hang challenge going for you....?


                              DorothyMH I'm loving every second day! I must say that 5 seconds seems almost ridiculously easy now. However, these 40+-second hold do require a little more fortitude... But the feeling when I do the longer holds (apart from the ache in my elbows!) is


                                Day 429

                                day 22 Back and Core

                                day 28 Flex Hang
                                day 15 Walk and Run
                                day 13 Good morning

                                Strength/rehab work:
                                - bridges x 50
                                - tiny steps x 50

                                Poomsae training. Had to warm up with the sparring folk again. Then we stretched and I was pleased still to see that my splits was just over 2 hands. Then drills and drills and drills. Simple enough movements but first we had to work on the soft-hard, then repeat while adding relax-tense by clenching both hands and stomach at the end of the block or punch, then do it again and this time work on the breath - short exhalation and hold with each block or punch. Phew! I think it was trying to co-ordinate all this that did me in! For the last 20 or so minutes, we each worked on our Grading pattern. Mine was 8 and it was abysmal. I have now only two weeks in which to get it to an acceptable (to me) standard. Before I started Elite, I was happy enough if I remembered the pattern and managed to do the moves without too much trouble. Now I know so much more, and I start stressing about: when to be hard and when to be soft; breathing; clenching; timing; deep stances; etc etc etc - in short, all those things that you need to do in order to be Good. I know that I can't focus on all those things, and certainly not in the next two weeks, so I'm just going to focus on accuracy, especially in stances, and try to get some power in my blocks and punches. Get those things and I'll be happy. Oh, and if I can wake up tomorrow actually being able to do a proper running kick, that would be nice.