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    I have done that workout before, it is a good one. I keep meaning to do it again. It would be harder though if the risk of falling was more than 1.5 inches.


      Day 403

      โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹ day 29 Fighters' Codex Paused until weekend.
      day 7 30 Days of Change

      day 17 Counting Victories
      day 16 Easy Abs
      day 11 Flex Hang
      day 1 Hug Because I love me.

      Balance beam - forward and backward with confidence. CaptainCanuck certainly the height element helps to sharpen the focus! I reckon if I go slowly and don't move on until I've got a move comfortably under my belt, things should be good. I'll keep you in mind, stephenphillips42

      Taekwondo training. Everything seemed fine today after last night's training. Until the thought of actually lifting my legs and putting some oomph into things occurred. I wasn't alone in this! Fortunately, actually doing it wasn't so hard. Some running, only 1 burpee this time, and one set of 20 push-ups. The focus this term is on kicking, so we worked instep, turning, cut, down, and axe kicks. Partner work kicking to pads.

      I know this is too late for Valentine's Day but it was such an aawww moment I had to share it. Friends:
      Click image for larger version

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        so cute!




            Awwwwww kitty love!


              Aww, your kitties are doing the Hug challenge, too!


                Such an adorable kitty cuddle puddle!


                  Day 404

                  โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹ day 29 Fighters' Codex Paused until weekend.
                  day 9 30 Days of Change

                  day 18 Counting Victories
                  day 17 Easy Abs
                  day 12 Flex Hang
                  day 2 Hug

                  Poomsae training. Warm-up was patterns, again from 4 up. After Koryo, I dropped out and worked my way backwards because I haven't learnt Keumgang yet. Note to self: bloody remember pattern 8!! Problem is, I don't really like this pattern, and I don't know if that's why I find it hard to remember it, or difficulty in remembering it makes me dislike it! It doesn't really matter; either way, I still have to do it properly, and to do it properly I have to remember it. Then technical drills - lower, upper, inner and outer blocks. Then the spinning punch routine from Keumgang. Dizzy-making .


                    Awww for the cuddling kitties, too precious!


                      Day 405

                      โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹ day 29 Fighters' Codex Paused until weekend.
                      day 8 30 Days of Change

                      day 19 Counting Victories
                      day 18 Easy Abs
                      day 13 Flex Hang
                      day 3 Hug Really needed it today.

                      Taekwondo training. Warm-ups: running, lunges, jumps. 20 push-ups by own count. Stretching. Then kicks, 10 es - instep, turning, cut, hook, and axe. Partner-up, and outer crescent kick over partner's hands. Turning kick to Iranian (that's a kicking pad - we're not being mean to people!), then feint kick and punch to Iranian.


                        Day 406

                        โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹ day 29 Fighters' Codex Paused until weekend.
                        day 10 30 Days of Change

                        day 20 Counting Victories
                        day 19 Easy Abs
                        day 14 Flex Hang
                        day 4 Hug

                        Poomsae training. Leg day. Started off kicking to pads - snap kick, then jumping or pop kick. I did jumping. Then straight to the Wall for stretching - front then side. Instep prep, then prep and kick x 10 es. Side kick holding wall - 20 es. Holding leg in highest side kick position, then lower leg a little and raise it to touch partner's hand (at highest point) x 20 es. On all four, side kick to wall - 20 es. Finally, a bit of stretching. Leg day is so much fun...


                          Day 407

                          โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹ day 29 Fighters' Codex
                          day 8 30 Days of Change

                          day 21 Counting Victories
                          day 20 Easy Abs
                          day 15 Flex Hang
                          day 5 Hug

                          Summer decided to come back today which did not make me inclined to go for a 40-minute walk/run. It's been a very mild summer this year, perhaps by way of apology for last summer!! Only a few hot days here and there, and this weekend seems to be one of the warmer times, so the washing dried well and the cats just slept somewhere cool.


                            Day 408

                            โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹ day 30 Fighters' Codex Done. I don't know what happened. I had really looked forward to this programme and I did enjoy it, but when I got into it, it no longer really excited me. Perhaps because I had done Iron Born (which I loved) in the middle of it...? No idea. Anyway, this is a good programme and maybe if I had been in a different frame of mind I might have thought more highly of it. There were, indeed, some days that I really enjoyed, others that were okay, none that I disliked.
                            day 8 30 Days of Change

                            day 22 Counting Victories
                            day 21 Easy Abs
                            day 16 Flex Hang
                            day 6 Hug

                            Saw my chiropractor again last week. He's given me a programme of exercises to do to strengthen my back and core (which I thought were pretty good) because he reckons with my degree of hyperflexibility (I suggested hyper-hyperflexbility or ultra-hyperflexibility but he didn't go for either) it is very important that I focus on posture (which I thought I did). So, being told to work on my back and core, and having just finished a programme, I can see a happy confluence here.


                              Congrats on Fighters' Codex badge day


                                Congrats on the fighters codex badge!!