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    Congrats on the Hug Challenge


      Congrats on hugs and victories!


        Thanks, Fremen Julian4077 Silent Wolf CarbonaraTamara

        Day 418

        day 10 Back and Core

        day 20 Flex Hang
        day 3 Walk and Run
        day 1 Good morning I find I'm pretty good and fast with jumping jacks when we do them for warm-ups in training. But we only do a relatively small number - about 20 - because it's just a warm-up. When I did them today, I counted about 50. That's not quite one per second. I wonder if I can get it faster, to get 60 done in the minute, ensuring that I clap my hands enough to make a sound above my head? It's a goal, hey?!

        Poomsae training. Tonight, we used our old belts, tied to make a loop for a foot to go in, with a knot at the other end for the hand to hold. In side kick, pulled the belt to get leg as high as possible, while trying to push pelvis through. Did partner drills a little similar - having established the top of the kick, partner would help guide the leg straight up to that position. Amazing how high you can get your leg when you're not also struggling to balance! One of the instructors said that if I could do my side kick like that in Koryo at the end of the year when I'm going for my black belt, that would be most impressive. I am inspired! What will I need to do between now and December to get that - or at least, as near as possible? I'd be going from about 90-100 degrees to about - what? 150, perhaps. In only ten months. I'd better find out the best progression route for me as soon as possible. Surely with a good degree of focus and a specific aim... And I do have ten months!


          You did the Hugs and the Victories! Good for you!!Would you repeat or keep doing either of them again?


            DorothyMH I would. I found that Victories helped me to get many of those annoying little tasks done - you know, the things that don't have to be done but that clutter up your mind, and would make things just that little bit nicer when/if they are done. Things like putting labels on the containers in the kitchen so you don't have to taste the bicarb to find out what that white powder is! As far as Hugs is concerned, I actually really needed it these last couple of weeks. They were just hard, and the Hugs made me feel just a little better.


              Day 419

              day 11 Back and Core

              day 20 Flex Hang
              day 4 Walk and Run
              day 2 Good morning Mornings seem to be my time for jumping jacks. Easily got my 60 done. I won't bother to count next time but, as it's the same length of time every day, it might be interesting to see if my recovery time changes at all.

              Taekwondo training. Tonight the GM had us do 40 push-ups. Sorry - not this little black duck! I certainly wasn't alone. The bloke next to me - big, strong - also piked at 30. My arms were still tired from yesterday, and though, after 30, I tried a knee push-up, I wasn't up to doing more than just that one! Still, continue to be happy with the 30. Did our patterns from 1 through to Koryo. It's a boost to be able to stay the length and not have to step back because I don't know that next pattern now! Pattern 8 is better in my memory now and I am pretty confident I'll make a good showing of it at the end of term.


                Congrats on Fighters Codex, Diamond League, Easy Abs, Counting Victories, and Daily Hugs!


                  Well done on the Taekwondo! Sounds like you're doing great.


                    Thanks, Whirly and CarbonaraTamara

                    Day 420

                    day 12 Back and Core Hollow hold is not my friend!

                    day 20 Flex Hang
                    day 5 Walk and Run
                    day 3 Good morning

                    Poomsae training. Before things started, I had a quick word with the coach. Asked what I had to do, what I had to start with, in order to improve my side kicks. I know what I have to do to perform a good side kick, but my body won't co-operate, so where should I start? He said that my flexibility far outweighed my strength, so what I had to do was get my legs stronger. That means, more of those hip up-and-downs that really burn the old "side bums"! Well, I can do that. And squat jumps and such... Tonight was relatively easy. Partnered up and kicked to paddles - snap kick mid and high, turning kick, spinning back kick, jumping kick; then we blocked to paddles - lower and outer - which forced us to focus on the power of the block, that it was something that could stop someone and not just our hands getting into a certain position. After that, stretches up against the wall, but this time we were sitting on the floor at the same time. We sat in splits, our feet against the wall. Our partners sat behind and used feet against our bums, not pushing (unless requested) but holding, stopping us from slipping backwards. Then we swapped. Did this twice. Yes, I can still walk! I think my splits is (are?) getting better. I counted 2 1/2 hands; I was 3 last year.


                      Is hollow hold anyone's friend?


                        Day 421

                        day 13 Back and Core

                        day 20 Flex Hang
                        day 6 Walk and Run
                        day 4 Good morning


                          Day 422

                          Very brief and to the point yesterday. Quite unlike me!

                          day 14 Back and Core

                          day 20 Flex Hang Okay, so I'll pass the Marines' test but this is getting hard! Mostly on my elbows but I suppose that's where the force is going. But I don't want to be a Marine anyway - not so fond of water.
                          day 7 Walk and Run
                          day 5 Good morning

                          Trying to do some stuff that focusses on the legs to build them up to improve my side kicks - not the quads so much, more the hip flexors and glutes. Or rather, the whole leg, but with a greater focus on those areas. Any suggestions welcomed and considered.


                            I have a couple of favourites for focus on glutes and hip flexors...pretty much bread and butter for jits!
                            So #1 All the bridges!
                            Triangles are great too. They are a butt up with the aim of driving your hips high as you can then locking your legs in a triangle (foot hooking knee) and pretend your dragging something down with your legs.
                            Finally, if you have a stability ball, plank with your feet on the ball. If your comfortable with that, walk back so your knees are centred then come up on to your knees and then go back down. The next variation is going to your knees and moving them side to side while not loosing the ball! (I can't immediately see a clip of this but will keep looking).


                              Io6 Thanks for that. Yep, bridges are right up there - in as many variations as I can get so they don't become boring! I would have thought that the stability ball exercise would have worked more on the abs...? I'll give these triangles a go.


                                The abs are definitely worked TopNotch but by focusing on keeping your pelvis lifted and engaged your flexors are go.
                                Here's some guy doing pretty much what I was carrying on about with some other suggestions.