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    Day 398

    ​​​​ day 26 Fighters' Codex
    day 5 30 Days of Change No, I didn't miss a day. This is one of the times when I have to swap days so that I don't do the running days on general training days.

    day 12 Counting Victories
    day 11 Easy Abs
    day 7 Flex Hang

    Taekwondo training. Loads of kicking today, then cut kick drills on pads with partners. I've got to stop thinking that when the GM talks about what we ought and ought not do, he's looking pointedly at me!


      Day 399

      ​​​​ day 27 Fighters' Codex
      day 4 30 Days of Change It is not as easy to fit in an exercise period of 15+ minutes as it is to squeeze in a set here and there, doing whatever might have to be done in the brief rest period between sets - though sometimes that rest period might not end up so brief! I was looking forward to today's running but I just didn't get that block of time. Life, you know.

      day 13 Counting Victories
      day 12 Easy Abs
      day 8 Flex Hang

      Poomsae training. Some time ago, my daughter forgot the word "obliques" and said that her "side abs" ached. We liked that term and jokingly still use it. Tonight, my "side bums" ache! Friday night is kicking night. Last night we'd done a lot of kicking, including cut kicks which are a sort of side kick, and those secondary muscles were a bit sore today. Tonight, we really hammered those muscles again. Partner-stretches and holds up against the wall, then line drills of side kicks, then side kick prep up-and-downs (40 each leg). Instep kick drills - prep, then prep and kick (only 10 each leg, 2 sets), followed by side kicks against the wall (20 each leg, 2 sets). Finally, on all fours, and side kick to a point on the wall (20 each leg, 2 sets). So though my "side abs" might be feeling it a little, my "side bums" are letting me know I did some good work tonight. Tomorrow they might be telling me something else...


        Day 400

        ​​​​ day 28 Fighters' Codex
        day 4 30 Days of Change And again. Daughter had a birthday party which started a little earlier and ended a lot later than expected. Didn't think daughter would appreciate my puffing on the treadmill, singing (perhaps not so tunefully) to whatever music was pumping through the earbuds, when her new friends were here. The Bundt cake turned out nicely light and fluffy, and a layer of passionfruit icing covered any flaws.

        day 14 Counting Victories
        day 13 Easy Abs
        day 9 Flex Hang


          Passionfruit icing?! Yummmm.


            Well, sunpetal my daughter had insisted on a passionfruit cake. We have a thing for passionfruit here.


              Congratulations on completing 30 Days of Yoga and the Negative Pull-ups Challenge!
              Cake sounds yummy! Your daughter is lucky to have a parent with such culinary skills.


                Thanks, Rainbow Dragon

                Day 401

                ​​​​ day 29 Fighters' Codex
                day 4 30 Days of Change Finally got it happening. And I surprised myself. I'm not a good runner. Don't know why; it's not as though I'm too puffed to keep going (though I used to be) - perhaps my legs just get too tired. Anyway, I read this article and I tried to remember to keep my hands relaxed. I forgot for the first running minute but remembered for the others. Perhaps it helped - I just don't know. But what I do know is that by the time I was in my four-minute run, I knew I could do it. And during the final 2-minute jog, I felt that I could keep going a bit longer. Sure, 10 minutes of running (with breaks in between) is not much, and I've struggled through as much (but without the breaks) at training, but it's harder doing it just by yourself, easier to give up sooner, but I didn't feel I had any reason to this time (like being really puffed), so I didn't. And it felt good. So I must remember when I run to keep my hands relaxed.

                day 15 Counting Victories
                day 14 Easy Abs
                day 10 Flex Hang

                Arms and Shoulders My arms were feeling a little sore after Friday so I thought I'd do this one. A bit of fun - and I didn't even have to stand up!


                  Congrats on a good run.


                    Nice on your run!


                      Great work on your run!


                        Excellent run fun!


                          Day 402

                          ​​​​ day 29 Fighters' Codex I've got a bit of a busy week this week so I'm going to have to leave these last two days to the weekend. This is just not something I can squeeze in here and there, and I'd like to do it properly.
                          day 6 30 Days of Change

                          day 16 Counting Victories
                          day 15 Easy Abs
                          day 10 Flex Hang

                          Poomsae training. First time back to this training space in almost a year. Sparring and Poomsae warmed together - and it was Hard! Running laps, and relay running, then starting off on the ground as though to do a push-up, then pushing up to sprint a lap. Okay, so tiring but not so bad. We spaced out and then we did burpees. Our own count but they. kept. going! I think it was three minutes. My thighs let me down and I had to have some rests, but I worked hard to make sure my form was good - the push-up, the jump in, the jump up and overhead clap. Phew! Finally we split up, and did yet more strength training. 3 x 10 push-ups (in case we didn't think we'd done enough with all those burpees!); 3 x 10 squat jumps; 30 V-sit; and 2 x 10 single leg bridges es. Then side kick prep, and prep and extension. Finally more of the all-fours thing we did on Friday, the front kick prep, and prep-extend, and finished off with some stretching. I am so going to feel this tomorrow!

                          I have a new-to-me toy.
                          Click image for larger version

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                          A friend is moving and getting rid of stuff, so I bought her un-needed 3m balance beam. Must confess that purple isn't really my colour but I like the red feet. I did a spot of forward and backward pacing, preparing myself for more ambitious stuff with the added factor of being significantly off the ground! A case of "either maintain your balance or fall about 40cm"!


                            Good luck with that balance beam!


                              Ooohhh nice new toy! Have fun!


                                Nice Art of Manliness article! I haven't seen that one before. I'd be curious if you practice on the balance beam how much it will translate to other balancing situations -- if you do end up having time to practice let us know!